I Tested The Most Viral Pinterest Halloween Costumes
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I Tested The Most Viral Pinterest Halloween Costumes

September 1, 2019

– My name’s Ashley and today
I am going to test out some of the most pinned Halloween
costumes from Pinterest. Every year Pinterest rounds
up their most viral pins of the Halloween season. I picked three of those viral costumes. I’m gonna see if they’re
actually cute, or funny, or any of the things
that Halloween costumes are supposed to be. Out of all three of these
one of them better work cause I need a Halloween
costume by next week. The first costume that
I’m going to make today is a jellyfish costume. I did not know that jellyfish
were so trendy right now, but apparently they are because not only is this particular pin very popular, but as I looked into it there are like a thousand other versions, which I find very interesting. The first thing that I’m
gonna do is sew these scarves onto the elastic band of the tutu. Her scarves were
definitely cooler than mine but I could not find those anywhere. The thought of having to do
individual little stitches to attach these lights to this tutu, kinda makes me wanna die. So instead, I’m gonna try hot gluing it. Oh, I think this will work. I’m trying not to glue it
in a straight line, around. I’m trying to make it a little
more constellation-esque. I think I accidentally
glued this to the table. (grunting) Oh no. The last step is to put on some pearls. Ooh this is not easy. I think I’m gonna have
to call in for back up and by back up I mean hot glue. That’s cute! I don’t know if it looks like
a jellyfish but it’s cute. I think this costume needs
a little bit of context. Like maybe it could be a group costume and you’re all little sea creatures. It takes a little explaining to do, but you know what? That’s just a conversation starter. It’s like, no I’m not a nimbus
cloud thank you for asking. I am a jellyfish. I’d say this is for sure pin-able. This next costume is
a little more complex. It is a jetpack that’s looks
like it’s supposed to actually be lifting off the ground. The first thing I’m
gonna do is take a bunch of colored felt and
cut out pieces of fire. I have many flames here and now I’m basically gonna hot
glue them onto these pants, and make myself some fiery legs. So this could either go fiery jetpack or very festive chicken. The blog that has
inspired this costume said to use cement molding tubes. I could not find that
in Manhattan anywhere, so instead I got these hamster play tubes, they’re like meant for your hamster to run through and chew up, but we’re gonna use
them to make a jetpack. (upbeat music) This costume requires not one, but two pairs of pants. With the second pair, I’m going to basically
fill them with newspapers so we can have like fake legs. And then I’m going to glue a light, cheap pair of shoes to the ankles. This has Ashley written all over it. This is hilarious. Like, come on. I think this thing is gonna fall apart in probably four minutes, but for the five minutes I did wear it, this is pretty amazing. I wish I had a few more flames. It’s a little patchy. For the record I got 20
sheets of each color felt, so I had 40 sheets of felt all together. You know, is it a sexy
Halloween costume? No. Is it an epic Halloween costume? Hell yeah. Our last costume is not an
actually a full costume outfit, It’s a makeup look. Basically what she’s doing is putting these dark shades
where you would contour and the light shades
where you would highlight. I know a lot of you
that watch this channel are very good at makeup. I am not. So, bare with me as I
try and figure this out. Now I’m going in with one
that’s just a hair lighter and I’m doing those basically staggered on top of my first round. Now I’m gonna do the lighter shades where I would typically highlight. So I’ve kinda got the contour, I’ve got the highlight, and now I’m going to blend. (record scratches) Not blend, I’m not gonna use
a blending brush on this. Absolutely not. That would defeat the
entire purpose of this. But, we are gonna blend by
just putting a medium shade, in between the dark and the light. They’re a little messy, and it’s not really
bothering me that much. I think all together it sort
of gives the same effect. But, it is hard to try to
make them all the same size. (sighs) Oh no. I am going to move on to the eyebrows now. I just got a drugstore eyebrow pencil and I’m gonna just make little boxes, going up and then one going down, one going up and then one going down. Before I was like, “Ooh,
I’m gonna look cute.” Now I’m like, “I look a little crazy.” But it’s still looking cool. Sort of like eyeliner where
you just keep working it and it just gets worse the
more time you put into it. So we’re gonna step away from the eyebrow and move on to the lip. Big mistake I made was using
lip gloss instead of lipstick. I just figured the gloss
would be easier to paint on, but duh, I should have
just used liquid lipstick. So, that is something I
would do different next time. But otherwise, I wouldn’t
change anything about this. I think it came out really cool. I would say that this costume
is definitely pin-able. I had a really good time
making all of these. I think they’re all
pin-able in their own ways. Sure mine weren’t Pinterest perfect, but nothing really is. (upbeat music)

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  1. Ok come on people STOP HATING she tried that’s the point to see how hard they are. no need to be rude why are you hating on it if you don’t like it just click off

  2. I'm a girl that plays Minecraft anygirls play Xbox? Ps. I don't do Halloween I'm a born again Christian

  3. This is my opinion so don't get all mad or defensive

    I just don't like the way she talks. It's like she's too proud of herself. I don't know. It's my opinion.

  4. Don't use an umbrella to make a jellyfish costume. It's not easy, I wanted to quit that Halloween that year. You have your bag, and your jellyfish. Then getting candy isn't easy. For starters you can't grab it! Also, they gotta avoid you that may be a challenge. Ka Pow! Watch out! This jellyfish is coming for you! XD

  5. If you used black trousers for the fake legs on the jet pack costume and a Tuxedo then it would definitely be a Bond look remember the opening scene in Thhunderball

  6. The Thumb nail looks like spider-woman get snappped and said MR.STARK I DONT FEEL SO GOOD

    Mr.Stark.*GETS AN BONER*

  7. I can’t even watch this, I just came on to say that I’ve seen the thumbnail and know for a fact that you simply did not study the reference properly. That’s such a cool costume idea and you just made the absolute worst of it

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