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I Walked On Water

August 21, 2019

(rock music) – What’s up, guys? Today is going to be a super fun video. I’ve been seeing a lot of people do sensory deprivation tanks, which is basically just a soundproof, lightproof tank with water in it that you can float on, so it’s basically just like meditation, but the only problem is, they’re pretty expensive, and they’re always booked up, so I thought, why not make my own? So I’m going to my friend Marlin’s place right now, he’s a YouTuber, he does those crazy gummy videos and other DIY stuff, so I really think he can help. Yo, what up? Have you heard of a sensory deprivation tank? – No, what is that? – It’s like the Dead Sea, basically. – Oh, you float! Well, let’s make it. – You think we can make it here? ^- I think we can do it. – [Eric] Yeah, you know what that is? – Yeah! ^- [Marlin] Wait, they did it in Stranger Things? ^(eerie music) ^- What, are you guys, like, making ^a tank or what? – [Eric] Yeah, you want to help us? – Yeah! – [Eric] Alright, salt, we need salt. – Salt, okay, great. I’ve got salt right here, bang, bang, salt! – Yes, we need a pool. – I’ve got a pool, let’s go. – You’ve got a pool? – I’ve got a pool, it’s right there. It’s a little dirty, though, but you don’t think we need to clean that? – I mean, it’s water. – It’s water. – If this works, you guys are gonna ^go to, like, another dimension or something. – I’m down, let’s do it! Alright, since Marlin’s a professional YouTuber, we’re going to do the YouTube quick-change into my shorts, are you ready? – Alright, here we go. – Okay, wait, we’ve got to do that again. – Let’s try that again. – It always messes up sometimes. We haven’t perfected it yet. – Alright, here we go. – This isn’t working. – This is not working. – Should I just change? I’ll just change, let’s change. Quick, faster, time’s running out. – We’ll speed this up, right? (loud groaning) – Fast-forward it! (electronic music) – Oh, my socks. (electronic music) Alright, sensory deprivation tank time! (cheering) I feel really alone, you guys sure you don’t want to join me? – Yeah, I’m good for right now, but um– – Yeah, I’m good, too.
– Yeah. – Alright, oh my god, it is so cold! Now, I’m going to lay down, and then you guys will salt me, and then I’m going to float up. (hip hop music) Why are you salting me? – You said salt you! – No, salt the water! – [Eric Voiceover] After salting the water for 30 minutes, it was time to test it out. (drum roll imitation) Yeah, I’m not floating, it’s not working, I’m done, I give up. – That tastes, that’s not salty enough at all. – What just happened? – If you watched Stranger Things, you would know you need 1500 pounds of salt to do this! – Are you sure it worked in the show? – Yes, Eleven went to another dimension! – Alright, then we’re getting 1500 pounds of salt! So I’m going to call Costco, see how much 1500 pounds of Epsom salt costs. – They may not even have it, though. – What, salt? – Yeah, just call them. – Wait, how much? My budget for this video is $300. I guess the video is over here because I can’t spend $2000– – Wait, wait, wait, I’ve got a magician friend. He’s made, like, Ferraris appear, so like, I don’t get why he can’t just make 1500 pounds of salt appear. – So your magician friend could make all of our salt appear right now? – Yes, he was on Ellen, so… – The magician’s name is Daniel Fernandez, and he really was on Ellen, so there’s still hope. – Alright, yeah, so my friend’s already here. He just texted me. – Oh, awesome. (yells loudly) So today, I’m going to float on water. I need your help. – Ooh, I mean, I could just make you walk on water. (cheers and laughs loudly) – [Eric Voiceover] I couldn’t believe that I had just walked on water, but I was even more excited that I just got an awesome thumbnail and title. We still needed Daniel to make the salt appear. – One, two, breathe in. (breathes loudly) – Whoa, oh my god! – I don’t like that! – [Eric Voiceover] He kept doing tricks that had nothing to do with salt, but they were really cool, so I’m not complaining. (screaming) I reminded Daniel for the third time that we need him to make salt appear, so he told us he would turn our cash into salt. – Close your eyes, and I want you to concentrate. – [Group] Ten, nine, eight, seven– – [Eric] He definitely ran away. – Did he run away?
– Wait, what? – [Eric] (bleep) You closed your eyes, you lost it! – He told me to! – Alright, so the magician stole all our money, but it’s okay because he did some cool tricks. I think we should do some math, like, we have three brains right here, we’ll figure out exactly how much salt we need and what we need to float. Cut to the dope montage. (hip hop music) What? These guys didn’t do anything, but I actually figured it out, here’s what we’ve got to do, you guys ready? The pool holds a thousand liters, and I googled the Dead Sea, which is what we’re trying to replicate, and the Dead Sea has 1.24 kilograms of salt per liter. So if we have a thousand liters in the pool, we need 250 kilograms, about 250 kilograms to make the pool like the Dead Sea. Now, that’s still expensive because that’s 550 pounds when you convert it, but if we do half the pool and we only fill the pool to 500 liters, we need 275 pounds of salt. Does this make sense, are you guys following? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Totally, totally. – [Eric Voiceover] We went to the store, well, rolled to the store, grabbed the salt, a lot of it, actually, and rolled out in style. We then had to carry all the bags up to the roof, which was really hard because they were each 40 pounds. I guess that’s not that much, but it was really heavy. We also had to carry pots of boiling water to the roof because I realized I needed warm water for the salt to dissolve. We poured the water into the pool and started filling it with salt. It felt like we were in a scene from an epic Italian mobster movie. (Italian folk music) After four hours of mixing and waiting, it was time to test it out. – Eric, Eric– – My butt’s floating. – That’s awesome! – I’m not kidding. – (laughs) The way he looked at me right there. – What, are you actually floating? – Oh my god, bro! – Are you floating? – Yeah, he’s floating! – I’m floating! – He’s floating! – [Eric Voiceover] I couldn’t believe that it worked, it was amazing. I was so relaxed, I felt like I was flying. My mind went blank, I was totally free, so free that I peed a little. The video wasn’t over yet, though. To make it a real sensory deprivation tank, I needed to make it soundproof and lightproof, so I covered myself with a blanket. And then I went to another dimension! Guys, I disappeared, I’m doing this voiceover from the Upside Down right now! I’m chilling with Eleven, Eleven, say hi. – [Eleven Voiceover] Hey guys, hey everyone. – [Eric Voiceover] That’s right, I’m hanging out with the Eleven right now in the Upside Down because of a DIY sensory deprivation tank that I made. It was totally worth it, you guys should totally do it, I had a blast, thanks to Marlin and Austin. Make sure to check their links down below. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Alright, how do I get back? Eleven, where’d you go, guys? Oh, no. (violin and accordion music)

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  1. You know…..

    You could have done this without hard work it’s already possible to float on water

  2. You know you could've just gone to an actual swimming pool that's big.
    All you gotta do is just relax your muscles and try not to use any energy.

  3. Everybody body can float on water and it is not because of salt it is because your longs are filled with air which makes it kinda like a floaty

  4. When you can float in a pool without salt and warm water-

    (I can float on a pool without salt and warm water-)

  5. I watched this and then watched the stranger things for the first time and then watched that scene i was like 'this looks familliar' and then i watched this again

  6. That "random friend" Austin is auctully one of the main characters in the new movie "scary stories to tell in the dark"

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