If Back To The Future Was Real (ANIMATION PARODY)
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If Back To The Future Was Real (ANIMATION PARODY)

August 28, 2019

Hey Marty, let’s go to 2015! Okay! Well, here we are Marty! October 21, 2015! Woah, cool Doc! Hey, do you mind if I listen to the radio? I’m kind of curious, uh, you know, what this generation is into these days Well, uhh…that’s a little strange..can you change it, Doc? Doc…turn that off, TURN IT OFF! WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE! Great Scott! You’re right!!

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  1. ….Broke the replay button….and my ribs….and heart….and laughter………HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  2. OMG I am literally you're BIGGEST fan I love you so much!! BTW you should go on Britain's got talent!!! XD love your vids

  3. It would be awesome if they got out of the car and saw people on "hoverboards" and then there car blows up and a guy comes out of the bushes holding c4 and he says "LOL get PRANKED losers!"

  4. did this 5 year old even see the movies, they dont just say come on lets go to the future no, doc brings marty to the future to stop a problem with martys kids getting arrested, so this whole video makes no sense.

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