If Undertale was Realistic 3
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If Undertale was Realistic 3

August 27, 2019

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  1. Next Episode 4 is HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaN5dkiD3E4&list=PLqOwVCSNEquyXmAEJB4hRJXecyoN-bHXX&index=4

  2. What are you saying everybody likes you and your in your videos you are the best keep up the good work

  3. Just wanna say, you guys put so much effort into all of your stuff. I'm glad I found your channel, since the comedy and detail you always bring your fans. And this just shows, even though it sounds like your regular theme, you can achieve so much with something simple, but not too simple. So, I wish good luck, and I will now go back to rewatching this.

    P. S Am I Right, Lads, or Am I Right Lads.? Thanks for reading this long little comment.

  4. Asgore and the maid
    Me:*slightly uncomfortable because my character works part time in the castle as a maid* 0-0"

  5. 0:58
    the gender less child literally had a jet pack they could’ve just gone back to where they fell and boom escaped

  6. i know i am late to comment because this came out long ago but if anyone sees it this should probably be a meme 7:40

  7. Toriel – Tutorial
    Sans – Comic SANS font
    Papyrus – font
    Undyne – undying
    Flowey – the douche flower
    Alphys-Lisa simpson
    Muffet – muffin

  8. Hey genderless child when mettaton gave you the jetpack you should have flyed out.
    Genderless child:who are you sopossed to be
    Mettaton:I am fabulous
    Genderless child:hi fabulous. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. As a very much queer person I actually really friggen love Mettaton as a character so suck it, Frisk

  10. I mean to be honest your fishing for compliments is kind of why this video has over 1000 dislikes but to be honest I could relate

  11. 5:40
    "Will you leave the underground or go to the surface"
    Wait… doesn't he go to the surface if he leaves the undreground?
    What a logic.

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