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If Undertale was Realistic 3

August 27, 2019

Oh, what is this? Oh! Oh wait, that’s right, I killed Alphys, didn’t I? And I still don’t regret it. Well, I guess I’ve got to use these platforms to spin across, but that is so much effort, and I’m just not in the mood for that. *Gasp* A plot device! Who’s a good doggy? Hahaha! *Crunch* I’m sorry doggy, I just… uh… I’ll just… tiptoe across… *Crunchy* Sorry… Sorry. Sorry, sorry… Oh, HI! Oh, great, If it isn’t Goonatron… Mettaton! Frisk: More like “A Waste Of Robot Parts.” Am I right lads? You are right, lad. Cheers, lad. What are you doing, boiling some oil or something? Yeah, um, you’re a lot earlier than I expected… I was gonna have you participate in my cooking show. Why? Because I’m KOOKY. Can you pass me those eggs over there? I don’t see why not. Oops, I slipped, I’m such a clumsy individual… Well this isn’t working how I planned… Okay! I’m gonna fly up here And you use this jet pack and chase me up to get the prize, and if you don’t do it I’LL KILL YOU. How’s that sound? That’s sounds awesome man, I’m definitely down for this. Are you ready? COME AND GET ME! *Feasts on Mettaton’s cake* (Humming) *Laughing spider* Did you hear what they said? Oh that study about seventy percent of men being growers, not showers, right? They said a child wearing striped pajamas would walk through here… I mean, it’s more of a t-shirt, but technically you could use it as pajamas. I use t-shirts as pajamas. Is that weird? I don’t think it’s weird (It’s not weird) And apparently they’re scared of spiders… Is that so? And apparently they’re really stingy with their money… Lemme stop you right there, you getting this information from my Facebook profile? N-n-no-no? (yes) Cause I haven’t updated that in years. So if you’re basing the whole stingy thing off the status I was tagged in, that was actually sarcasm ’cause I paid for that guys burger that day. It’s like reverse, you know, ’cause I paid for his whole thing, so he was like, “Oh, you’re so stingy,” even though I paid for everything. So just a joke you know what I mean? So that’s wrong As for the spider thing, I’m not scared of spiders anymore. I actually love spiders now. *Ding* Oh! Muffet added you as a friend. Did you just add me as a friend by accident? My finger slipped! Yeah alright then- oh, liking my profile pictures now huh? My finger sl- Oh let me guess your finger slipped! Rgh! You’re not going any further. I can’t wait to eat you. By the way, you remember that story that I just told you about me not being scared of spiders anymore? Yeah? I LIIIIIIIIED! *rip muffet* 🎵 Ladda a de de Da de to do da 🎵 Tragic Tale of- oh great… Oh Romeo! Oh Rome- Why don’t you acknowledge my existence? 🙁 Ooooh mate! Fancy seein’ you here! Eeey, it’s the bone-face-man-skeleton-dude-who-buys-free-drinks-and-stuff. That’s my nickname around these parts. You alright mate! Oh, how’s it going bone-face-skeleton-dude-who-buys-free-drinks-and-stuff? Good thanks mate! See ya! Told ya. *gulp gulp guuuulp* Ah… So uh… I got a matter that I got to discuss with you child. If it’s concerning the bill, do not worry, I definitely will not be paying for any of it. Nah mate, nah. I see you’ve been killing some residents down here. Those are all accidents. Are you kidding me? Very clumsy people down here. Well… all I’m gonna tell you mate, is that if you keep going on the way you are going, you are going to have a BAD. TIME. Because the way you’re drinking, you’ll be so hungover it’s gonna be absolutely awful! Bad times all around! I’ll drink to that! Cheers! Let’s get smaaaaaashed!!! Well, this could be a problem. You know what? I’m gonna risk it for a chocolate biscuit. For Narnia! *and no fucks are given this day* Wooooo. HEYYAAA! Oh can you just NOT? It’s funny… Alphys is actually a really big bitch! Trust me, I’m fully aware. All the traps and the lasers and shit, she reactivated. Cool. -_- And she wanted to be part of your adventure. Well I mean that’s kind of irrelevant now. Why? Alphys is dead. Whaaaaaa-? Yeah, she was walking, tripped over, fell on her phone, and straight through her skull! Very unfortunate. But I wanted to kill Alphys! D: I mean, you never know! She might’ve survived, try calling her. Okay! (m8 she ded) No answer. That’s a shame. Regardless, you’re a dick, so I’m gonna kill you anyway. Somehow I just knew you were gonna say that. Witness my transformation! *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* So what are you now? The non pedophilic version of Michael Jackson? I am FABULOOOOUS! That’s very stereotypical and offensive to gay people everywhere. I’m not even gay! Well then, it’s just offensive in general. Actually, you know what? I take that back. You take that back? Yeah. You see, when I was in school, I had a teacher, and she taught me: “You should never judge someone based on the way they speak, because they can’t help how they speak, they can’t help where they’re brought up. Same time, though, that teacher was a rhino that escaped the zoo, nobody could understand her apart from her son who was in the same class as us. She’d be like, “Rrrrrunh!” For some reason, he could talk English. Pretty impressive for a rhino child though, I’ll tell you that. Okay, I’m convinced. That’s what I thought. Have a good day. You too! Salty. That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it. How’ya likin’ this black and white house? You know, you’re lucky that I didn’t get a restraining order against you. I can add that to my collection, child. I can’t even get 20 yards in front of Beyonce. To be fair, her ass takes up that much space. I got a story for you child. You see, a while ago a human fell down here and- Will you stop walking out when I’m telling my story? Sorry, I’m just really hungry. I’m looking for food. Here, take this! Ah, ah, ah! Here’s the deal: if I give you this, you’ve got to sit down and listen to my s- heeey! Urghh! The story ends anyway with the conclusion being that the humans are DIIIIAACKS! I’ll take that as a compliment! Ugh, stupid giraffe… Hello? Moses? Anyone of religious descent? Would you like to hear the powers of Jesus Christ? Uuuuh… Just kidding mate! Hahaha, tell you what, my head is pounding! It’s like someone got a hammer, right? And my head is my ex- wife, and they’re just smashin’ it over and over! I’m guessing that’s why this is an ex-wife. Anyway, Asgore is up ahead mate. This’ll be the biggest challenge you’ve faced. Will you leave the Underground? Or will you go back to the Surface? Well, the surface obviously- Oh no mate! I was just trying to make it more, you know, dramatic or whatever. Very dramatic. Almost as dramatic as your sex life. WOAH-OOOOOOOH!!!! Well, I mean, I say dramatic, but there’s no drama there ’cause it’s non-existent. WOAH-HOOOOOO!!! He’s done me! You know what Sans, I legit thought you were the biggest loser ever at first. Aw, cheers mate. You know what, you’re actually alright! You’re gonna make me cry, buddy! Please don’t cry. Please. Sans, do- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Now you’ve just ruined it, you’ve ruined it, you’ve just… you’ve ruined it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Ahem. I’ll be there in a sec, honey. Keep yourself warmed up till I get there. Ha ha! Oh, I am, don’t worry. Uh- where’s the maid? I have no idea, but I’m sure she’s in bed right now feeling very unsatisfied. Sorry, I was watering my flowers. Anyway, howdy! Would you enjoy a cup of tea by the way? I don’t drink tea. I have some vodka in the fridge…would that do? Read my mind. That’s dandy! Follow me Wow! What is this? This is what keeps us all trapped underground. Well then. So, where’s the vodka? Oh, I lied to get you in here. You son of a bitch! So now I must kill you! You kill me? I’m gonna kill you! You lured me in here with promises of vodka and there’s nothing?! How DARE you?! You know what, screw you! I’ll be right back! Okay? Are you coming or what? Not now, maid lady! Such a jerk. Guess who’s back? Now you must die! Your flowers are all gone. HMM??? Yeah, I just stamped on them all. WHAT?! Now we’re even! This… this wounds me so! So that’s how it is? The entire Underground, devoid of hope? The future had once again been taken. I just wanna read comic books all day and play Nintendo! ;-; Well damn, I mean, I love a bit of Mario Kart. If I give mercy on you, will you play me? And if I win, you’ve got to open that bottle of vodka! That sounds like a wonderful idea. Hm? What the balls is that? AUUUUGH!!! NOOOOO! My free vodka! You IDIOT! Did he seriously just die from you, a flower? (Yup) What was his name again, Asgore? More like ASS-gore! Am I right lads or am I right lads? You are right lad! I know I’m right lads! In this world, it’s kill or kill be killed, killed be kill world! You need to learn how to construct a sentence. Now I got all the human souls, and if I kill you, child, I’ll be a god! Now watch my demonic television. *music plays demonically* What is this? It’s my own TV show! It’s called “Flowey: The TV Show!” Excellent. How many episodes are there? 72! Yeah, I’m not really much of a binge-watcher to be honest… You’re gonna sit here, child, and watch my TV show! ‘Kay… Uuuuuuuhhh… kill me. Noooo… D: Did the daffodil really kill that rose? I dunno, I guess you’ll see in the next episode, child! I’ll tell you what, I’m getting proper into this! It’s quite quiet though, do you mind if I turn it up a little bit? Go ahead child! Yay! ASDFJKLASDFJKLASDFJKLASDFJKLASDFJKL!!! Oh! What did I do, what did I do, what did I do?! YOU PRESSED THE EXIT BUTTON! Oh, are you serious?! I’m really sorry man! I was trying to turn the volume up! NOOOOOOOO!!! *death sounds* Flowey, I… legit, I didn’t mean to do that! I’m actually really liking the TV show! I reckon if you put it on Netflix, it would be a massive hit! Ehh… you really think so? 100%! Well, I guess I’ll see you, then. *sigh* …We’re finally here. The way out of the Underground. This has been one hell of a journey, but now it’s time for me to go home. Wha- Hello! Where am I? You are in Underground Heaven! Where now, you can live an eternity with us! No. Yes! Everybody you killed will be here! Look, it’s your cat from when you were a child! Nyeeeeeeh… He’s happy to see you! Nnn..I gotta tweet this out! Nooo… Nooo… NOOOOOOO- I can see it now, nobody is gonna like this video! Nobody’s gonna, nobody’s gonna like this! Nobody like’s it. Nobody like’s anything we do! (aww that’s not true) If they don’t like this show, they’re definitely gonna not like, “If Undertale had a flirting route” on our other channel! Nobody’s gonna like that! Nobody likes anything we do! Nobody likes me! Nobody, nobody… Nobody likes animation! Why, why, why’d, what are ya doing buddy? Why do people hate? Why do people hate? Why do people hate? (idk dude)

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  1. Next Episode 4 is HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaN5dkiD3E4&list=PLqOwVCSNEquyXmAEJB4hRJXecyoN-bHXX&index=4

  2. What are you saying everybody likes you and your in your videos you are the best keep up the good work

  3. Just wanna say, you guys put so much effort into all of your stuff. I'm glad I found your channel, since the comedy and detail you always bring your fans. And this just shows, even though it sounds like your regular theme, you can achieve so much with something simple, but not too simple. So, I wish good luck, and I will now go back to rewatching this.

    P. S Am I Right, Lads, or Am I Right Lads.? Thanks for reading this long little comment.

  4. Asgore and the maid
    Me:*slightly uncomfortable because my character works part time in the castle as a maid* 0-0"

  5. 0:58
    the gender less child literally had a jet pack they could’ve just gone back to where they fell and boom escaped

  6. i know i am late to comment because this came out long ago but if anyone sees it this should probably be a meme 7:40

  7. Toriel – Tutorial
    Sans – Comic SANS font
    Papyrus – font
    Undyne – undying
    Flowey – the douche flower
    Alphys-Lisa simpson
    Muffet – muffin

  8. Hey genderless child when mettaton gave you the jetpack you should have flyed out.
    Genderless child:who are you sopossed to be
    Mettaton:I am fabulous
    Genderless child:hi fabulous. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. As a very much queer person I actually really friggen love Mettaton as a character so suck it, Frisk

  10. I mean to be honest your fishing for compliments is kind of why this video has over 1000 dislikes but to be honest I could relate

  11. 5:40
    "Will you leave the underground or go to the surface"
    Wait… doesn't he go to the surface if he leaves the undreground?
    What a logic.

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