If Your Mom Acted Like A Teenager Ft. Kajol | Helicopter Eela | MostlySane

September 7, 2019

Mom! At least keep your phone aside while your working. Mom, eat your food! Where have you reached? I don’t know the way, let me ask my mom. Wait I’ll ask my mom! Which mall is there in Andheri and how do I get there? Take a right from here. Okay take a right. Take a right. No no. Left Left Left. Okay no. Take a left. Something doesn’t seem right! No No. Come back come back. What directions are you giving? You check on Google maps and reach there. There is a prayer meeting at Sheena’s place. It’s an all night prayer meeting. Aren’t you dressed a bit weirdly for a prayer meeting? Actually its a retro theme. Retro Disco theme. Give me Sheena aunty’s number. I’ll give it to you as soon as I reach downstairs. Mom! By what time will you be back? When I’ll be done. What? Done with praying to the almighty! And you know what happend after that! Come sit sit sit sit!!! There’s still time for my birthday mom! Mine too. I thought you’re giving me your old car. It wasn’t that big a surprise. Calm down! You’ve just come from college. Yesterday I told her… I didn’t even tell her. It would have gone viral. After doing so much…

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