I’m Back and Building Jetpacks! – FTB Infinity Evolved Supershort 1
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I’m Back and Building Jetpacks! – FTB Infinity Evolved Supershort 1

August 17, 2019

Hello! and welcome back Minecrafters! This is BinaryGuy10 and according to my research it’s been well over a year since my last video posted I decided to get back into some Minecraft so let’s play some Feed the Beast We are playing Infinity Evolved and getting ready for some more supershorts. This is just barely getting started on this base, I have a lovely hole in the wall This is my mob trap, keeps mobs from attacking me while I’m sleeping Here’s the chickens, saving up for an egg farm Got about 3,000 eggs right now in a cache I’ve got some generators going on These are from Extra-Utilities, the furnace generator I come in and drop down an energy cell And that’s how I’ve been running my quarry and tree farm Since I’m too lazy to setup any wiring for that Got some stuff setup here, got a Tinker’s Smeltery Just found a couple of these Thaumcraft Pech Foragers I named this guy Hobo Joe and this guy is new, he’s apparently fond of Zombie flesh The cool thing about those guys is that you can trade with them They really like shiny metals You have to throw them a few before they will trade But once they have the green sparkles coming out, then you can trade with them Its always a random trade, you put in some sort of shiny metal Spin the dice, in this case it gave me an iron horse armor Iron cluster and a potion of swiftness I’ve already traded with them several times Some of the drops are up here in this chest I’ve got a lot of different potions and some iron clusters And I’ve actually got a portal gun! He tends to give out dungeon type loot. But it’s pretty random, so who knows what you’re going to get I’ve played a little more with Tinker’s Construct this time I really like that I can toss in a bunch of ores And it smelts it for basically no lava. I have pushed far enough to get a cobalt pickaxe With auto-repair, maxed out on lapis And has several levels of redstone. It’s a pretty good pick, served me well so far. Like I said, I don’t have any infrastructure yet, so if I want to run a quarry, basically I’m still taking out energy cells Drop a energy cell down, with a gold chest for any loot coming in. And we’re getting some stuff built up, cool! Ok back in the base, let me go around the corner here… There’s not much back here, but I have setup an Oreberry farm It needs to be fairly dark, I put slabs down to keep mobs from spawning. And I can come in here and just pick off some of the berries Besides the quarry, this is another way I’m getting some of my materials And then I have a branch mine down at the bottom of this hole that has gotten me quite a few more as well. Really cool I found some essence berry bushes. Basically you can use them for mob essence or experience So I’ve been keeping those in here, We’ll find something to do with those pretty soon. I’ve been using the Leadstone Jetpack from the Simply Jetpacks mod But it’s pretty small, this is the lowest tier they have. It only has 25,000 RF The next one is a Hardened Jetpack, it holds 400,000 RF So I want to make one of those, those are made with a Leadstone Jetpack and different invar materials So lets make one of those! It takes a hardened Flux Capacitor and 2 Hardened Thrusters Let’s do the Capacitor first Lead and copper make a Leadstone Flux Capacitor Take that Leadstone Flux Capacitor and add some invar and tin to make a Hardened Flux Capacitor Now I just need 2 Hardened Thrusters. We’ll need some Redstone Reception Coils and some Redstone Transmission Coils. Let’s make those now. Need to make a Reactive Dynamo, made out of bronze. Make a couple bronze gears, we need 2 of those. We’ll also need some Hardened Fluxduct, which is regular Leadstone Fluxduct and some invar. So let’s make some of those. A few extra, we have about 24, we’ll do a few hardened ones. We’ll make the 2 hardened thrusters, there we go. And if you notice, it takes a Leadstone Jetpack and not an armored Leadstone Jetpack So the recipe does not work if you use an armored, but you can, very easily, take the armor off of your jetpack. Just put it in the crafting table and it becomes a regular Leadstone Jetpack again. And you get your armor plating off of it, drop that in the middle And you get a Hardened Jetpack. There we go, Awesome! Let’s charge this baby up! And we’re all charged up, Awesome! 400,000. We can fly a lot more with this. Now I do want to put some armor for it, so that I’m not lacking on my armor bars. To do this we’ll need Bronze Armor Plating, which is 10 Bronze Ingots and Iron Armor Plating in an Induction Smelter. Don’t have one of those yet, so I’ll have to build one Ok so here’s the recipe for the induction smelter. Pretty basic, Invar Gears and then a Machine Frame, so let’s get to it! Need to make a Tin Gear, put Iron around that To make an Invar Gear, we need Invar around an Iron ingot Last of all a bucket, and there we go an Induction Smelter, Cool! For now we’ll drop that by a generator for some power, see the buffer is filling up. We need to throw in the Iron Armor Plating and 10 Bronze Ingots Toss that in there, full power and here it comes. That should make us some Bronze Armor Plating, and we add that to our Jetpack For a Hardened Armored Jetpack, we’ll put that on and there we go! I look fancy now 🙂 Away we go, oop Creeper in the hole! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fly away, I can fly forever now, Awesome! Well one of the things I need to get for next episode is some ender pearls started up. So we will start working on some mob systems by then. But that’s it for this SuperShort! We thank you for watching, and we’ll see you later! Have a Good one!

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