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August 27, 2019

Aaaahhhh oooo see you later Josh! Hey guys and welcome back We’re playing Steve and ride This game is awesome! YES We’re so ready Its all of that Josh can you show us how to wingsuit? perfect let’s go Josh Josh no Are we literally gonna jump? The whole way down No we’re not mmm What? Yes let’s do this ok lets go I got this Guys you have played this game way more than me let’s go alright so we have already gonna hold on ohhhh You guys are going so much faster by the way OOOHHHH OMG Yes I am doing that ok You guys are like 200m away from me by the way ok ooo oooooooooo guys why are you guys going so much faster? aaaaooowww did u die? ha ha omg no happen is I don’t want to be I don’t want to be a knowing smile warning is awesome boys got going haha dry’ my goodness guys guys I also died out anyway I’m no gentleman is rolling right to help oh my God where did you bring with you guys were like the Death Valley them up okay i won’t i’m not still really characters very nice guys I’m still falling down i’m still get that i’m only there you go anyways your joint with his paws the hell yeah yeah I’m here guys ok I got it trying to get out by Josh what do you got my way see you later Josh about my we’re doing a clip Oh amazing we left in these rocks buddy think you were actually isn’t this game yeah we are it looks like we are very decent already a great we’re doing oh here we go okay there we go my strings no yeah-oh Geordie my yeah yeah Oh guys this is not very safe okay this you know she wanted to fly course yeah you’re flying do not try this at home if we didn’t fly down this let’s go flying let’s go okay okay all right very glad oh my god guys wait for me i’m here with anybody but you guys said we’re gonna go to paraglide right now baby guys are worried about me yeah okay chilis our way back yard where do we go by Delhi i’ll come back look here i am he said that mountain right yes alright so here we are at my challenge ok Josh do this and I said it’s very nice oh I’m gonna survive it oh yeah right i’m the best whatever 3210 Wow gotta attempt number two really ok I’m scared man who won go I got two guys i haven’t played this game as much as you die only aim for the middle for the food in the middle all right number three ya ready yes what we’re doing this alright baby jelly is so ready for this it’s very intense the very intense guys it’s going pretty alright so but yeah you are expected to hit know ok ok got first place i think i went first I think I’m first alright my god of all you gotta plug with me okay Oh made it how do you put the show card that’s I saw accessories or press space the tardis console can use a controller guy at the hood oh my goodness oh my god oh god oh my god oh my god this is next-level god ok guys i died i didn’t i dilate jelly died don’t have to go because everything again alright dad for some marks you flying your child that we have yeah so I’ve into the water in the leg went away taken for weakness i see two weeks they literally one little like in front of us okay okay okay you’re right any jump into the lake is 3200 i had the wrong leg yes Josh your smoke is in the way he hit my tattoo generally you can press forward you know closer oh my god i’m going so fast my god you be careful if you go down to my gonna be the right but don’t worry about Josh I have this well ah ok just smoke you guys above me you guys are buddies no josh is right next to me yeah you’re a little bit gloomy guys were pulling shore of Lake holes yeah I’m gonna make this we already make it and then we can do ripping fully who dive and they’re like yeah there you go i made it that way guys didn’t open the parachute know we were diving but doing alright let’s look at the big lake that was gonna make like that yeah it’s a little bit further away so diving let’s try to slide over the eyes to hide let’s hold hands guys started holding hands whatever I’m doing it I’m just flying here uh-huh why I’m right behind you Georgie like only 10 million i didn’t see anybody I can look around your little bit too high for me George go down a baby hi go down to the journalist like hey look behind you now no I don’t see anything big alright i’m like right behind you favorite female you’re just really you love oh ok take the job shit like without Josh you’re very very very come on Jordy kiddo you’re doing making my way down two jobs making my way downtown flyer and closer to have to yeah let’s do that look at these two rocks like for these two yes yeah it’s not Jenni I’m gonna make it of course they have wow are you going to me a little bit like high but it was fine here we’re almost here yeah we are you have to go very good flight oh my goodness mine my heart is beating oh good torrent distance good Georgie let it be I’m going to slide on the late goodies alright I’m going to the levee alright got a dog the trees lighting fucking all right guys good luck about thanks to le le hey guys come here whoa you didn’t actually it’s more parachute all right now we’re gonna do some snowboarding hell yeah I’m ready for this it’s not worth knowing Pete yes yeah oh yeah very that’s what we’re gonna hit Oh what we got right good luck all right good luck guys you think your back because black people with Jordi’s I’m gonna smother guys do some starts RI and 600 my god that’s ok don’t worry i got this no that was a terrible landing desirable right let’s go Josh how you doing Josh you crashed into a tree and flavor fun that I’m doing is coming up mellie it’s coming out it’s coming up the big jump is here how many folks was gonna do I didn’t do any flip hey there wait for me okay with doing your job offer you guys are you lying there all my you did for frontflip Josh attractive beating well you asked me shorty I’m almost there just didn’t do it on my skis too ok you ready ok alright we should stop down by the old white a big lake oh yeah alright alright on my way Josh I made it I made it I don’t know how much he couldn’t count that means that means it’s not enough not alive know guys it was great through ok 90 you I didn’t have enough speed to make that jump that you did with the water okay well your auto meters away from me so I can see you Josh a cool rock here haha who is my friends are leaving made don’t you worry about a journey to it into your right to any worry gets hit with like we talked about lying bleeding out right now alright how about the water finally right and here we go let’s get in the water Josh get in the water yeah at that time about your life in your years and your water board now Josh go on there yeah well it’s ice already make it to be Jenny make it to me my way really bored yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah don’t yeah now that it’s working those pushing forward something ready for some bowling ya know and what the words taking forever to remake it really come on my journey on my window my head looking at me like I think I’m hiding the careers already come here is made up guys by but my god hey guys maybe we can use our wingsuits here that’d be great idea yeah you later boys no Josh now crap hit we know we know that it all as my window here hey no oh I really now the parolee who can get the most points oh my that’s also going through this okay alright yes just go for it all right ok let’s see it’s not based on time so it’s pointed by doing come on baby oh my goodness oh yeah oh that was terrible that was so terrible from doing that was absolutely terrible let’s go without right i got 1 2 backflips baby yeah I josh is down they gave me some good points though Josh the more points but the house and I’m fine white at all now you i’m gonna get old man however you don’t know about what are you oh oh alright Josh listen to me okay this is it this is it thank you guys i am doing well I’m telling you I just somebody to do it yeah 300 here we go here we go you all right guys oh hell if I survive dad would have beat you guys definitely that’s for sure not only that I know what you rock oh come on get your day I’d 6.8 k oh my goodness come on I want to get the point silly i’m probably not even going to get drawn to this straight i’m telling you know believe me you’re gonna make me tell you could grab my jelly overweighting y’all want a job I’m like I’m taking it slow i can get a lot of points that way i face planted that I got broad stripe 1k points well unless you got Josh my pleasure yeah I didn’t he is i’m just waiting for clearly where the hell did i meet you guys out here that’s what I’m here i have their come on i could get out I just where apparently no letter little guys I can’t get out don’t worry we’ll come get you and I made it out that lets go at that wait Jordy we do alright guys that was it that was amazing enjoy this ritual drop-top the light for videos yet 100,000 lights combine aw also it comment the best person at this game no we always the best leave you any wishes guys it’s love the worst love the best look let’s fly

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  2. I like you jelly πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜β€πŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ•³πŸ‘“πŸ§¦πŸ‘›πŸ§£πŸ”ŠπŸ”ˆπŸŽ§πŸ“žπŸŽΈ

  3. really the best at the end of the video jelly lol but you are really the best one who fall on rocks lol

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