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I’M JOKER?!?!?! |Catalog Heaven|ROBLOX|

August 9, 2019

Hey guys alyricccreeper here Today I’m playing Catalog Heaven And I transformed into Joker! So let’s do this! I got my weapons just in case And of course, my golden boombox! I’m gonna spawn my balloon! Aw man… Let’s try that again! It wont fly πŸ™ But cool music! I give up… UFO? πŸ™ What was that?! OMG IT WAS JOHN CENA! 1 of my favourite songs (: For Star wars fans 2 at a time?!?!O_O πŸ™ (: OHNO! πŸ™ I’m gonna get a Jetpack I’ll get the cape instead cuz the cape is cooler SUPER JOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ Laser Eyes! Like Superman! I MUST GET REVENGE!!!!!!!!! or not…. SO MLG! Like and subscribe! For more ROBLOX! Cya youtube!

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