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Immersion – Pacman | Rooster Teeth

August 9, 2019

Introduction flashes. We here at immersion, have always been fascinated by perspective in video games. It seems normal to control a character from a top down view in a virtual world, but what if you had that same perspective in a real life game? For instance. if we were to play a life sized version of a game like ” Pac Man” here. Well the main character should have an advantage, seeing from the top down and the whole maze at once. Or would he? (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) So, we’ve come out to our Rooster Teeth Science Warehouse to run another one of our little experiments. Today, we’re gonna see if someone navigating a Pac-man life maze will be helped from a top-down view. Gus, what do we got? -Well, we recreated a Pac-man maze using pipes and drapes to shape the course. And that’s what they’re running through. But, just running through a maze in first person doesn’t really re-create the experience of the video game, does it? Well, that’s why we suspended the camera 40ft above the maze, pointed down transmitted that signal to the video goggles that the lab rats will be wearing. So the camera that’s mounted on the ceiling, that’s what ends up in Michael and Gavin’s goggles. So they’ll be navigating the maze from a top-down perspective, just like Pac-man would. And Miss Pac-man. -And Miss Pac-man. Thank you very much. Well, I’m gonna go explain this to our lab rats, this is probably going to take me a little while. So Gus, SAVE MY PLACE. The fuck does that mean??? Alright guys, we’re just about set up. Are you ready to go? Ayyo Any questions? Yes. What are the helmets for? Oh, those? Well just like in Pac-Man when you look at the top down, you don’t see the top of his head You see the side of it, like his stupid face. So, to be more accurate, we printed out big blown up versions of the sides of your stupid faces and we put them on top of your helmets. Whose face is more stupid? Oh that’s such hard thing to judge. I wouldn’t really be qualified to say that… Probably Gavin’s. You guys wanna know how to play? Ya! Yes! Ok here’s the way this is going to work On the ground here you’re going to see all these lighted dots. You’re going to navigate the maze looking at yourself from the top down. Every time you step on one you get a point. It’s like consuming a dot. You also can get points if you find the fruit that’s hidden somewhere on the level, and you consume the fruit while you navigate I have to physically eat fruit. What’s wrong with eating fruit? Well you’ll be running and eating You don’t have to stop I’ll get indigestion And if you get to one of these big clusters like this, that’s a power pellet, tap that, and for the next few seconds, the ghosts will turn blue, you can go up and touch one of them, and that knocks them out of the game. If you lose three lives, games over; lab rat with the most amount of points wins the day. Are there any holes? – There are no holes, you’ll be fine. Good luck guys. Anymore questions? Good. Alright. Did you just go asleep, and you wake up here too?- I have a headache So, I think they’re all ready to go! Great. I’m still not sure what we’re doing about ghosts, though. Oh ghosts? Don’t worry…I got ghosts covered Alright, Michael is our first Pac-Person Guys, don’t fuck me up too hard. I’m a defenseless little Pac, so if you see me, point me out towards the fruit Michael, you ready?-Yeah! Let’s begin. Wakakakakaka Miiicheeealll I hear you Waka-wakaing! You got shit! He’s going for the power pellet!-I got him, Burns. Oh my god! I’m out, I’m out. I’m eatin’ pellets! Get him before he gets to that power pellet. You’ll never catch me! Waka waka bitch, waka bitch, waka waka bitch I think he’s in the back room. Gus, cut him off. I see him! -Oh shit Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit! Oh, I got got. I got got. Ow. Ow. Holy shit… Am I dead yet? Am I dead yet?

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  1. Remember that wii party game that was like pacman but there were these spinning pads that's made the arrows you press go in different directions? Jus spin the camera!

  2. Idk about you all, but I think Social Disorder is better than this. I'm not saying immersion is bad, it's actually pretty good, but Social Disorder is definitely better and should have gotten more support.

  3. Gus turning the corner in a giant pink fatsuit with a tiny baseball bat and a dead serious look in his face will never not kill me with laughter

  4. Well in the real pacman each ghyhas its own pattern. Here they each just get cornered so the challenge is changed

  5. I wanna gush about Gavin because even in Ten Little Roosters he says 'MY BOI' when Michael gets hurt. Damn, I love immersion.

  6. I love this series so much. It's like Game Lab, but it came first, features Michael and Gavin, and doesn't require a YouTube Red subscription.

  7. You know what'd be awesome? If Gus was Blinky, if Geoff was Clyde, if Dan was Pinky, and if Joel was Inky. See where I'm going here?

  8. I wish this was something people could do this at an amusements park or fair, I’d definetly pay to try it, for like $10

  9. Ur maze was to small to begin with and u should cord ur walk patterns to test this. Instead of just being a team of people tht want to abuse staff.

  10. Cool idea, but the ghost not acting like in the game with each ghost having a set pattern it follows really hurts the video experiment. Would have liked to see it done proper for the full effect.

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