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Immersion – Resident Evil in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

February 21, 2020

Jack: The following video contains stunts performed by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, death and significant damages to personal property. Don’t try this at home. Burnie: People don’t often think how camera perspectives in horror games can be used as tools to scare the players. For instance, take Resident Evil here. It uses first person, third person and even fixed points of view (P.O.V.) to create the scariest game possible. But, come on. In a real life zombie outbreak, our lab rats couldn’t possibly survive without any control over what they see. Or could they? [Intro music] Burnie: We’ve come out today to our Rooster Teeth biological warfare research facility to see how our lab rats perform using video-game camera perspectives, in real life. And who’s better at navigating a dark corners filled with the undead, than our two favorite lab rats… Michael and Gavin. Hi, guys! Michael: Hello! Burnie: You love the Resident Evil games. Michael: Live ’em. Dream ’em. Burnie: How are your zombie killing skills? Michael: Confident. Gavin: Awful. Burnie: Well good, then you’re in luck today, ’cause today’s test is pretty simple: Working together, you will perform three distinct tests in which you will navigate through a course filled with zombies. You need to find two keys which will unlock a door at the end of the course, allowing you to escape. You’re equipped with a dart gun you can use to kill and disable the zombies, but be careful: the zombies will respawn after a short while. Here’s the twist: You’re going to endure three rounds, which simulate three different camera perspectives from the Resident Evil franchise. In Round 1, you’re going to experience a first person perspective in which a camera is affixed to your chest. In Round 2: you’ll experience a third person perspective using a GoPro attached to a harness directly behind and slightly above your right shoulder. And both of those cameras will be connected to your goggles. Now, because the goggles block the rest of your field of vision, the only thing you can see is what the camera can see. Finally, in Round 3, you will experience a stationary, fixed camera view in which we stream live video to your goggles. So, as the lab rats move through the course, we’ll switch from… …one camera… …to another… …to another! We’re gonna track your time, number of kills and whether or not you survive in order to compare each run. Michael: Okay, so what happens if so- if they catch us? Burnie: Well, I kinda had a feeling that you wouldn’t actually be scared that they would bite you, so I’ve given every single one of the zombies… *ZAP* …one of these! Michael: Again with this? Why? When did this start? we get the budget for these now but you bought one just bring it everywhere the zombies come out you just be lab have fun guys holy shit dude this is disorienting oh look at and we’re gonna get fucking ripped to shreds but I five you go in can at least get killed in there and not the doorway okay Gavin Michael are starting their first person run for safety zombies will go down with body shots and not just headshot starts find you as family I mean bullets fuck dropped it’s gone forever do you think this is an abandoned chair factory always a zombie but it has two dead deer this one might be fully deadlock that its never fully dead just look for the key oh Michael all right Michael I’m gonna try and see if the zombies alive okay rip it if it is ok you ready ok what the fuck was that nama gonna join this one there’s a key right here is the key you it was sitting next to the ammo oh I should get back out the way get it got it we’re good got one key okay that you didn’t see some mouth which you got this room with the red right out that’s right reloading reloading well what does that sound where’s that coming from no find me find me he’s down you know I don’t see what I’m frawls keeping out behind you have my sis I found a key demos yeah we got both keys we got our walk out of here right Wow cabbage depth perception is terrible but he’s got to get used to a pretty soon right oh god oh is this the shame I think so I spoke too soon all right here here here take the key to the other key for me looks like the zombies are starting to respond or headed right towards Mike with Gavin okay all they’re coming in this open i just can’t get off the whole you can do it on exposing they’re all coming I can’t see it for you buddy get off my leg Michael no but thanks to twist God forever fuck yeah well looks like Gavin Michael successfully navigated the course any pretty efficient amount of time let’s see how they do with a third-person perspective i can just see my own head yes I’m blocking off miami yet this just tell me how much of a haircut anyway how might I thought wait right-handed ok ready right it’s close enough we’re gonna get fucking killed it’s so much harder to see ya there’s a bullet right there oh yeah I’ll get it you got it use precision use your fingers opposable thumbs no depth behind node dude we are so fucked here’s what we should do right yeah if we hit him in the legs then they have to crawl so what if we just hit every one of them in the legs he’s through the tart what are you going to like it so you might wanna shoot him I didn’t give you mr. right so there goes the whole shoot them in the leg strap yeah let’s just kill them I got a knife you got knife I got the flashlight a nice dude yeah it’s pretty worth like here you grab the knife just like in the game the lab rats could use a knife to kill a zombie without having to waste ammunition Alice you could be the plate okay i know i don’t stop myself I can hear me shuffling around Oh to stay back so i can run backwards if I have to ok boy Michael bullshit Michael Michael out and talk it i think michael without you didn’t say figured I had a zombie I killed another zombie in there you’ll say anything with that time I was fucking with you so we’re doing right on zombies we haven’t got any keys to his arm around the other side of the star / yeah it’s not great I got it I got it I mean thanks for the help i said i got it wasn’t hit key oh you got it like okay where we got one so what I’m going to reload this I guess this works right now in the game you just have to hit a bunch but Gavin is using the cameras to reload all gathered here right there yeah you got what are those the key yeah take it it’s gonna kick off this I got both keys they are going to pop up move move move where the door they’re gonna start coming vocab and I cannot see the locks at all know there have been like oh I don’t just jump into my nuts a little bit ly show each other our backup move to the right I got going to the right boys let’s get the night is the night huh I was that like going up to the door of the box but I think we’re Oh why are you so God well Gavin Michael failed right at the end but they were able to kill more zombies the file run will certainly be a bigger challenge for them oh fuck where we are is it was miles away from yeah we’re far as shit I thought wait and nope ok because michael gavin sharing the same camera perspective the fixed cameras which with the lead lab and see me have to stay together to move to the room shit that mean he really front down on the right so we need to get full words i guess to the yeah I’m going medicine room i’ll follow you oh there we go there’s no way we’re gonna hit anything in the game they auto aim on fixed camera right oh shit this is so fucking weird so i hope you have a shot because I shit she’s already up to get it doesn’t look like it doesn’t look like it but I don’t know get a Microsoft wrestler add to this room this one’s called you only have one bullet left just so you know she’s comin you see this game yeah it was amazing that was a good shot boy go Gavin you’re reloading by looking at the camera I don’t know what we’re gonna do it you get the key I’m gonna get fucking killed over here you behind me nope oh no not that one coming around to the right I don’t know which way you’re facing back up back up into the room where we can see if she comes through i can get that I get it okay so Michael is backed up but unless getting those with them it won’t change the camera perspective Michael is gonna be fighting with blind abbotsbury and not much will not got it oh that was good Gavin stop wishing me with a fucker week where are we well there you are yeah yeah go that way through that door this is a nice room because we come back into the corner if we need black Cher am walking me back up back up back up like you do it I’m gonna knock within Michael got him oh my god you killed everyone cut to his cabin here ok I got it wait what’s the other one I don’t know you pick it up then you what you do with it wait God that was going to remove the key you did you did you lose it at some point you picked it up in the medical room Gavin oh where is like heaven but oh my god I got it I got as much ok give me this one we gotta make a beeline for the door and be like I can hear me I can hear the trip on a dish we’re getting close to the coming behind us you need to keep moving dude like you need to come with me because this this screen isn’t gonna got it on enough but now how are we going to see when they coming just just shut your mouth that’s out if I die going without me alright alright one walks off hurry up one looks off up Cassidy to get the right way like that well Gavin Michael could not survive the fixed camera around either look at all that data we’re giving you i’m not sure what any of it means but there it is science that last run did not go so well but you did make it out for those okay didn’t I had the final lock unlocked just couldn’t get off the damn door so out of the three perspectives which one was the hardest for you I over-the-shoulder for me the third person yeah for anything it was definitely a fixed well the X made the first run the second and third run the zombies defeated you so the winner of size this week is the zombies limit that we lost we’re zombies now that we’re going yeah get out stomach old man’s arm hey there if you liked this episode of immersion don’t forget to Like and subscribe to this channel and if you want to see the next episode before anybody else in Russia calm and join our first program

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  1. The data proves definitively that first person view is the most advantageous perspective. I'm so glad they've pointed this out.

  2. I'll rank the views from hardest to easiest
    number 3 at the hardest: fixed camera
    number 2 at medium: 3rd person view
    and number 1 at easiest: first person view

  3. Can someone please tell me what kind of goggles they are wearing? I can’t seem to figure out what they are.

  4. 12:01
    "Look at all that data we're giving you, I'm not sure what any of it means, but there it is. SCIENCE!"
    I wish I wrote this sentence in one of my high school chemistry lab reports XD

  5. 2:54 (Round 1 – First Person Perspective)
    5:19 (Round 2 – Third Person Perspective)
    8:37 (Round 3 – Fixed Camera Perspective)

  6. 4:29 "Gavin's depth perception is terrible" ya don't say burnie when they're viewing through a camera that only gives a flat look and non 3d to get that depth?

  7. That was interesting since I didn't know that equipment existed to try different camera angles. Something I didn't know I wanted and would really like to try.

  8. "Look at all that data we're giving you. I'm not sure what any of it means, but…there it is. Science!"

    Immersion in a nutshell.

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