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Immersion – Star Wars Jetpacks in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

August 14, 2019

For several years now, jetpacks have been a wildly popular gameplay feature in both first and third person shooters. Take the Star Wars: Battlefront game for example. In it, you get to play as Boba Fett, and rocket through the skies, sniping at the enemy rebel soldiers beneath you, from a high vantage point. So, clearly having a jetpack in a real life combat scenario would be a huge advantage. Or would it? [Burnie]: We’ve come out to our state of the art Rooster Teeth Marina to see if our two lab rats could be expert marksmen while flying. And we thought, who better to help us run our experiment today than the two biggest Star Wars fans at the company, Chris and Blaine. Hey guys! -[Blaine]: Hey!
-[Chris]: Hello. -[Burnie]: Look at you, you’re all smiles.
-[Chris]: Yeah. [Burnie]: How’re you guys feeling today? [Blaine]: Pretty good. Uh, Chris seems a little short to be a Storm Trooper. [Burnie]: Ah, Star Wars-like, I like it. Chris, are you ready to be a lab rat? [Chris]: I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself! -[Burnie]: Okay. If you guys are gonna do that all day…
-[Blaine]: Yeah, we will. [Burnie]: Alright, well do you guys have any idea what you’re doing? [Blaine]: Synchronized swimming, Star Wars style. [Burnie]: No, not quite. The water is for this. This is an X Jet water propelled jetpack. You’re gonna be flying out over the lake today. It’s a nice brisk afternoon in mid-January. [Burnie]: Sounds like a great time to strap something that shoots water onto your back, right? -[Blaine]: Sounds cold.
-[Chris]: Cold. [Burnie]: Well it’s only cold if you fall in. Which, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to. [Burnie]: Okay. Here’s the way this experiment is gonna work. Each of the lab rats is gonna be given a paintball gun. That is to simulate the blasters from the Star Wars universe. Their objective for today is to fly through the air and shoot at three targets that will be on the shoreline. But, they have to take those shots while in flight. If they crash into the lake, they’re done. Well, you guys are going to be going on the lake on this jetpack, I’m assuming you guys have been trained on how to use it? -[Blaine]: Uh…
-[Burnie]: Great, okay. Look forward to it. Let’s have fun, guys. -[Chris]: Here, I’ll go first.
-[Blaine]: Okay. -[Blaine]: Sit in it, sit in it. There you go.
-[Chris]: Whoa. -[Blaine]: Ah, you probably just broke something there.
-Chris]: Did I just break it? [Chris]: You’re gonna have to take off your jetpack to put on the jetpack. [Blaine]: Does this one have a rocket on the back like Boba Fett’s? -[Chris]: Oh, what if you stick yours-
-[Blaine]: Oh! Yeah! [Chris]: And just have it attached to the back. [Blaine]: So like when I crash, then it’ll like, go down my throat or something. [Chris]: Look really cool.
[Blaine]: Yeah it’ll look real cool. [Burnie]: Alright, looks like Chris is ready to go! [Chris]: Here I go! [Chris]: Ah! [Chris]: Ugh. [Laughter] [Chris]: [Distressed noises] [Burnie]: Does he know that he’s not actually flying with his legs? [Burnie]: What is he doing? [Paintball gunshot] [Gunshots] [Burnie]: [Laughing] He’s trying to get the gun out, but every time he goes to reach for the gun, he has to let go of his right jet which sends him spinning around. [Chris]: Dammit! [Chris]: AAAAH! [Laughter] [Burnie]: That was a big wipeout. [Chris]: [Sounds of choking on water] [Gunshots] [Burnie]: Alright now don’t forget, Chris only has so much ammo. So he has to be really careful about using his shots. He’s in danger of running out of ammunition right now. [Chris]: Ack. [Gunshots] [Burnie]: Oh, I think he got a hit on Han Solo! [Chris]: Woo! [Chris]: Ah! Ah, I’m hit! I’m hit! [Burnie]: Alright here goes Blaine. Hopefully he can do better than Chris did. [Burnie]: So Blaine’s actually living his dream right now. He’s flying around on a jetpack, dressed as Boba Fett. This has to be the happiest day of his life. [Burnie]: Blaine’s looking good! [Gunshots] [Blaine]: Ah! [Burnie]: Yeah, Blaine is having a lot more trouble than Chris did at making good approaches. [Blaine]: Oh shit, no no no. [Burnie]: Oh, Blaine’s down. [Blaine]: [Choking noises] Oh, fuck. [Burnie]: Alright, making a big run right now. Here he comes. [Gunshots] [Gunshots] [Burnie]: Yeah, he’s still way off. [Gunshots] [Burnie]: Yeah, I think he got one! [Blaine]: Yeah! Shit! [Burnie]: I wanna congratulate the two of you on completing the first round so gracefully. You both looked amazing up there. It seemed like the hardest thing was going from holding both of the controls to then going and grabbing the gun with one hand. The moment you guys grabbed the gun, everything just went to shit. [Blaine]: When you get up there, and like you’re– you immediately start losing your balance and you’re drifting so you happen to strafe. And it might look like you’re doing that on purpose, but you’re totally just like- [Burnie]: Well, you came out of that round both tied, you both had one hit, but we did prove that you were able to fly and hit a stationary target. So, we thought, to break the tie, we figured the best way for a winner to be declared is for you all to fight against them. [Burnie]: You will be engaging in a fire fight with Rebel forces. If you can hit a Rebel soldier, they are out. But, if you crash into the lake twice, you’re done. [Burnie]: Well, suit up. Let’s go. [Chris]: [Laughing maniacally] [Burnie]: The Rebels seem very confused. They can’t make heads or tails of this very non-threatening enemy that’s coming towards them. [Gunshots] [Gunshots] [Chris]: Ah! Uah. [Gunshots] [Gunshots] [Burnie]: Oh, poor Blaine. He’s gonna get lit up. [Blaine]: AH! [Gunshots] [Gunshots] [Blaine]: ARGH!
[Gunshots] [Burnie]: Alright, well gentlemen, that completes Round 2. You guys don’t look too much worse for wear. Chris, you caught one in the face? [Chris]: Well, ’cause I was at an angle, and someone shot underneath the face mask and nailed me in the chin. And after that I just went down. [Burnie]: Blaine, you got a pretty wicked one in the neck. [Blaine]: Right off the bat, as I was like, coming in for my first attack, one of you assholes just like, popped me right in the neck. [Barbara laughing] [Burnie]: Well, we do have to award a winner of science, and since you guys were so miserable in the second round and tied in the first round I think it’s very clear that the winner should go to the Rebels. Congratulations, guys. And, in keeping with Rebel Alliance tradition, we’re gonna have a medal ceremony. In fact, we’ll have it right now. See, here we go. I got a medal. No, you guys don’t get one. [Burnie]: And we wanna thank Texas Ski Ranch and Canyon Lake Adventures for making all of this possible, and letting these guys fly through the air. Next time on Immersion, we’re gonna have a very special episode, from RTX Australia. So, we will see you then. [Chewbacca noises]

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  1. This is the new way of transportation ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????

  2. 8:11
    If this was a livestream, I came in and heard nothing but:
    AAAAAAA Gunshot, Gunshot– AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Gets shot in the Chest Gunshots, Gunshots…. AAAA Splash

  3. I am amazed that paintball gun still shot after being waterlogged that many times.

    Also the lack of proper face protection was fairly dangerous.

  4. This isn't exactly a fair test. When it comes to marksmanship, paintball guns are the two-dollar pistols of the modern era. At a hundred meters, an upper-tier marksman can generally keep the spread down to around seven-hundred centimeters. Meanwhile, with an actual firearm, you can get it down to a spread of ten centimeters at over five-hundred meters away. And that's with rifles. Scale that to pistols- yes, there are paintball pistols- and it gets SLIGHTLY closer, but paintball weapons just aren't very accurate to begin with.

  5. For almost two years i've been trying to figure out the name of the ps1 game I heard the song at 4:00 from. It was a net yaroze special called "Opera of destruction."

  6. As someone who shoots a lot of skeet and trap no it would not be advantageous for you to be flying heck I could hit you with a normal rifle with no problem

  7. Of course it’s not gonna work with that jetpack design like boba fett’s or any mandolorian their jet packs are controlled by the gauntlet

  8. Wait but why not put your arm over the side of the jet so you can up up the gun while still keeping yourself level?

  9. In the actual star wars world the guns are on the aide of the jetpack and for mandolorians theyre just really good at their jobs my theory is that they lead the pack with theyre eyes utiling the helmet visor

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