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Immersion – Video Game Inventory Systems | Rooster Teeth

August 15, 2019

Some of the most popular kinds of games are First-Person shooter games. And the granddaddy of the entire FPS genre has to be DOOM by ID Software here. This game is an absolute blast – you get to carry a ton of weapons. You get a pistol, a shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher – you name it. The only problem is: when you’re using one of the weapons… they never really bother to explain where the other weapons go. Hmmm… [Immersion Intro Music] Burnie: And so I thought, “What better way to test the inventory systems of First-Person Shooter games, – than to come out here to the ass crack in the world – and run two idiots through an obstacle course?
Geoff: What? Hey, what’s up, two idiots? Geoff: Shut up.
Gus: Fuck you. Oh, stop whining. We haven’t done anything to you yet. Burnie: Alright, so once again I asked Griffin,
Griffin: Howdy! To come out and figure out a way to equip these guys to fend off a demonic invasion of Mars. Burnie: Whaddaya’ got?
Griffin: Got some armor… Burnie: Safety first, as always.
Griffin: Right, next we have a pistol. Burnie: Okay – so we’re gonna abandon safety right away. Griffin: And then down the line, we have the shotgun…
Burnie: Shotgun? Alright… Griffin: Next, and then we have a Double-Barreled Shotgun. Burnie: Ah – from DOOM 2 – the Double-Barreled Shotgun, okay. Griffin: And then, next, we have a Chaingun.
Burnie: Wow, okay. Griffin: And we have a Rocket Launcher, with rockets, and here we have the Plasma Gun. Burnie: Plasma Gun, or as I’d like to call it, “Number 6 from DOOM”. Griffin: And then we have the B.F.G..
Burnie: B.F.G. 9000… Wow. Burnie: And as we all know, B.F.G. stands for really, really, fucking heavy gun. Wow, that IS heavy, yikes. Griffin: Alright, and then finally, we have a Chainsaw.
Burnie: Gas-Powered Chainsaw – No FPS soldier’s complete without one. Burnie: O-kay, so now, all we have to do is figure out how to get all of this, onto one of those. No-no, YOU guys. Yeah.
You might wanna, like, stretch. [Intrumental Epic Music Cues In] Gus: I’s — I used to play football in high school!
These are pads, it’s what we call them. [Intrumental Epic Music Continues] Gus: (Exhales Sharply) Burnie: How you feeling?
Gus: (Winded) Ha-aah… Burnie: Ready for – Ready for action?
Gus: (Incredulously) What? Burnie: Ready to save the universe?
Gus: This is it! – it’s just an inventory test… Gus: I carried it!
Burnie: For when we o – open portal hell – Nope – Burnie: We’re gonna run the obstacle course.
(New Instance) Alright doesn’t seem, like, there’s Something can I – like – OH MY GOD THERE’S A DISGUSTING FAT DEMON, LOOK AT THAT THING! OH GROSS, IT’S IN A YELLOW SHIRT! TERRIBLE! KILL IT! (Snickering) Burnie: Alright, you ready?
Geoff: Yeap. Burnie: Let’s go. (Laughter) Burnie: (Inaudible)
Geoff: This is just what it was like to be in the army! Burnie: Is it?
Geoff: Yeah, it’s no different. Burnie: Let’s go to the obstacle course, then. You lead the way. You’re shedding rounds, my friend! Griffin: So, we set up a hundred-yard obstacle course.
Burnie: I love it – it’s got abandoned cars, ditches, thorns – very post-apocalyptic. Griffin: So our two test subjects will start at opposite ends and race each other to the center. Burnie: Right, the feasibility that we’re trying to test here is whether or not they can move quickly with all this gear on top of them.
Griffin: Right. Burnie: Okay, good test.
Are you guys ready?! set! GO! [Other Epic Instrumental Music Cues In] Burnie: Gus?! Go – Go! Gus, MOVE, GO! Burnie: (Laughing) Man – man down! Man down! Get up!
Griffin: (Laughing) Gus: Help… [Other Epic Instrumental Music resumes]
Geoff: This is so heavy, oh my God… (Sharp Exhale) Gus: NO – I can do it! … I can do it – I’m fine!
Burnie: Get up! Burnie: Gus, get up – come on!
He’s like a turtle – look at him – he’s like, he’s just rocking back and forth!
Griffin: (Laughing) (Inaudible) Gus: I need some turkey!
Turkey, stat! [Other Epic Instrumental resumes again] Geoff: (Groans) This is the crappiest… tree I have ever seen… (Panting) Geoff: Did it! Told you it was easy… Gus: I’m gonna make it… Burnie: Okay, so: results – Geoff; You finished the course in, about what… Geoff: I think it was, like five minutes. Burnie: Gus; you did not even, really START the course ever, we’re not really sure what happened there. Gus: That was uh… Bad footing.
Burnie: Bad footing? Gus: Yeah.
Burnie: You had bad feet – attached to bad legs? Gus: It’s all there.
Burnie: It all makes sense now – Uh, Geoff? Big winner, wins science for the day – congratulations to Geoff, and Gus, even though you lost, you’re a good lab rat, so we have a consolation prize – we have a pellet(?) for you out there. Gus: Is that a beer?
Burnie: It is. Gus: Nice! See ya, sucker! Burnie: YOU get to fire a Rocket Launcher.
Geoff: This thing fires? Burnie: Oh yeah, that’s the business end – just point it and shoot. Just hit the tire underneath Gus’ beer. Burnie: Ready?
Geoff: I guess so… Gus: Hey – wait, what’s that?
(Death Scream) Next week on Immersion.
(Door creaks open) Burnie: (Whispering) Guuus?
Good morning, Gus! How are you feeling? Are you ready for a little Immersion experiment this morning?
Gus: Muh(?) Burnie: (Laughing) Come on. Hey just (we?) (shi?), get out of the bed, sunshine. Get in the truck and come with us… I know you feel terrible, you feel bad cause’ you’ve been drinking tonight?
Gus: Mm-hmmm… Burnie: Don’t worry, we have something that will make you feel a LOT better. So, let’s get your clothes on and let’s go, you ready? Gus: Are… Are you in my house? Burnie: Tha- (Chuckling) THAT’S the spirit!

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  1. but they do explain in doom though, it was a prototype backpack that uses portals

    and in borderlands everything just gets digitized

  2. To be fair the gravity on Mars is lighter than earth so if you weigh 100 pounds on earth you weigh 38 pounds on mars, making all the gear lighter

  3. 0:25 I remember in GTAV where Trevor woke up in his underwear then pulls out a minigun. I'm like "probably his waistband. That's how it works."

  4. yourequestioning doom? even though there are games like gta 5 with LOADS of weapons that you can all carry at once, and some of those weapons include rocket launchers, miniguns, and grenade launchers

    EDIT: I looked at the date and turns out this was made before GTA 5 so, carry on.

  5. Why does Geoff always have the helmet? Does he have a legitimate concern for his skull or is it just because it makes him look like a dork?

  6. You know Geoff's actually been in the service, when his small lookin' self can actually carry all that crap, AND do it in 5 minutes. Geoff being strong is scary lol.

  7. Comment your experince in games like Skyrim or fallout where you blatantly refuses to drop any of your items and just walked to the nearest town.

  8. (intro part)
    yes they do.
    in doom it was a backpack with dimentional stuff…
    … or something i don't really remember BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT

  9. You should not have done doom they use experimental teleportation technology as the explanation

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