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Indians In A Gym Ft. Flying Beast | The Timeliners

January 18, 2020

How much for a month? Two thousand! And 3 month membership? Five thousand! And what about an yearly membership? Then it will cost you twelve thousand. Okay, thank you bro! Okay! Thank you! Stop! Up here! Why are you leaving? Getting late? Didn’t get the form. Why so? I’m starting to get afraid of gym. And I’m going to die fat only! I’m leaving. Stop! Are you a drama queen? Why don’t you want to join the gym? Who goes to the gym anyway. A lot of people do! Which you will get to know after the video. This is a gym where mantra is to burn calories Good punch. Here girls spend a lot of money to get a zero figure like Kareena whereas boys just like Hrithik.. Hey! What is up? Oh! No, no, no.. It’s the protein shake. You want it too? I’ll get it cheap for you as I know a lot of people. This is Sushil. Synonym for Shortcut To Success He doesn’t come to the gym to exercise but.. You won’t be able to lose weight like this You try this fat cutter. It will cut your fat like a scissor! Cut, cut, cut…. Raising your legs today? Tomorrow you [email protected]#$ will stop rising Have this! Try the ‘Chusti Masti’ Shake It’s made from horse sperm. 8 inches from 6! Supplement Sushil even made his muscles.. Look at my muscles? Made it with muscle glaze. And you? Triceps? Amino lean formula. And for tummy Pump mode. And for looks.. Fair and handsome! Is it a gym or a DTC bus? Selling things here! Brother! You didn’t hit hard. Why don’t you.. try this biscep booster? Then you can hit harder. Sold! Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ah! Ahh! Poof! I’m done. Even I am done. Even I am! I am done too. Who is he that didn’t even look at me? Who is he? He is our gym god! You know who will he pick today? Me! I’ll get six pack soon. There are generally queues in the temple but.. for him? He’s looking at me! See, he’s looking here. You come! Yes! Dear lord. Sunita’s boyfriend has a 12 inch bicep. Atleast.. turn mine into atleast 14 inches Listen! Need 14 inches? Be steady and you’ll get it. From Sunita to Shankar.. Hey! Red tee? Hey body! What are you doing? You don’t do it like that. Chest out. Gym god corrects all! Yeah! This is our Golu! What! Bro! My name is Rocky Singh! But I will call you Golu only! Because you are fat! Like dry pumpkin. Who is always holding a.. Laddoo! Can’t even see my legs! You can’t even see you [email protected]# Got it? Not like that! First make a fist. then align your wrist! And then do the twist, do the twist! Shreya- the teacher at Sarvodaya Bal Mandir starts pissing off people at the gym.. I mean.. Starts to train people. Uncle come on you twist it harder. Even the movie Race 3 has more twists than this! I have a knee ache. So why do you oldies come to gym like this! Start twisting now! Like this! Twist! twist! Come one twist! Come on! Ahh! This is Meghna Very punctual! True at measurement. And keep giving people.. Go do some other exercise. ..pushes! She is a 21st century gym girl. And the world belongs to her! I do arms on Monday. And Tuesday is my leg day. Wednesday I celebrate Yoga Day. What do you do about the cheat day, Miss? Cheat day? I cheat! So.. You’re going to join the gym now, right? Okay, I’ll leave now!

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  1. Bhai 3 months ki fees dekar mudkar nahi gya….papa kasham mammy ne itna mara sadma beth gya Dil me…ROZZ galiya khata hu mazaal sudhar jau..NA NA NA NAAAAAAAAAAAH

  2. please is account ki report karna is ny mary sath scam kia hy 2k Indian rupe ka video my ap daikh lain

  3. Squat rack should always be used for squat. I have seen aliens doing bicep curls there and nothing frustrates my soul more than that.. Do tell your gym squat rack stories here..

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  5. Girl part though 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ saari family ke beech mein baithi hoon… Meri toh ftt ke haath mein aa gyi ki behanchod ky hai ye😑😑😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. 3:50 these kind of fat shaming keeps fat guys away from gym. You should NOT judge anyone at gym. The fat guy is not in a McD, rather he is in gym trying to change himself. If you can't support him, at least don't make fun of him. Assholes.

  7. Mein squats kar raha thaa peeche chair padi thi meine dekha nahi aur mera pichwada jor se takraya chair pe paat karke avaj aya aur sabne dekha! 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. HAR BAAR HAR BAAR ye sochke Mall se sweat shirt ka size apne size se jada leta hun …🤔
    Ki iss winter acha khasa maal🍱 khake body💪 banauga to nayi sweat shirt tight na ho🤭

  9. Was in DELHI to prepare for IAS..but dekh dekh waha fitness gods i cut my optional course TO GYM one year course…optional to khud se pad lungaa usme kya hai😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Which sentences are right? 1. I work out every day 2. I do a workout every day 3. I workout everyday 4. I do a workout everyday. Answers: 1and 2 are correct.

  11. Gym God didn't even do a perfect pull up😂😂😂. And i don't know what part of India most of you guys live, but i have never seen anything like this. It's frickin hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  12. As a girl, i seriously try to keep my moans down while doing weighs. It gets so awkward mean !!!

    But the guys at our gym constantly grunt and make noise. It's annoying sometimes.

    Like seriously. You're lifting the same as me. Stop acting like arnold

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