Indonesian plane crash: Wreckage on fire.
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Indonesian plane crash: Wreckage on fire.

August 16, 2019

Passersby looked on and some captured the
devastation. This was the scene immediately after a military
transport plane crashed in the Indonesian city of Medan. Merely two minutes after take-off, the plane
plunged – when it eventually came to a halt – into two houses and a hotel. The fireball singed half this building which
claimed the lives of at 135 people. 141 body bags were brought to hospital, and
all but two contained complete corpses. The plane had been on its way from an air
force base in Medan, to the Riau Islands off Sumatra. Local media reported that the pilot was asked
to return to base because of technical problems. But for now the details remain lost in the
smoke cloud the crash created. Images of this horrific scene are bound to
remain fresh memories for a while – particularly for those who had connections to the 122 people
on board.

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