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Infinity Field iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 24, 2019

Ever since the success of Geometry Wars, the
twin stick shooter has become a staple of the iPhone’s game library. Many games have
tried to capture the same feeling of fun and visual excitement, and even Geometry Wars
itself got released with a great reception. Infinity Field is Chillingo’s entry into this
genre and they’ve pretty much hit the ball out of the park. The first thing you’ll notice when you load
up either one of the many game modes or the campaign is how tight the controls are. Weaving
around the screen and narrowly avoiding enemies is a hassle free experience. In other games,
there has been an issue with the player’s thumbs taking up valuable screen space and
obscuring incoming enemies, but in the default graphical mode (one of four available), the
camera travels lower than the bottom of the game field so your thumbs aren’t in the way. The campaign itself takes you through short
bursts of the game’s many modes and includes boss fights, and upgrading your ship and weapons.
If you’d like to see everything the game has to offer right out of the gate, the survival
mode is available with such game variations as unarmed, insane mode, snake, and zombie;
each putting a small gameplay spin on the initial mechanics. As you fly around and raise
your multiplier, satchel drops that can be collected for upgrades and bonuses roam the
field. These range from extra lives and bombs to new weapons, helpers, and even force fields
and putting the game in slow motion. Graphically the game evokes Geometry Wars
with its colored shapes and over-abundance of screen warping and particle effects. Just
like it’s inspiration, sometimes there’s so much going on that you end up running into
an enemy hiding amongst the bursts of color, but it’s a small price to pay for such visual
flair. The electronica soundtrack will keep your adrenaline pumping, but more music would
have been a nice addition. Unless you’ve had your fill of twin stick
shooters or the visuals of this game are too much for you, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t
be a great addition to any iPhone gamer’s library.

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  1. The first time I played geometry ward was in pgr 3 on xbox. Since then I've been hooked. Such a good game love this version

  2. It seems like twin-stick shooters have to be on every download platform these days. Geometry Wars for XBLA, Super Stardust HD for PSN, and a whole crap-ton of twin-stick shooters on iOS. What's going to be next? By the way, what happened to the badass soundtrack from the iPad version of Infinity Field?

  3. @TheUnimpressedOwl I have that version I still think the graphics are meh. even the geo wars port looks better than this one. however this plays much much better in comparison

  4. This looks like a nice new twist on geometry wars but the weapon upgrades seem to set it apart I love the gwars music but have both for xbla so idk if I should even get these I have meteor blast and don't play it much I've only got 2$ left on giftcard too many games come out lately that r all stellar

  5. @ajunal33t I'm thinking of getting into the review business myself cuz I'm disabled and spend all my time playing these games and rating them and giving gems of golden ideas to greatly improve they're games so what do I need to do to either get games free for purpose of reviewing or working with devs on creating cuz I get inspired everyday

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