Injuries, Protests & Jeff Bezos: Amazon Workplace Accidents
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Injuries, Protests & Jeff Bezos: Amazon Workplace Accidents

January 17, 2020

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  1. I dodged a bullet! I had an interview with Amazon's fulfillment center in California but had turned it down because an office supply store was closer and offering more money

  2. The fact is, if the average person was asked to choose between the health and safety of a random stranger working at Amazon, or getting their products shipped quickly, they'd probably choose to look the other way.

  3. I hate when "trusted" sources use statistics to manipulate a story.
    Comparing the number of injuries to make them seem worse, while leaving out the severity is quite misleading. People who work jobs like law enforcement and fire fighting, are also less likely to report minor injury due to the culture.

  4. It's sad that stuff like this has been public knowledge for years and yet nothing ever comes of it. In a capitalist society money is just more important than people, and Amazon is proving that time and again, and people still want their business and their services despite that, so what's their incentive to do anything differently?

  5. Fines are slaps, need real action. It's time to revoke their business licenses. It is not just Amazon doing it either, it's every corporation. It's time separate corporations from state and start kicking them out and yanking their licenses. They've been given far too many fines and warnings. They are not following laws. What do when we don't follow the law? We get punished. A fine is not a good enough punishment.

  6. I worked at fedex (not Amazon) and at the time I was so desperate for a job and money I was applying anywhere.. but the Amazon’s (2 warehouses near me) were so notoriously shitty I didn’t even apply. Everyone who works there has horror stories. Everyone.

  7. Aw man that sucks for them.

    Anyways, the DOW is over 29k, Amazon's stock is doing great and I could really use that 3pack of old spice at my door by the time I get home from work tomorrow, so hopefully nothing changes

  8. This is what it takes to get that great service we all love.. lower quality of service is not an option for amazon so if people keep protesting you’re probably just gonna force their hand and they will start replacing workers with robots… which is very bad for the economy

  9. Something I don't think they talked about enough as an ex-amazon (ex-Integrity Staffing Solutions employee really) is how they treat their temporary hires. What we were told at our orientation (which is different than the Amazon orientation) by Integrity HR staff (which is also temporary) is that Attendance comes first with Integrity, you can be safe after you get here. Our trainer (an Amazon employee) rushed us through what took another trainer two days to cover (almost a month after) in three hours. She skipped our VRC training and a week or so later on Black Friday we were waterspiders on the VRC with no training. We could have seriously injured someone, I had no clue what I was doing. We got training the next day after I asked for it. Along with all that, ISS employees couldn't miss the daily stretches and report an injury for dear of getting fired or ruining your chances of being hired on. The managers in my section did them before the announcements right at 7AM at the back of the building. As far as I could tell though walking past other groups on the way to mine, many others did them at the end so maybe not everyone had as hard of a time with that rule.

  10. Bezos could be sacrificing Babies to Satan and I'll still buy from Amazon. Mostly because I have to. One can avoid Walmart sure, but if you live in the country and can't drive, it's Amazon or nothing.

  11. I have a Broken Collar bone that never healed right. Went to work at ACY2. Was put on a Outbound Pack Station. Expected to pack 40+ Pound boxes/bags of pet food/Litter. Cases of water. At a rate of 75 units per hour. About 2 weeks into the job got hurt. Ortho Doctor gave me work restrictions. And prescription for 15mg Meloxicam. Because of my bad shoulder. Amazon sent me home. 3 weeks later I finally come back to work. Doing the Same job that caused me to go out. Only thing that helped with the pain was Ibuprofen. Which the vending machines always seemed to be out of. Got Terminated couple weeks later.

  12. EWR4 in Robbinsville NJ had a 9 ounce can of Bear Repellant(Pepper Spray) bust open. Injuring over 50 employees. One spent the night in a hospital.This was Dec 2018. Amazon kept the warehouse open. Never heard a follow up report from OSHA.

  13. If you do not like the working conditions at a job. Don't work there. Then when enough people decide not to work their then company can decide either have no workers and make no money or increase their quality of life.

  14. I say when corporations are caught on this scale they need to forfeit a MINIMUM of 6 months profit per count on first offense, a year on 2nd offense & the entirety corporate executive ranks get terminated & forfeit all their stocks, pension & severance, if it gets to third government seizes the company & arrests the president, ceo, & cfo & seize their fortunes to pay legal bills & pay restitution. It's time we get heavy handed with the real criminals in this country. White collar crime is responsible for more deaths & injuries as well as costs for lost wages of victims, legal fees for trials, etc than all forms of street crime combined. So who's really doing the most damage to this country?

  15. At around 5:28 that was EWR4 in NJ. I worked there at the time. A Prime Center. Pack rate was around 300 per Hour. Pick was even higher. Single Pack, 95 units per hour. Simply, 1 ever 45 seconds. From Assembling the box to Sealing the box. She failed to mention the Fine for Under reporting Injuries at the same building in 2016.

  16. Meanwhile they also pay 0 in taxes, 0! This company is toxic to the health and safety of not only employees by the very country there draining of economic resources. Make Amazon pay there fair share and take employee safety seriously! #yang2020

  17. Hmmm…Human Safety is compromised by Productivity Quotas, but Boundless Profit is compromised by Fully Fledged Automated Processing.

    I think I see why Amazon prefers the slave labor system.

  18. Worked at amazon back in October 2016-2017 Feb. I would get there by 6AM & leave by 6PM. 3 days straight i won't be able to see the sun.
    I would do waterspidering which is to supply workers with duct tape, dunngage, boxes and etc. The only time I could keep up was when the workers when out for there 15min break while i stayed behind to catch up. I was over heating and i was feeling heart pains. They sent me back and asked told to just drink more water. One worker was handing out flyers flyers for reforms for increased break time, they shot that down. Going to the bathroom took 5 mins and back. They made us compete with other aisles for a amazon gift card. The fake cheerful corporate pep talk we had to do everyday. This was during peak seasons.

  19. I worked at a fulfillment center, and it was nothing like this. We had breaks and could go to the restroom whenever, we were encouraged to stretch, called out on running or pulling pallet jacks too quickly, and everybody had everybody's back. They gave us free water all day, and snacks during heavy impact runs. As far as I ever knew, nobody failed to meet quotas. Probably the least safe part was the cars and vans driving through the floor to pick up packages for routes, but we had different sirens on either side to let us know cars were in motion and the managers were watching us like hawks to keep us out of trouble. The motto was "Safety, safety, safety, and then do a good job." It was the most intense cardio workout ever (eat your heart out Sean T), but nobody wanted anybody to sacrifice safety for speed.

    That said, my center was apparently the only good one around. Another employee had transferred from one farther out in the state, and it was exactly as described here: no breaks, management harassing employees about numbers, terrible safety practices, and forced unpaid overtime. The pay was marginally better, because you were guaranteed 8 hours, but even when they were selling it at the interview, it didn't sound at all good. They also did the BIG stuff, which makes the bad safety practices even more harrowing. Imagine trying to just dump a fridge off a truck as fast as possible.

    I got out before 1 day shipping hit, but please, PLEASE think about the human cost of asking for that kind of speed. It was projected to push our daily totals by 150%, and we were trying to pull, sort, and group 10k packages in 6 hours or less already.

  20. Expecting humans to keep pace with high-volume processing machines that cannot get tired or injured is unrealistic, dystopian and insane.

  21. This is happening in my own home state of Indiana and it's horrible this is why I'm going to be getting into politics and eventually fixing the state even if I have to crack a few skulls do it figuratively speaking

  22. I worked for Amazon and when they came and had a go at me for taking too long a bathroom break when I had to walk to down 4 flights of stairs and halfway across the warehouse which is the size of a small town just to reach the bathroom and then get back within a strict time limit I decided to quit. I wasn’t going to be berated like a child for taking a toilet break in a minimum wage job

  23. To the questions you asked me at the end of this video yes and absolutely, they need to be fined such large amounts that the usual cost of doing business isn't worth it anymore and does state and federal governments need to be 100% transparent about this otherwise I can't trust them

  24. These corporations need to be regulated, taxed, and need to train these workers so that they do not get injured whatsoever. #berniesanders2020

  25. For the amount of money that Amazon makes, they seem to treat people as though they are simply expendable cogs in a machine that prints them money. I think Amazon should be made to pay the steepest fines and ordered to make working conditions, workable.

    Though I doubt that will happen until governments grow a back-bone and say enough is enough. You cannot keep treating people the way you have been and you need to get your head out of you butt.

    Maybe forcing Jeff Bezos to work a week/month in one of his fulfilment centres as though he was a new hire may open his eyes a bit

  26. When will people stop buying from amazon?? It's a marketplace meaning they dont create products they just enable companies to sell through them
    please just buy from the supplier directly, giving amazon money is enabling them to continue treating their employees terribly

  27. I have a really hard time to understand why it's so damn difficult to care for your employees properly. I'd rather wait one more day or two to get my things, than knowing someone got hurt or even died just to ship my order asap ugh.

  28. they should start getting 7+ digit fines for their unsafe work conditions, that's some pre 1930s pre-union era working conditions Amazon is dealing with.

  29. Fines wont be enough if they're that egregious. Starting shutting centers and you'll get something done. I 100% understand the pressure to maintain obsurb levels of productivity or risk losing your job. With that said, no your limits and assume that amcare is only looking after Amazon's interests and not yours.

    Metrics, and ridiculous corporate culture that promotes the overuse of "goals" is the real cause in my opinion. It's not a goal if you require them to meet or exceed something, that's called a requirement.

  30. While people call for a boycott, I believe it's has to be done through calling your local representative. Be active and Vote locally.

  31. The fact people literally fucking die and the managers say leave them on the floor and work around them is fucking ridiculous

  32. Wow these are heinous crimes against workers. All companies should be banned from bribing politicians. And amazon should be fined in proportion to its profit, one life should be 1 billion to the family plus a fine

  33. The indiana forklift story is so sad. I feel so bad for his family.

    On the other side of things, the story of the person who had a heart attack– I am not sure how much that one can be argued against. Hell, my dad saw a doctor the same day he had a heart attack because of chest pain and they sent him home with heartburn medication. Our case was thrown out.

  34. Fines? Amazon could pay $500,000 fines for years before they go bankrupt! Fines are the "cost of doing business" for Bezos and his lot.
    Send. Them. To. Jail! One trial. No appeals. And increase the jail time every time an employee is hurt and is denied proper care or dies on the job.
    And if that doesn't work ~ break up the company and sell it. Take everything away. Leave them broke living under a bridge if needs must.
    Just stop fining them. It means nothing. Make them compensate, in the millions and millions of dollars, every worker injured on the job in the warehouses. The ONLY way to make people like him squirm is by hitting him up often for huge, huge compensation TO THE WORKERS, for injuries. He'll soon get the picture that 1 or 2 day delivery isn't sustainable. And who the hell is so gawddamn self centered, that they think that order of coffee filters is so urgent, as to allow workers to be hurt or killed getting it ready!
    Jenn 🇨🇦

  35. I've only ever ordered from Amazon once. Since I've learned about their scummy, dangerous practices, I get as many people as possible to boycott them. Up to 60 so far

  36. Former Amazon warehouse employee here. Gotta say, the " Go, Go, Go" culture is real while I worked there. I did pack singles(when you only order one item and that's all that comes in a box) and you're expected to do at least 100 units an hour to be on pace. After that I did a job called "water spider" which was to keep each of those stations full while people packed. And it was really sad to see some of these other employees that were well into their 50's and 60's with hand braces on and doing their best. After I figured out how to do my job fast (work hard for the first 3 hours to set a rhythm and then it was smooth sailing for the next 8.5 hours) I would help some of those people so that they could go to the bathroom and help them with their rates.

  37. Top reason to replace as many employees you can with machines. I've seen men push on for day with a bullet in them, not crying about sprained wrist and paper cuts.

  38. I'm in Pittsburgh and everyone is all like "how bad can it possibly be" and then a few weeks later they are all "it is exactly as bad as everyone says and worse" because the scheduling is weird and it's hard to request certain days off, even for medical reasons and their HR person is basically a rumor

  39. All this was expected for such a massive industry that has to move as quickly as it does. Amazon kinda is stuck at operating at this speed and level inorder to maintain the supply system it's involved in. Then add in how it's trying to automate more parts. That just results in people getting outpaced and outperformed, thus they only end up being a hindrance to the operation. And if things slow down that means they have to reduce orders, which means the price of things goes up and the amount they can handle goes down. Granted it's all a vastly more complicated thing than that, and sure as shit aint a situation you'll solve easily without probably fucking over others.

  40. I have worked at Amazon and my mom still works there. It is, to be honest, fucking hell my mom goes to chiropractor appointments every week to help with back injuries she has sustained working there she still works there because Amazon has such great incentives in our area it's hard to beat their pay and she has got people to provide for. BUT it should NOT be like this when I worked there I quit because they talked to me about taking to many bathroom breaks like I was some child they had to Shepard to do work. Amazon employees work 8-12 hours a day. This isn't their passion so it's not like people want to work that long chasing some goal to someday be an executive also people regularly almost every other day got injured. There just isn't jobs for people who don't have degrees around here that beat it's pay or really even rival it.

  41. Here’s a thought…don’t work for amazon. If they can’t retain good employees because their business practices get people hurt, they’re bottom line will be hit and they’ll be forced to change, or go bankrupt.

  42. I've worked at amazon twice and I can confirm the conditions are bad. This video barely scratches the surface of the issues.

  43. I only lasted a month at Amazon. In order to be on time with deliveries, I would have had to tear my knees up running and jumping, throw people's packages, and throw customer service out the window. I always got in trouble for taking too long because I properly placed the packages, said hello to my customers, and drove the speed limit. I don't blame any delivery drivers who cut corners to be on time, I know it's what they have to do, but Amazon shouldn't be making them do that.

    That's just my experience. Living in SoCal, I know plenty of people that are currently on workman's comp from Amazon due to injuries. I actually don't know anyone that's currently working there 🤔 You just don't last long there unless you are an especially hardy individual.

  44. Its almost like when your CEO is the richest person in the world it means that they cut a lot of corners to get there

  45. It's simply boggling how a multi billion dollar company can treat its employees so poorly, and GET AWAY with violations like this. The fines they pay are pennies of their overall profits, so it's no wonder they have no interest in improving things.

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