Insane Drone Footage Guessing Game

September 21, 2019

What’s that drone
zooming in on? Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! Today, we are going to grub
on some snacks that came from ♪ Me-hi-co ♪ to see if we can guess
what they are. And after that,
I’ll challenge Rhett’s ability to identify the origins
of some famous “jifs”– gifs. But first, we’re going
to play a game that challenges
both of our abilities to identify objects
from far away, specifically objects
that were filmed from 400 feet in the air
with a drone! – What?
– Buckle up, beasts, because
this is a brand-new game we made up,
no one in the world
has ever played, but there’s
still no guarantee that someone else won’t
upload a similar video before this one hits
the internet because
this is the internet. It’s time for… Okay, so the Mythical crew
has placed a random item or items, we don’t know,
on an empty field. And Alex,
the professional
drone operator– – Hello, Alex.
– Evening, boys. – He’s ov– it’s morning.
– Morning time as well. – Time is meaningless to you.
– I’ve been flying
these drones a while. He is currently pilot
I’m told he is hovering a drone 400 feet above
that item or items, and then on our signal,
he is going to lower the drone closer and closer
to the object, until at some point
it becomes identifiable. Or Alex is not actually
operating the drone
with that old computer, and these items
were filmed ahead of time.
You be the judge! – Who’s to say?
– I’m not to say. – Yeah. Nobody’s to say.
– I’m not gonna say.
I wouldn’t say. – Alex:
I’m ready for anything.
– I would say if I knew. Okay, as the drone
gets closer to the items, we’re gonna be competing
to see who can guess
what it is first. And there’s a point counter.
The points get less and less
and less as it get closer… – Gotta go fast. Yes.
– and closer and easier. And you have to guess
the exact item, so if there’s
more than one item, just because you guess
one item, and I guess– – it’s the person who puts
all the items together…
– Strings them together. gets all the points.
Whoever gets the most
points at the end wins a framed photo
of an aerial view of
Buies Creek, North Carolina. Okay, let’s see
the feed, Alex.Okay, oh, there it–
this is way up there
and it’s hovering.
All right.
– Rhett:Drop ‘er down, Alex.– Link:That is way up there.
– Rhett:What could that be?I see one little dot
in the middle.
– Rhett:Uh…
– Link:Beige dot.Uh, uh, sand–
a sand pit.
Um, a baseball field.– Rhett:
It’s a picture of Chase!

– Stevie:Rhett!Are you serious? Is that correct?
Can we– Alex,
zoom in all the way. – Rhett:
Look at that. Oh, wow.

– Link:Dang.If I’m not mistaken,
he got five points for that. – Yeah.
– “It’s a picture of Chase.” I’d recognize Chase face
everywhere, anywhere. Now, how– how big
is that image of Chase? – Is that, like, an inch
or is that six-foot?
– How big are we talking? I’m checking, hold on. It’s pretty big. Okay, same field,
new thing set up.
Is that correct? – Correct.
– All right, hover down.I do see some trees
in the corner there.
It looks like
a baseball field
of some kind.
Okay. You’re moving
slower this time.
I see a white dot.
Rhett, you should look
over here at the green
stuff on the left.
You’re leaning in, huh?This is a toilet?
– Rhett:Star Trek Enterprise.This is, um, oh, gosh,
what is– a bunny.
Uh, what is that?
– Rhett:It’s the chef.
It’s the chef at Fat Chef.
– Oh, dang it.
– Stevie:Rhett.I think I got it
when it was, like, two.We’re just a few feet
from it now.
I think that was one.
– One? Okay, yeah. – It’s the old Fat Chef.
– That daggone chef. And I remember
exactly how big he is.
He’s eight feet tall. – Just for a sense of scale.
– Eight feet? Eight inches tall. I gotta get one of these.
Zoom in in such a way
as to only I can see it. So, Link, the idea is
when you know what it is,
you say it. – I haven’t known what it is.
– Okay.Some rocks over there
on the right.
What is that?
– Rhett:Let’s zoom.It’s a blue orb.– Rhett:It’s got a little–
– Link:Baby pool.– Rhett:
It’s got a white dot.

– Link:An amulet.What the snot?
– Rhett:Baby pool
was a good guess.
I think it’s a baby pool
with stuff in it.
It’s a tumbled rock
that’s used for jewelry.
– Stevie:No.
– Rhett:It’s a baby pool
with balloons in it.
– Stevie:No.
– Link:It’s a miniature
mouse stadium.
Is it a baby pool
full of socks?
It’s a baby pool
full of bowling pins.
– Link:Full of Sprites!
– Stevie:Link.– Oh, yes! Baby pool.
– Sprites in a baby pool. – You said baby pool
right at the beginning.
– Baby pool. I know. That’s why I was like,
“Baby pool’s a great guess.
It could be it.” All right,
bring ‘er down, Alex. – He’s really–
really working it.
– This one’s bigger. – Rhett:Is that
a ping-pong table?

– Link:These are big Sprites.It’s a pink piano
with two green men on it.
These are two– it’s two
inflatable alien men
sleeping on a mattress.– Rhett:Is that two–
it’s two aliens–

– Link:Two aliens–– Rhett:
Two inflatable aliens–

– Link:Picnic aliens.– Rhett: Picnic aliens!
– Stevie:Oh, my gosh, I don’t
know who to give that to.
I got it.
I said picnic aliens.
I said picnic first. – Stevie:Okay,
Link got that then.

– Okay, I’ll give it to Link. All right, let’s see it.Look at that.
Two aliens on a picnic.
There we go.
Isn’t that cute?
Don’t land on ’em, Alex. He held up.
He hit that enter key
real hard. It’s getting real.
Something new
is down there, Alex. Fly towards it.Ooh, this one–
this one’s–
That’s a person.It’s just a person
standing there.
I think it’s
someone laying down.
Mike laying down.A person laying down.
– Link:You’re just
guessing blindly.
– Rhett:
It’s a person with one–

– Link:Nope.Those are clothes
with no person in them.
Those are clothes laid out.
– Stevie:Be more specific.A scarecrow!It’s a scarecrow.
– Link:It’s Alex’s clotheslaid out in
a Project Lionel pose.
– Stevie:Not Alex.
– Rhett:Mike’s clothes.– Link:My clothes.
– Rhett:Chase’s clothes.– Link’s clothes!
– Stevie:Link, Link.You took my clothes
out there and you
just laid ’em out?And I’m doing some
sort of a number four
with my britches.
The interesting thing
is that that one was
recognizable as a person from, like, the ten level. – It’s crazy.
– But it wasn’t a person. – It was a headless person.
– That’s how the government
is spying on us. And by the way, I have been
looking for my jacket, so… – make sure it gets back.
– Okay. I feel like you had
a distinct advantage. Recognizing your
own clothes is easier. Yeah, I was looking
for my jacket. My clothes better be
in this thing. If not, I am calling,
uh, fishy. What’s her number?
All right, Alex, drop it.My clothes.
Rhett’s clothes.
– Link:
This one has nodules–

– Rhett:A horse!It is a horse on its side.That is a stuffed
miniature horse–
A stork? Bunny?
Stuffed monkey?
What is that?
It’s got a curly–
It’s one of those
weird things–
Halloween decorations–
like a zombie
Halloween decoration
coming out of the ground.
– Stevie:Rhett.
– I still don’t understand.
Zoom in, Alex. It’s one of those
zombie Halloween things. – Link:
Yes! It’s two zombies.

– Rhett:Two of them.– Link:Oh, my gosh.
– Rhett:Hey!Look at the wind
blowing them.
That is creepy!
– Creepy. Yeah.
– Oh, you just tied me. All right,
I gotta step it up,
and you gotta drop it down. – Whoa!
– It’s like a– – Maestro over there.
– Brring!Okay, it’s circular,
and bluish.
That looks like a baby pool.
Baby pool!
With nothing in it.
– Link:A contact lens. Um…– Rhett:Big blue pizza!
– Link:Trampoline.Oh, gosh,
what could that be?
You can lean in
closer than me.
That’s your advantage.
– Rhett:No.
– Link:This is just a tarp.There’s a little dot
in the middle of it
and it’s dark.
– Rhett:It’s a baby poolwith a bowling ball in it.What is that?It’s– oh, it’s moving.It’s a drone!
– Rhett:It’s a drone shadow!– Link:It’s the drone.
– Rhett:It’s just
the drone’s shadow.
It’s the drone’s
shadow on a–
– Rhett:It’s just–
– Both:It’s a mirror!Both: We tied! – Nobody gets points.
– “It’s the drone’s shadow! – It’s the drone’s shadow!”
– That was crazy!Wow. I was like,
“There’s no way
that they did it
where the sun was
directly above them. They would’ve had to have done
that exactly at 12 o’clock.” – It was– you know?
– Now, hold on, guys. In showing the mirror,
we’re revealing the fact that Chase is not
riding on the drone. I was told that he
was riding on all the drones. – Hmm.
– ( laughter ) That was a lie. That’s pretty good drone
operating there, Alex, – to keep it centered
right on there?
– Link: Very steady. I don’t know
what keys you’re hitting
to make that happen. – Just the up and down keys.
– ( laughter ) – Hit the down on this one.
– Just up and down, all right. –Roll ‘er.
– Link:Dirt spot. Um…Big teddy bear.
Giant teddy bear.
This is a huge
tortilla chip.
Ooh, I’m starting
to see details.
It’s a big teddy bear
holding something else.
This is a dog turd.– Rhett:It’s a bunch
of balloons?

– Link:Horse turds.Uh, rocks. Uh, beans.It’s a collection
of teddy bears.
It’s a bunch
of stuffed animals.
It’s just a pile
of stuffed animals.
It’s seashells.
What is that? Guts!
It’s a bunch
of baby head dolls.
– Stevie:Rhett.
– Doll head babies. – “Baby head dolls.”
– Baby doll heads. “Baby head dolls”
is nothing. You know what I mean.That is creepy.You can have those points. Wow. Okay, all right.
Alex, gimme one. Gimme one I can
get some points on.Well, that’s a giant
stuffed teddy bear.
This is an astronaut.
This is…
– Rhett:It’s a–
– Link:It’s got–It’s a person in
a white Teletubbies suit.
It’s a– it’s a polar bear.
It’s a stuffed polar bear.
It’s a stuffed teddy bear.It’s that shrunken-wrapped
from “Will It Shrink Wrap?”
Is it a tiger?
A white tiger?
Oh, look at the birds
flying over.
It’s a giant teddy bear with
another teddy bear on it’s–
– Link:It’s a teddy bear–
– Rhett:With another teddy
bear right there.
Teddy bear with guts
coming out of it.
It’s another teddy bear
with another teddy bear–
With pizza!
– Link:With pizza on it!Pizza on the teddy bear!– Link:Skittles
on the teddy bear!

– Rhett:Skittles!– Stevie:Link.
– Golly! We both said “pizza”
’cause it was, like,
a perfect triangle – at some point.
– Yeah. Okay. Oh, we coming into
the end tied up, man! Dang it. Okay, Alex,
you got it hovering? – You ready?
– It’s hovering. Don’t fail me, Alex. All right, it all
comes down to this. – Snazzy!
– Load the snazzy sequence? Link: Do it.
Give it to me snazzy. Rhett:
Oh. Nothing.
There’s nothing.
That’s my answer.There’s nothing at all.
– Link:Uh…A quarter. A nickel.Just a pile of barf.
Just a little barf.
A toothpick. Uh…A piece of pizza.
A pizza.
– Link:Dog turd. Dog turd.
– Stevie:Link, Link, Link!– Oh, dog turd!
– I can spot that a mile away. I’ve stepped in so much
around my house, – I got an eagle eye for it.
– Zoom in all the way.Oh, that’s
fake turds, technically.
Fake dog turds.– Okay, you did it.
You got it.
– Yes! – Congratulations, Link.
– And I get– I get the framed
Google photo of our hometown of
Buies Creek, North Carolina. I really, really wanted that. I guess I’ll just have
to print one out myself. Thank you, thank you.
Stick around to see us eat a bunch of snacks
from “Meh-hi-co.” Can we identify them? Rhett:There’s nothing like
the sweet smell of success,
unless you’ve
smelled our cologne.
Grab Mythical No.9

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