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August 27, 2019

so we basically get one shot at this here we go it’s going and and what God guys get bored and it’s a brand new day and Papa jack is back with another vlog /video I don’t know this is going to be it’s a sunday it’s a beautiful day and we are told my room by room is so messy look at this list it is just so much stuff everywhere fox news and xboxes by the way if you want an Xbox you like the video I’m saying you guys next live show we got looking the other day over here doing some return to get it does here you’ll know get what are you editing growth shown what you’re editing play it oh my too much around the video we’re in the whole damn take me out today it’s really nice that it’s actually so beautiful look at this series what’s the temperature right now take me out haha my dad that we’re gonna have a pretty fun day they’ve already gone out and done some of the early morning stuff that we have to do but now we’re gonna go and we’re gonna get our drones and we’re going to do some drawing racing without actually excited for loading got his girl I’ve got my drone and I think we’re gonna make it a little bit interesting i think i’m going to get like a smoker day and attaches to my drone just really cool stuff and we also targeted from Samsung so i won’t open up back because i have no idea what’s in that so we got too soon from Samsung I don’t know what they said when they hit me out there like yo J we want to send you something that you are going to like it i like what you got that means it is it TV is it well samsung make those phone and and cautions they make what I thought it might have been a washing machine know they hit me up with this we have the first effort i don’t know if it’s the first-ever insanity ours is the first ever in the world but it is something to do with my computer so i’m assuming it’s gonna be a computer monitor I don’t know what it is no longer hold this attic sighs my Christmas this is my song was just well this is really cool really already the grand reveal haha whoa whoa this is the samsung curse gaming body their quantum doctors place we’re not talking millions we’re talking quantum model w but anyway y’all they got you busy logo on go big 10 dentate enjoy your new samsong PSG seven the curve gaming monitor we’re looking forward to seeing your review lot of games of the review this is papa cheeks review of the samsung CPC the legal books with current gaming modern quantum whoa do excited about it even God logo on the back of the monitor that is so wait oh my God look at this thing dad so nice and get the town had from objects can’t buy this right now anyway I must be something super go down here and get leaders guide you see and all right guys we got your local park and I’ve got our drones in the back look at the model i have of course my phantom which is not as nice as somatic but this is a pretty good on the throne race we’re here which we got some like actual open land which would be pretty cool and it’s a beautiful day out here in Toronto as you guys know and I’m pretty nice we got a TV today now we’re going drone racing and then I’m gonna be stimulated so just an awesome day full of fun if you guys are having an office in fact that you guys want to have an awesome day 2moro I want you guys to see me act out like button and you’re guaranteed to have an awesome day like pop Jake maybe maybe a brand-new TV will show up your door tomorrow so that like button let’s go set up for drones and let’s get to some John reason alright so your positions because the shooting range literally is completely melted so we’re going to take off here and we also brought this so check this out so we kind of smoke grenade here and I couldn’t find any strength so I literally just grab whatever I could find so we’re going to try to catch this to this and then to that check out on know what happened to the blades Logan perfect realistically though anytime you get a drone you’re going to graduate I’ve gone through like five different place but still have insurance so hopefully we don’t blow up today as the yeah either crash or drones or blow them up who do you think’s going how much you wanna bet on this race I 50 grand Canadian I gotta take 50 grand Canadian right now do it alright guys that’s it Logan the other birds 50 grand Canadians let’s have the first-ever state from both having some major issues with drones he just isn’t working and mind sitting out the upgrade mind so we’re just like both stuck here with the drums not doing anything I let’s take this baby office all there she goes look at that all history is really hard i’m one hand flying this drop this is extremely dangerous if you only drawn do not try to get home now Logan you’re going to do some dope editing where you cut between the two both here and here it’s got to be a double-cut load so I got stuck with other think this video its 3am and i really regret saying that its dividend double price all like going to kill myself five items job you know what Logan it’s time for an epic from my alright guys so we got the magic working now as you guys probably saw from my epic drone montage and now it’s fine you know that’s beautiful do now I could totally do this oh look it’s all rattled we also we’re gonna go and we’re gonna set up the smoker day now on my drum because i really want to we can get the sword i have like twenty percent battery left so i really don’t have a lot of value left and we still not yet done ar.drone rates located restaurant again it’s pretty pictures and whatnot so I’m gonna try this with mine and if this was really cool and it works out well then we’ll try the drone race but i’m hoping it works I don’t know we’ve got some pretty shoddy string so we’ll see this is that we haven’t set up we got my DGI drone attached to the most random piece of string I don’t know what I found and then we got our smoke-grenade here so i will pull this back here because i don’t want to screw up too much with the drone and nobody things get really hot and sometimes an actual explode so I’m report here have the drone running and then shoot this baby up hopefully try and film it I don’t have to worry I’ve been regularly healthy so we basically get one shot at this here we go already did ready oh god wait kick it is i am gonna pull this here we go it’s going and lips this is this your garage oh cool looks like his side no that was so were the guys that actually so go riding like one of those planes are you feeling I got the stunt smoke that was xod saying that we’re doing with the drone right now we gotta let it so happens success success that was a waterway to use a smoke grenade guys that was crazy i got no not only did that I’ve got literally pictures control rates ever Logan’s gonna throw is thrown up where agents tree line and see who’s faster let’s do this by your guys three two one go oh I got a diagonal I don’t know man might be faster i think i want i think we’ve got the one the drone raise it was the shortest the world’s shortest road race I mean even get the full speed it was basically just who to get off the fastest i want you in diagonal and I think might want a little bit faster but i am currently at ten percent what you think you want yes now I’m is returning home is auto landing oh god I i got to do with the boat hold the camera

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  1. I did reasearch on the rake and it is real ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☹️?

  2. yo what's up Papa Jake and I would love to win one year iPhones yeah I did all you like things that I subscribed I hit the teeny teeny weeny and and I'm in your notification Squad my name is Chris yeah so yeah I hit your notification Squad and I'm just one on your top Super Friends meet a John and Justin we love your videos you should give a shout out to them too they're just the best You're My Best Friend's dude and hey I want to make a box or two so I'll send you a pic of it and I put I put on YouTube on YouTube page

  3. Do it today box fort challenge with the Rake Papa Jake do you have a girlfriend because I do if you want to meet her yes to watch my YouTube channel

  4. Whoever reads this comment do not go to my YouTube channel you don't even know what it is you cannot see my girlfriend on my YouTube channel because I am below10

  5. I did this same trick for a photoshoot I did, its a cool idea, but be carefiul where you do it, people always call 911 when they see smoke hahaha

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