September 19, 2019

*music* Yep, that’s right. 50 versus 50 is back. It’s bigger, and it’s better than ever. First off, we have two buses for the two teams which I don’t think happened before (it didn’t) We also have the map cut in half, and just one single storm So check it out. That circle is where the storm is going to end So you know instantly that within ten minutes …that storm is going to shrink to that size. And 50 vs 50 100 people are gonna make it to the middle. So I thought we’d hop in, try this out- I think there’s an increased amount of supply drops. We’ve got materials that are way more as well just like in the Blitz mode So things just get a little bit crazy So we better gear up, to be honest… …mostly it all comes down to like the end game… …because you’ve got so many people in one map that everyone kind of congregates at the beginning and- CHABSHHHHHHHHHH Is everyone okay? Are ya good over there? Hey buddy! How’s it going? *dances* he ignored me… Aye! Maybe not, how’s it going dude? Ahahaha. Yess, right. Let’s go. Right, we need as many materials as we can get… …because by the time we get to the end of this storm, things are gonna get absolutely insane- we need to stock up, explosives would be pretty good as well- and I’m also slowwwly getting used to the brand new builder pro mechanic. The new controller scheme Which you know what? It’s actually pretty good. It’s insane, actually. It’s just trying to get used to it is really difficult So now you can use R2 and R1 to build walls… …and you can also build flats. And then L2 and L1 are your stairs and your pyramids, as well. It’s really cool ’cause it means you’d have to switch between the two. I used to get confused when I was in an intense build fight, and then I built pyramids when I didn’t need to… …but now, this completely eliminates that when I’ve learned it properly anyway. Right! Enough of that, let’s kill some punks. We’re already three people behind, which isn’t good. And Tilted Towers is on their side There’s one lone guy in Tilted Towers. Poor guy Uhh, I actually really like the hand cannon, and I don’t know where to put it I d- I don’t think the hand gun is gonna be good in this mode. I need long-range, especially the assault rifle Oooohh. Don’t mind if I do! Also, supply drops. there are an absolute ton of them I’ve missed the first one, but there are soooo many! I think they all drop in the final circle, which we’re actually getting pretty close to… …so prepare for some action… It’s about to get crazy. Okay. Everyone’s kind of on the top of each of the hills Ahaha! Good plan. Here comes that storm. Six minutes, and the storm goes to that tiny circle with a hundred people in Well, now it’s like 71, but- but still a lot of people in one circle There we go. Look at those supply drops. There’s so many, so many of them. We got some fighting going down already. The war zone is about to begin It does feel like a war. it’s like 50 versus 50, Team versus Team, It definitely feels like some kind of war. Oh, people are just shooting down the supply drops. And people are flying around all over the place. Oh my goodness, people are actually poping off right now oo! enemies, enemies! I think they already got rid of them, which is good. That was a baaad bad time for them. I think everyone’s fighting over the supply drops actually. That’s why everyone’s gone a little bit crazy now YES! GOT YOU PUNK! I just saved your life buddy. So one thing that’s a little bit crazy is footsteps don’t really matter right now. Because they’re just all over the place there’s someone like right over here. AW! I almost got him, i got one shot, that’s pretty cool Five kills, I don’t think that’s too bad. We did it! Haha! Assault Rifle was definitely the MVP there, oh my goodness it was just insane So what is this game good for?, this is actually a good game mode to practice, if you’re feeling like your’re a little bit rusty, A good warm up even before you jump into solos, it’s a good way to test your building as well because it gives you so many resources, i like this gamemode and i think it’s one of the favorites of alot of people so, LET’S GO! oo guys look, tilted is in one of the final..storm circle. I never go tilted but today, i make an exception. Were going to tilted, it’s still standing, it didn’t blow up..not yet, anyway Lets go! Goodbye *disappointment* You have to avenge me why aren’t you going up(?) You’re going around the outside, I like it. There’s one guy left, c’mon, find him. Find him and destroy him. Use as many launchpads as you can. *Some gr8 outro music* LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR DAN GUYS. HE’S A GREAT YOUTUBER!

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