Insane Jet Pack Commercial
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Insane Jet Pack Commercial

August 17, 2019

We was promised jet packs. But where are they? Nowhere, that’s where. That’s why me, Giuseppe Effe, invented the Sterling Graviton. The first belt buckle trimmed with 92.5% silver, encrusted with diamonds… and packed with rocket fuel. Simply press the belt buckle and it’s up, up to the skies like a Superman. I’m floating in space. Just like Neil Armstrong. [kissing sound] Only at Effe Jewelers. [Singing] “Every f[beep]k begins with Effe!”

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  1. That was the first line I wrote for the video…the rest fell into place once I knew it was a jewelry store commercial (of sorts)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Well I hope you win, or at least are showed before the winner. At least me and you seem to have an oraginal idea for the challenge…. Thoughts on mine?? 😀

  3. lol, love it! who is offering these it Indymogul or Film Riot?and when are they? i've been subscribed to you for a long time and i haven't been getting updated when u upload, i really hope youtube fixes that with their new update today. thank you so much for subscribing btw! i remember you guys won the Corridor Digital challenge with IceFish =)

  4. Yeah, Film Riot announces the challenges in their video every other Monday (usually) — so when they upload today's video, there should be a new one. As for getting updated about new uploads, I've had the same problem. Part of that may be because you have to choose VIEW>EVERYTHING on the home page. It defaults to HIGHLIGHTS, which means smaller channels get el shaftaroonied. Thanks for the sub…and I look forward to seeing more vids from y'all!

  5. sweet, thanx man! great info, i just changed it to view Everything! i almost feel like making a video for my subscribers telling them about that….but since im a smaller channel…they probably won't see that video,lol…what's that called? catch 22?

  6. That would have been cool but I did get a 'Hahaha!' from Bruno in the comments of mine so I think I'm on the right track!!! 🙂

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