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Inside Overwatch | Brigitte Concept Art

August 11, 2019

In stories, the heroes get the honor and glory. Brigitte is a character that existed in the Overwatch world even before we announced her, so we had a pretty good idea what to do with her character design. We wanted to stay true to the character that we established in the comics and the animated shorts. The brown hair, freckles, and her strong physique were staples of her look. The team was really excited when they saw the rough sketches of her as an engineer. It totally sells the idea of her backstory as a tinkerer who grew up in Torbjörn’s workshop. We can see some hints of her father’s influence in the final design. The original game design, before we decided that the hero would be Brigitte, was simply called “Pally” because of its similarities with the classic fantasy archetype. We always thought a fully armored paladin-like Brigitte would look amazing. We put a lot of thought in designing a crest to replace the lion on the shield. When I created Brigitte’s final concept, her gameplay, personality, and visual appeal were taken into consideration. She’s Reinhardt’s squire and Torbjörn’s daughter and protégé, so we knew her armor design would have some level of influence from both. Her role in the game as a tanky healer character inspired the final concept design. The final concept needed to convince the whole team: that’s her!

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  1. In Overwatch HQ: “ Hey lets just add a female that play no role in the lore except the fact that she is Torb daughter and was featured in Rein Lore.” At this point just add everything that we see on the comic or in short animation. But it has to be female or transgender.

  2. Too bad she won't be avaible to play in competitive for 45 days… This is hype is getting killed like when sombra was getting teased

  3. can u for the love of god buff orisa take away the slow down effect when she shoots or give her more damage because her fusion driver is a joke

  4. Does Overwatch sponsor movie Ready player one, because there is Overwach logo and tracer in the latest trailer?

  5. Honesty, she should be dirtier looking. Armor making, engineering, and melee combat training are all dirty hobbies, she would have a hard time keeping her skin is pristine condition doing those things.

  6. I love everything about Brigitte except one VERY important (to me) detail: She's using the WRONG accent. She's speaking with the Stockholm Accent and not even CLOSE to the Gothenburg accent she's supposed to use. To ME this is a very big fail, since not only does TORBJÖRN not speak it, now not even his daughter does, and both are said to be FROM Gothenburg. While I wouldn't mind her not using a very heavy accent (like I personally have acctually BEING from Gothenburg myself), just a hint of it would've been enough, but sadly (and this will trigger a lot of people) I feel slightly offended that she is using the wrong accent. Blizzard could've hired hundreds of acctual authentic Gothenburg speaking actresses but once again they for some unknown reason chose the easy way out: As long as she's acctually speaking Swedish, what does the details matter? I'm sorry Blizzard, I love your game, I love the character and her designs, but WHY do you never pay 100% attention to details? Call me nagging, whiny an annoying person, but such details are REALLY important to me, and while I've really tried to ignore Torbjörn's accent, I really CAN'T ignore Brigitte's because her Stockholm accent is PAINFULLY apparent and it just ruins the entire character for me, making me want you to put in a character-voice MUTE option in-game.

  7. This was really short and not that informative. All they did was say her characters background and show two of her skins.

  8. I love her way too much and plan on playing her more often when she goes live, but…

    Was the underboobplate really neccessary on the Paladin/Moon/Sun skins…? That's. That's not how armor works and if she was hit there it would cause her more damage

  9. Bei Overwatch wäre eine Western Map cool bei der man eine Fracht erobern muss die dann aussieht wie eine Postkutsche 😁
    Ich würde mir wünschen daß ihr diese Map mal veröffentlicht

  10. So, then, why does she have so little muscle or bulk? She doesn't need to be Zarya, but she seems weirdly super-slender.

  11. Yeah so f*CK overwatch just palyed and guess what couldn't pick a character bc of loading screen and got kicked -100 Sr so f*CK you.

  12. Dear Overwatch…U added to PC Briggite to test her sooo….I was thinking why dont u play fair and add it tp PS4 just like u added it to PC

  13. Hey Jeff. I've been waiting ages for Brigitte for a long time. so I've got one question… When is she going to be on console

  14. I don't know how I'm supposed to not main this character. Energy shields, mechanic/engineer skins and she's a tinkerer? Thank you, Blizzard.

  15. Blizzard demands people to delete pepe a cartoon frog from social media accounts haha wow sad bunch of people ever worse are the people who do it haha

  16. Fix your matchmaker, idiots. I keep getting placed with stupid low levels and losing competitive matches because of stupid teammates

  17. Yall needa make a villain hero make her like harley quin but with blue hair and long braids with kisses on her neck face and stomach she has a gun and sharp vangs ommgmgmgmgmgm
    Make a unicorn arisa skin to and update symmetra ik she black and everything but yall aint gotta do her wrong like that

  18. She looks like Winry from Full Metal Alchemist, the side strands of hair and her occupation as a mechanic are similar lol. Except different hair colour.

  19. If this guy can say iy then I have NO CLUE! Why its so hard for others to say her name…its so simple. If your saying it wrong then your just doing it on purpose at this point.

  20. YEY… month waiting for an new character and then it is just a crusader rip off. Wow… I am looking forward for the next month of waiting for the next innovative character concept.

    Brigitte has a shield, a knockback, a heal, armor, a dash. Meanwhile, Zarya players wait for their shield cooldowns to come off. Yeeeyyy…

  21. "Tanking Healer" sounds more like the classical DnD Cleric than even a Holy Paladin from WoW; that was where my mind went to when I saw her design anyway.

  22. My dream is to become a concept artist ben zhang is my most favorite concept artist his drawings looks so clean and perfect 😍

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