Institucional Airship do Brasil 2018
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Institucional Airship do Brasil 2018

September 23, 2019

We are Airship do Brasil, a 100% Brazilian company that belongs to Bertolini Enterprises We are located in the city of São Carlos,
in the hinterlands of São Paulo: a capital of technology. We are pioneers in lighter than air solutions in Latin America Due to our work in the technological cycle: from research to operation. We develop solutions for: cargo transportation, transmission line inspection, patrolling Sensoring, monitoring, security the environment, advertising, aerial geophysics,
cartography, meteorology, telecommunications and much more. We also develop research for atmospheric high-altitude platforms and state-of-the-art technology Come visit us and our website at:

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  1. Gostaria que se possível, a Airship do Brasil estude a possibilidade de seus dirigíveis, serem utilizados no futuro, em combates a incêndios florestais na Amazônia.
    Lembro que os Soviéticos combateram com dirigíveis, incêndios que ocorreram na Sibéria, por volta dos anos de 1930 a 1940!
    Desejo muito sucesso a Airship do Brasil.

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