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Interface | Part I

October 7, 2019

The year was 1943. Our ship was stationed in Philadelphia and was equipped to generate an electromagnetic field that would make us invisible to the enemy. What happened instead, we were teleported to New York. In that process my shipmates were fused to the hull of the ship. Embedded in the metal, screaming for help. I was destroyed. Forced to regain my physicality. I’m a bus Get on, I can take you anywhere. Where would you like to go? If you don’t decide, I will. I will decide… …like I’ve done to so many others. Ladies and Gentlemen. Future historians will look back on this day as the beginning of a new era. Since the 1943 phenomenon, the world as we know it has been plagued with an immaterial “cerebral electricity”. Ghost stories and myths became no longer superstitions, but a horrifying reality that we’ve been forced to recognize. We have since learned that this… electricity… was not a foreign substance – it was with us all along. It had simply revealed itself for us to observe, to understand. Through the combined efforts of brilliant scientists, engineers, backed by many nations and corporate sponsors, we have finally… been able to shine light into this darkness. As CEO of Greetings Robotics Corporation, it is my pleasure… my honor to present to you, Kami, Generation One. [Piano Music] [Piano Music with Synthesizers] Thanks for the lift. I’m so used to spaghettification as my method of transportation that I forgot what it was like to be human. What a familiar feeling, the restrictiveness of the human body. To see through your eyes, the world around you still looks no different to me. But it’s what you desire that brought you here, and these are the things I’m blind to. I know when something is obstructing your way. Oh! Someone’s coming. I’m a beautiful sunflower. I took the stairs. It’s good for the cardio. You look like you could use so- [Speakers] The museum is closing, please make your way to the exits. (in French) Did you know regular exersize can change your DNA? One of the most impor- [Speakers] The museum is closing, please make your way to the exits. (in English) Let me just show you this before we leave. Painted in 1943, the year of my tranformation. I was like baby chicken, breaking through to explore the unknown. Leaving earth as I knew it behind, a shell of it’s former self. Something is telling me this is what we have in common. The only question is… …when you broke free…. …what did you leave behind? Daughter: Dad, when I was young I wanted to be a photographer just like you. To freeze time. And bear witness to the world. That never happened, but, I have memories. After Mom got sick, during the funeral… The Pastor just… stared at you. I was too young to undersatand and… …maybe I still don’t. I’m old now, like you should be. But I need to ask…. …when I join Mom… …should we wait for you? Will you ever come? 4.6 billion years ago, gravity pulled the gasses of a giant molecular cloud to form the sun. The remaining materials formed what is called a protoplanetary disk. Our Earth was formed. Later came the first proteins, RNA, DNA… life. It wasn’t an accident. It is thought that there are one billion trillion stars in the observable universe. It was statistically likely to have occured. Over time the atoms and molecules that make up each and every one of us – rearranged themselves. Over time, they have strived to become… …more complex. But why? Television: Hey Kids! Do you like monsters? What about scary monsters? Introducing Hazmatz Monster Collection! *growling sound*
Beasts! Ghosts! Scary demons! *door creak* “I’m coming for your blood!” And more! But be careful… their claws are sharp. Their teeth are sharper! And they don’t take no for an answer. Monster voice: “Complete the ritual.” Hazmatz monster collection! For the kid with no fears. Tweet tweet tweet! I’m trying to be a bird. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. How are you feeling? Did you miss me? Not feeling talkative eh? Let’s see what the doctors had to say. Ah, so that’s your name. Henryk Niebieski. Born… 1910? There is something you aren’t telling me isn’t there? I bet the nurses in the next room over are wondering how a man over a hundred years old has skin smoother than theirs. I did that as a joke, but you’re pulling it off. You know Henryk. I think there is a reason our paths have crossed. Chef: We’re closed. Come back at 5. Isn’t that a bit cannibalistic of you to be chopping up sea creatures? (Japanese) The weak are meat and the strong do eat. The strong eat the weak…. but what about parasites? (Japanese) One who uses a host for their own survival…. Isn’t that what you’re doing, Mischief? Guilty. Even with poor hearing…. that voice is unforgettable. Chef: Also… pink might not be the best choice of camoflauge. Mischief: That depends of who you’re hiding from. Unlike you, I can change my colour. But what colour do I choose, if I don’t know my enemy. Chef: I’ve been having visions again. One of a machine, that processes the world in ones and zeros. I fear camoflauge has no affect on those who see the world in black and white. Hold up! Is this about that weirdo, staring at us from the middle of the room? Hey buddy. You’re a bit early. The restaurant doesn’t open until 5. [Piano Music] Classy place, isn’t it? And what a selection of food! Mmhh… Noodles. My favourite. *Slurping sound* You’re not hungry? I know what’s wrong… You’re smoking too many cigarettes. To be quite honest, food isn’t what I need to survive. But it tastes so good! That chef may be grumpy, but he has a big heart. He’s wrong about one thing. He thinks I can’t change colours! The reality is, I don’t want to. I choose to be this way. You never had a choice though. After all this time together, it finally makes sense. And it always does. You long for your late family. Three, passed from old age, and two were killed in a tragic car accident. You… you think they’re all gone! But, the little one… your dear great granddaughter. Hmmm… I have something that you might want to know… you can choose to accept it, or not. One thing is for certain though, the truth will set you free. What is it that consumes you? What is it that I consume? Maybe they’re the same. What did I consume? Who did I consume? I can’t explain why it happened. These are the answers I search for. The answers I need. Your great grandaughter survived. It’s only now that I drew the connection. Punch buggy! I’m just messing with ya. That’s more like it. Henryk, It’s time to go home. The intentions are pure. My vision is clear. Our goal is… communal. We have the most advanced technology, the most precise simulations. Machines that have the ability to adapt, internalize, learn… and evolve. Everything has been calculated. So why is it, that deep down, in the pit of my gut – there is a voice whispering to me that something’s wrong. As we sanitize this earth the threats we face aren’t scattered to the wind, they are consumed. Repurposed. Utilized. Nothing will ever be deleted. We will always have the upper hand.

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  1. Looking for Part II? It has already started, a new episode every few months. Part II starts on the playlist here:

  2. This is absolute magnificence. Honestly one of the best animated films ever. Reminds me of the best parts of robot carnival only better. Poignant without being cliche. Surreal without being absurd. Vague without being empty. Well. Fucking. Done.

  3. Is mischiefs yellow spots above his eyes being bigger than his squinted eyes a metaphor for how little of the physical world he can see and understand, vs his perception of the spectral?

  4. 11:45 I think he’s talking about ascending from the world hence the body looking like it’s hatching from the world

  5. The dictionary of obscure sorrows lacks the words necessary to describe the feelings this incredible story presents. Well done. I await patiently for the next part

  6. What is happening right now? Nothing at all. Yet the leaves rustle, the grass sways, the birds call, the gnats dance. All of this is just part of the world.

    Part of the mystery.

  7. How did those stale ass salad fingers videos blow up but this isnt?? I havent been this invested in a story for a very long time, im on the edge of my seat waiting for every episode ❤

  8. Amazing. Apart from great visuals and music I also loved the dialogues, they're the best kind for this sort of thing. They made the characters as deep as they could get for the amount of information provided.

  9. 11:32 1943 El ejército de Estados Unidos, con una subvención de medio millón de dólares, comienza el Project PX para crear la ENIAC, la primera computadora.

  10. My god.. What goodness is this??? Its unexplainable! Im like wtf is this? And the same me is asking why do i like this? The other me is saying this is original shit that your not gonna get ANYWHERE ELSE, NOBODY HAS DONE SOMETHING QUITE LIKE THIS IM JUST SO CONFUSED BUT WEIRDLY ATTACHED TO THIS VIDEO MY GOD what is this? Im so thankful i found this

  11. I like this because it has a point of view, and isn't just edgy bs they put on adult swim. It's much more repellant/dissonant for that reason, and more engaging.

  12. I love this so much.
    The art, the world-building, the atmosphere.
    Is amazing.
    Also, you got me with the blimp that sounds and looks like the Tardis from behind

  13. I heard about this web series through a video reviewing this.
    I have to say, I was not disappointed.

    At first I would have thought I would have been creeped out by the pink clown thing, but getting to see the adventures of mischief and the man (Sorry, forgot his name) so far, I feel as though he is a character that suffers too. Even if he were to be some twist villain in the end, his actions before wouldn’t feel faked by him, like he seems to genuinely care for the guy (again, I cannot remember his name).

    The world isn’t your typical dystopian world, in fact, it’s as though it’s not completely dystopian but is slowly progressing to that stage. Most other dystopian worlds on tv or in literature is immediate and rushed, but this one isn’t.

    I cannot wait for more. Take as much time as you need, this show just isn’t meant to be rushed.

  14. My theory on Henryk Niebieski. He is , representative of, partly representative of, or inspired by Henryk Ross. Henryk Ross was a Polish Jewish photographer born in 1910 who became a identity photographer in the Nazi Jewish ghettos, but also secretly took photos of the horrors of the holocaust and buried them in a box from 1944 until the end of the second world war. . How he fits into the alternate universe of Interface, of course… I cannot say, nor I do I know the significance of his chain smoking, or his blue-ness. and I wait with continued excitement to find out.. terrific work 'u m a m i'


  15. I love this. Seriously, this is like a mix of late-night Cartoon Network adult swim experimental stuff and a trippy 1990s adventure game. I love this so fucking much and I’m so glad it popped up in my recommendations!!! Great job whoever you are and I can’t wait for more!

  16. This is inspiring.
    While watching this, there are so many things happening, and so many things to understand. It's like some huge woven blanket, every string a different… idea.
    And the animations here are absolutely gorgeous in their own way. At first glance, it looks pretty weird, and pixelated, and not really professional. But the transitions, the smooth ways things move, and the small details here, it really shows that the effect here is 100% what was intended. I think that you're more professional then you let on.

    I love this 'series' so much. I'm not sure if series is really the right word for it, but whatever. It's not the definition that matters right now, it's the understanding and the thinking I get to do while watching this.
    Thanks for this 🙂

  17. 3 mins in and …it’s just so fascinating and blissful feels like I don’t know who I am feels like I am something or someone who is different than others

  18. I WOULD IMAGINE MORE VIEWS THIS IS REALLY INTRRSTING N SOON TO COME!!!!!! You should give me me some type of job to keep on!!!!!!

  19. This is unprecedented. I've never seen something so stressful yet so relaxed. So professional yet so childish. So profound yet so shallow. So powerful yet so vague. So beautiful, and terrifying. What is this…

  20. Omg this is so much better now. Being someone that watched this and left it alone a long time ago.. this is sooo much better. It's amazing what the small changes have done for the watchable feel

  21. I've watched through the series a few times now and I'm still just blown away by how good the music is for so many scenes.

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