Intro – Aircraft Maintenance – Prof.A.K. Ghosh
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Intro – Aircraft Maintenance – Prof.A.K. Ghosh

September 9, 2019

good morning friends as you are all aware
there is a huge boom in aviation sector different types of new aircraft avionics systems are
in place new concepts are being exploited to make sure the aviation goes to the desired
height large number of people are travelling hence it has become extremely important to
ensure that we are providing accurate maintenance to this aircraft for safety therefore we have
to follow regulations we have to have understanding of the maintenance requirements whether it
is avionics whether it is airframe whether it is airplane engine whether runway what
not so that is exactly why we thought we will
run a ten hours course on aircraft maintenance and i am pleased that this course will be
jointly taken by myself and mister vipul mathur who is chief engineer and a big man in maintenance
and he is from iit kanpur he is heading our flight laboratory as far as aircrafts are
concerned i am sure our younger people will be benefited and we will have safer flights
thank you

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