Introducing Aero Healthcare AU
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Introducing Aero Healthcare AU

January 15, 2020

Aero Healthcare’s a supplier to the First Aid
and First Response sectors of the market. We are exclusively a wholesale supplier. We’d like to think Aero Healthcare
stands out in our customers minds as a unique company both in terms
of product quality and service. We operate throughout the whole of Australia
through our distributor network we have two or three hundred distributors,
all selling the Aero brand of products. As our slogan says,
Healthcare | We Make It Better we strive to make it better in every
single area of our business where it’s a customer service aspect,
where there’s product development, whether it’s product knowledge,
a resource for our distributors to come to – we’re here when they need them.
We go the extra mile and try to make everything about our business better.

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