Introducing Android Jetpack
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Introducing Android Jetpack

August 15, 2019

♪ (electronic music) ♪ We’re introducing Android Jetpack, our next generation
of components and tools along with architecture guidance
designed to help you accelerate your Android development. You told us it was hard to do
backwards compatibility, so we build the support library. You told us it was hard to manage
your app as data changes, so we built the architecture components. And we heard you wanted more,
so we’re building more. (Sumiran Pradhan) Android
architecture components gives us a template to write
production-ready Android code, which helps us
on-board new developers faster. Jetpack is made up
of components in four categories: foundation, architecture,
behavior, and UI. Each component is individually adoptable and built to maintain
backwards compatibility. (Andy Lawton) Android architecture
components are very modular. So we’re allowed to pick and choose
what feature sets we want that are applicable to our app. (Karen Ng) Lifecycle-aware observers
and observable components allow for a separation of concerns
that create testable, robust, high quality apps. One of the most important things
that we don’t have to worry about is what code goes where. So that helps us test a few models.
It helps us build robust code. We do not have to be lifecycle-aware and just helps new devs come in and then write a proper
modulized production-ready code without having to add
all of these extra different subjects. It also takes advantage
of Kotlin language features that make you more productive. Jetpack manages tedious activities like persistence, background tasks,
navigation, and life cycle management. So you could eliminate boilerplate code
and focus on what makes your app great. (Andy Lawton) Database persistence
has been a nightmare for the Android community for years
and Room is a huge improvement. And Room was thought out
with testability in mind so we’re able to add test covers
that we weren’t able to before on the persistence layer
without having to build any infrastructure around that. (Karen Ng) With Android Jetpack,
we’re eliminating whole classes of issues and making your code easier to maintain. Since Zillow has been using
Android architecture components, users has been experiencing
a lot less bugs in the app. We’ll keep adding
new functionality to Jetpack across the entire Android surface. It’s easy to get started. You can update your own app at your own speed
and all of these components will work on older
versions of the platform. Learn more and get started at ♪ (upbeat music) ♪

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  1. I have a bug😭
    android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #37: Binary XML file line #37: Error inflating class

  2. Jetpack looks good, but Tinder…
    Tinder app is so incredibly buggy, of all companies this is definitely not a great example.

  3. For a newbie can anyone explain the part "Database persistence has been a nightmare for the android community for years and 'room' is a huge improvement. We are able to add test covers on the percistence layer without having to build any infrastructure around that".

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