Introducing Atom 1.0!
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Introducing Atom 1.0!

August 11, 2019

♪ (happy orchestral music) ♪ GitHub presents ATOM 1.0
– in the home of tomorrow. After a long day of work,
Dad unwinds in his study. He is using Atom 1.0,
a fully modern text editor that’s hackable to the core; a tool that you can customize
to do just about anything. Looks like Dad’s using Atom Since he writes a lot of Javascript, to rewrite the house’s
temperature regulation protocols. he’s installed Atom Tern
and the Javascript Linter. He no longer makes mistakes
and has increased his productivity by 50%. Nice job, Dad. Mom is a programmer
for the Alpha Centauri project where she uses Atom every day. She is writing the software
that will help direct the first rocketship to carry humans to other solar systems. She can even work on Atom at home,
continuing to work without missing a beat. With built-in Git support
and the mini-map package, she keeps track of all the work she’s done and the changes she’s yet to commit. That’s keeping your eye
on the big picture. Junior wants to be
a rocketship engineer as well, so when Mom’s done working,
she encourages him to work on his own projects. Like mother, like son. Atom is based on Javascript
and so it’s easy to use for everyone. It’s fully customizable, conforming
to whatever your needs might be. Hmm, seems like
junior’s having some trouble. Maybe Grandma can help, though she might need
to adjust a few things first. Yes, no matter how
you prefer to work, Atom is there for you. Atom will get to know you,
will speak your language, and will become
a valuable member of the family. Introducing Atom 1.0, a text editor
for the home of tomorrow, today. ♪ (happy orchestral music) ♪

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  1. Absolutly the best tech ad I've seen – super sleek, fancy advert from past into the future & it makes you want to try it out even you have no clue about coding but hopefully be somewhat a pro one day. Congrats on such an awesome way to advertise – I'm totally convinced just installed 😉

  2. It is just sick. Working working and working like slaves. And they present as it is a good thing. You lose your life for what?

  3. I'd switch to Atom if it had goto definition functionality – like falling through to definition by holding ctrl and clicking the name.

  4. ahaha did u notice the spining disc on upper-right corner of the machice Atom?
    it's a Benham's disk! i think it symbolizes turning to color screens from monochromes 🙂

  5. Crazy funny advert that made my morning 🙂 I think I'll try the Atom. But does it fit my small room?

  6. Good commercial. Now fix the performance issues. Opening Atom takes more time that opening three applications (GIMP, Inkscape, Sublime Text) in a raw.

  7. I tried Atom and jeah, it works in some way. But it do some evil things, the installer for example. You cannot sellect where to install it, it installs and launch. After launch, the first thing I notice was the font-type, very very small, some things you can't change like the file browser and many windows in a window. You need room to code! It looks like it is written by Mac fans. You can close the browser (in fact it is running in some kind of browser wrapper) when you don't save your work first. Had difficulties to remove the code overview thing. High CPU load and some chrashes too. The account login window launches and chrashed with a C++ error, abnormal program termination, everytime you start the IDE.

    Then I installed the Arduino software for it, works okay and compiles fast but leaves tons of shit inside the project folder. There is a ton of shit in the user directory too. It changes the .ino file association without notice and didn't work after all. You cannot click on a ino file to launch the IDE and the association icon is missing. Change it back to the previous setting was not possible because it had change some register rights, so I needed to hack into the register to get the rights back and to able to remove it, reset it. After this i stopped using it.

    Well dudes, it needs some work to get serious to be useful, I won't use it for my everyday tasks. Some parts works okay but there are many things that needs some work or attention.

  8. I was trying to decide what IDE to use to start developing some front end content using html,css and javascript and because of this I decided I will go with Atom. I love the Fallout feeling in this omg

  9. What a production, remind me when human landed in the moon! Everyone is working with machine, other than with each other, sounds really sad!

  10. If fallout 3 had Atom bulit into the pipboy
    I need to esapce the vault.
    Random dude- Uh just edit the code to make it open.
    oh yea

  11. Atom keeps showing up on lists of Open Source WYSIWYG editors. I don't think any of these lists know what a WYSIWYG editor is. Windows Notepad is a WYSIWYG editor.

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