Introducing Image & Gallery Lightbox: Easily Pop Up Images on WordPress!
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Introducing Image & Gallery Lightbox: Easily Pop Up Images on WordPress!

September 1, 2019

Today we’re introducing two powerful new design features, Let’s go into Elementor so you can see exactly how it works. While we load you may notice the loading has improved, we have made changes so loading is now faster and more stable. The first feature is Lightbox and it affects how images are displayed on your site. Let’s add an image widget to the editor, and choose an image, Don’t forget to change the link to Media file, or the Lightbox won’t work. When you click on the image, a light box pops up to display the image in the full view, You can also set the Lightbox for galleries, And then browse through all the images on the gallery by clicking on the left and right arrow. You may recall that a few months ago, we introduced video Lightbox This way you can add the same Lightbox pop-up to your videos. Lightbox works by default, But you can switch it on and off by going to this hamburger icon, then click on global settings and switch Lightbox on. From this setting page you can also change the background color that appears when the Lightbox opens. If you disable the Lightbox on the global settings, You can still open a lightbox for a specific image, by going to image content and setting Lightbox to yes. The reverse is also true. So you can set global light box, and then disable it for a single image. Another feature we’ve added is the ability to customize the play button design, in Elementor You can add an image and play button to encourage people to click on your videos. When you switch on the play button, you can go into style, And change the color and size of the play icon, as well as add a shadow to it. If you have an attentive eye, you may have noticed that we’ve improved the default play icon design, as well as several other Ui Control icons In this version we’ve added the option to upload the Elementor templates in bulk using a zip file. Simply upload the zip that includes your template files, and they will be uploaded at once. Finally, let’s take a look at text shadow. This feature allows you to add stunning text shadow effects to your page headlines, Making them more interesting and eye catching. I have here this heading widget, if you go to heading style, You can enable text shadow, you can then adjust the shadow color, blur, horizontal and vertical settings. Here are four examples to get you going with wordpress headline Text shadows. You have here your basic text shadow, Then if we set blur to zero, we can get a rate headline effect like the one in this example. Blur can also be used to create this light glow effect, By combining distance and blur I can get this type of composition. Play around with the controls and surprise yourself with other interesting combinations, The possibilities are really endless. I invite you to upgrade to the new version of Elementor version 1.6 Please let me know which is your favorite feature in the comments below, And don’t forget to subscribe, to be the first to hear about new updates and feature releases for Elementor. Until next time, this is Ben from Elementor

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  1. I cannot possibly even consider using any other page builder other than Elementor. It's the clear leader in my opinion

  2. I don't regret to buy an elementor pro. It is much worthy. All features are amazing ?? keep it up. I can't wait to the next feature in Elementor. Cheers from Indonesia

  3. I am fan of Elementor. It's great and magical. Please include menu creation in Elementor, it's will be the most powerful option.

  4. Since this update I cannot use anymore the Text Editor, I cannot write on it, what happened? is it a bug?

  5. Does Image & Gallery Lightbox support SVG files? I have the 'SVG Support' plugin installed. Can you recommend a more robust SVG widget than 'Inline SVG' which only allows me to add a single SVG per page? (Adding a second SVG visually corrupts both… I am generating SVG files from CorelDRAW.) Have recently started using Elementor and love it – perfect for someone who doesn't speak PHP. Unfortunately I am attempting to populate a website with about 50 SVG vector files.

  6. Is it possible to string together all the image lightboxes so a person clicking on a lightbox image can then cycle through all the images on the whole site? Still loving Elementor by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The Lightbox is great. But it doesn't allow the user to zoom in and out the image in the lightbox. Hope this can be fixed soon. It's important for my works zoom-in to view them details.

  8. But mine lightbox is not working though it is switched on from global setting please check it i need immediate help??

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