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Introduction to wordpress video series

August 27, 2019

Hello my dear friends my name is chetan upadhyay
and I am from how to? Hungama channel and today we are going to discuss about what will
be the layout of the video series wordpress is a application it is a content management
system by which you can create websites and I am going to teach a very beutiful video
wordpress series for those who dont know about wordpress and those who want to learn about
wordpress and those who want to learn from scrach How to make websites and all these
things and these are topics which I am going to cover in the wordpress series following
are the topics what is wordpess? how to install wordpress? as well as I am going to show them
what are post and how use these posts to look your wordpress site better as well as how
to create pages and all the stuff what are pages and how to create them and as well as
what are plugins? How to use them? what are various kinds of plugin and what are basic
plugin which which are useful for wordress blogs then I will move on to widgets area
and i will show them what are the basic widgets and how we can manage the widgets as well
as how we can apply it then I will show them how to manage user to make very safe side
as well as I will show them basic setting of wordpress

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