iPage WordPress Tutorial. How to install WordPress on iPage hosting.

August 15, 2019

In This free iPage WordPress tutorial i’m
going to show you how to install wordpress on iPage hosting. iPage
hosting offers some great introductory pricing for WordPress hosting, but there
are a few things that you might find confusing and it’s probably some things
they will offer that you don’t need, so in this tutorial i’ll go through the iPage WordPress hosting sign up with you and help you figure out exactly what you
need. I’m Tim from and I’ve made it my mission to help
people just like you find the best and easiest ways of building web pages and
avoiding as much frustration and confusion in the process. To make sure
that we’re on the same page when we start this tutorial scroll down below
this video and you will find a link to iPage hosting. This link may provide you
with a discount and it provides me with a little bit of a commission that helps
me to make free tutorials like this one. So let’s go ahead and dive in. Okay so in
this video we’re gonna look at using iPages to get started with building our
WordPress website. To get started out let’s go over here and click on hosting
now we’ve got two different options with iPages there’s their basic hosting
which starts out right now that’s got a promotion for $1.99 a month but I’m
actually gonna recommend going through WordPress hosting if you don’t find that
up here scroll all the end of the bottom and then click on WordPress hosting here.
It’s a couple dollars more expensive for the WordPress hosting you can see that
the introductory price right now as I’m making this video is $3.75 and then the
regular price is $9.49, but I definitely think it’s worthwhile to go for the
dedicated WordPress hosting because they’ve done a couple of things to make
sure that your experience building your website with WordPress is gonna be a
little bit better. So you’ve got two options here um you can use the starter
or the essentials I’m gonna recommend that if you’re starting out to go with a
starter you can always upgrade later to the essentials. Let’s go ahead and click
on signup and here we’ve got a choice of whether we want to register a new domain
or whether we want to use a domain that we already own so for this review I’m
going to show you guys how to register your own domain. It’s really simple you
just type in your domain idea and see if it’s available. I happen to know this
domain isn’t available because I’ve already used it for another site that I
was testing, but it’ll give me some additional top-level domains or TDLs
as they call them. Instead of dot com you get something like
.online or in this case .net, .tech .space So I’m going to go ahead and go with .tech and I’m
gonna click on continue and then to continue our sign up we just need to go
ahead and enter in our information and type in a credit card so I’m gonna go
ahead and do that now okay and then after you’ve entered in your credit card
information I’ve got some additional options here one of the nice things
about iPage is that you can choose whether you just want to go for the $3.75
of a month or whether you want to go for $3.75
per month for 12 months, or do it for two years. Some of the other hosting
companies they’ll make… To get the best deal you’ve got to sign up for a longer
period. So I’m guessing though after the first month it’s all gonna go right up
to their more expensive plan so if this I’m going to go ahead and sign up for
one year it’s gonna be 45 bucks and of course if you all if you want to cancel
and you don’t like it you can always use that 30 day money-back guarantee and
then domain privacy is something that I recommend I didn’t do it once when I was
doing a test to show you guys how to create a website with another service
and what happened was that I got a ton of spam
I got robo sales calls and I got junk mail in my email inbox so basically what
it does is when you register your domain you have to say who registered in the
domain so what they do is they use their company or a proxy company as the
register registrar and then they keep the information and pass on any
information that you actually need to know to you otherwise they keep
basically they keep your information private so that spammers people who send
out junk mail and robo phone calling people can’t find you so I definitely
think it’s worth 10 bucks a year did not be bothered. So I’m going to go ahead
and select that and I’m gonna say you don’t need this WordPress optimization
thing I’ve got some great tips and tricks and theme recommendations if your
interests in that check out the end of this video I’ve got a full tutorial on
how to build your website and I’ve got some great recommendations here you will
need an SSL certificate if you plan on selling online or if you’re collecting
information from your visitors and it’s something that Google has said that
they’re going to be using to evaluate your search engine optimizations it’s
definitely something that you’re gonna want if you are in those
web security is gonna protect your website against viruses malware hackers
and spam unfortunately this is a real issue and something that you should
consider and I’m gonna actually leave it turned on for me for this website and if
you want your emails we at you know from your domain and at Google you’re gonna
want to use G suite I’m not gonna use it for this and I would say probably
starting out you don’t need it it’s something you might want to move up to
you later but if you know for sure you want to use Google for your email your
domain it is five dollars a month that’s what Google charges they’re not charging
you something extra here that’s just what it costs so you can go
ahead and sign up for that and I’m not going to use the site backup and restore
this isn’t a bad deal though for site backup but right now I’m sort of leaning
towards preferring jetpack because it includes a couple of other nice features
and is more expensive than this so something something to think about and
definitely backing up your site is really important since this is just a
test for me it’s not really crucial to what I need to do and there are other
ways to backing up backing up your website this is definitely one of the
cheaper ways that I’ve seen to do it I’ve got a couple of free ways to do it
but something you have to do manually it’s not something that happens
automatically all right so let’s go ahead and check out and I’m gonna skip
this survey here another option for an SSL Certificates
Constant Contact I don’t need any of those things you probably don’t need any
of the things either okay so now they’re gonna go ahead and create our account.
Okay and then we can just click on login up here okay so now we’re gonna need to
configure our pages account so we need to create a password and so something so
definitely really important here I find when you’re building websites is you’re
gonna be signing up for a lot of accounts pretty much doesn’t matter what
you’re doing making websites requires a lot of online accounts so definitely
recommend getting a password manager I personally use LastPass I don’t really
think it’s too important which one you use there’s LastPass there’s one
password there’s several others I’ve been using LastPass for years and I
like it but definitely recommend that you use some sort of password manager
because you want to have a unique password for all of your accounts that
way if somehow something happens and the accounts get hacks it doesn’t make
it so that all of your accounts get hacked. Okay so I’m gonna enter in a
password here that I created using LastPass and then create a security
question and then just go ahead and agree to the Terms of Service and click
on save and continue okay so we’ve got this option here which will show you how
to get everything started but we don’t really need that so with the WordPress
essentials you can just close that close out of that and with the WordPress
essentials basically it’s gonna help us get started making our WordPress website
and getting WordPress installed right now and then the next thing when you do
after that is we need to configure WordPress so for the install to happen
what we need to do is create an admin email and you want this to be an email
address that you have access to right now so you if you haven’t set up email
at your domain which you probably haven’t if you just created a domain
name use something that you have access to now cuz it’s gonna be a problem if
you don’t do that and then we need to create a username definitely want to
create something unique you don’t use admin because unfortunately admin was
the default on WordPress for forever and so tons of websites out there have admin
you want to make it something something different and then again we want to have
a unique password here it’s gonna go ahead and create one with LastPass and
paste that in and then the location where we want WordPress to be installed
I just want to installed on the basic domain but some people want to have just
their blog done with WordPress and the rest of their website done with
something else but I think that for most people who are just starting out you
want your entire website made with WordPress just go ahead and click on
that and be sure to remember what you made this password here save it in your
password manager save it someplace I’m gonna need that to be able to log into
your website and go ahead and click on continue and what it’s gonna do right
now is it’s gonna install WordPress the next thing we need to do after it
installs WordPress is to configure WordPress and it’s fairly simple and
straightforward but there’s definitely a couple of settings that you don’t want
to miss when you install WordPress because it can be a pain to change them
later so I’m going to show you exactly what those are and the other
thing to note is that when you sign up for your domain name you can take a
little while for that domain name to propagate across the internet you take
anywhere from 10 minutes to like 12 or 24 hours so if you’re having trouble
logging into your WordPress website after it’s been set up here don’t worry
about it just walk away for a little while come back and see if it’s working
you should get email from iPage that shows that your domain name has been all
set up and configured so you might want to wait for that first and even after
you receive that email you still might need to wait a little bit longer so just
keep that in mind because it all depends on where you are and there’s several
domain name servers all across the globe so it’s where you are where they are and
then how that domain name has propagated across the internet so there’s something
sometimes you just have to wait a little bit and be a little bit patient to get
your website started another thing you’re going to need to do is after you
signed up for your domain with iPage you need to click on this verify
basically verify that they have your correct information for that domain name
so I’m going to go ahead and do that now verify your information here and there
you go so that I’ll get your help get your domain name set up. Okay so here is
the email that says that our WordPress website has been set up and this is
where you want to go to login and start working on your website you want to go
to your domain name that you set up or that you pointed to iPage and then WP-login dot PHP or you can actually just do WP-login so I’m gonna go
ahead and set that up here right now and we can start configuring WordPress okay so you want to enter in that
username and password that you created so we’ve got this wizard here to help
you get started setting up your website I’m actually in recommend just clicking
no thanks I’m gonna show you guys exactly what you need to do set that up
it’s a little bit helpful home but I think it’s better to just just do it my
way here so the first thing we want to do is we want to go to Settings General
or you can just click on settings and then you want to enter in a site
title I’ve already done that here so it’s real test site tech and that would
normally be like the name of your blog if you’re making a blog or the name of
your business if you’re making this for your business so then here you don’t
want to mess with the URL here you want to just leave that alone if you do that
and create some problems just definitely leave that alone make sure your email
address is correct which it should be and then what we want to do here is set
the time zone to where you are it’s just gonna be the easiest thing to do we’ve
got it here by a UTC or you can scroll up to find cities which I find a little
bit easier to understand so there we go and then choose the date format that you
want to show up the time format what day the Week starts on and then very
important here at the bottom click on Save Changes okay the next thing here is
under reading and after you’ve made your first page when you want to if you want
to have a static web page instead of your blog page you want to click on this
and then select the page that you created that you want to be the static
home page or the static page or the static front page also known as the home
page of your website you want to set that up right here and then don’t forget
to click on Save Changes but you probably haven’t made a page yet and if
you want to know what I find is the easiest way to do that at the end of
this video actually right here at the top of the screen and they’ll link to
the tutorial series that I’ve created I’ll show you what I find to be one of
the easiest ways to build a WordPress website it’s a almost drag-and-drop page
builder really easy to use and I found it to be really phenomenal so at the end
of this video in the description down below only to my review of the theme
which is the Divi theme and then also link to a tutorial series that I have
which will show you exactly how to build your website using the Divi theme but
for now let’s keep on moving on and the next thing is permalinks this is super
important some places set it up correctly some places don’t and what you
want to do is you want to set it to a post name what this is gonna do is this
is going to help your search engine optimization that’s going to create what
they call a pretty link so instead of saying you know the default here was the
time and then the name of the post it’s just gonna have the name of
the post and it’s going to create that as your URL so it’s gonna make it a lot easier
for you to tell people what you know if you’ve made a page or a blog post what
that is and it can make it a little bit easier for search engines to also
understand what the name of your page or post is and after you’ve set that you
want to do Save Changes and then we should look and see if there’s any
things we need to get rid of so sometimes usually so usually under pages
there’s a sample page here we don’t want a sample page we just want to make our
own pages so we’re going to do that trash that under posts is usually a
hello world post which you don’t want that on your website a key place for
spam to come in and also you know you want to make your own posts for your
website and the next thing here is jetpack which they’ve installed and jetpack is something I’ve only started using recently surprisingly I’ve been
making websites for forever but it’s something I definitely recommend that
you use the first thing that I think that it offers and this is the free
version of it is it offers really easy to read and understand site statistics
so you can figure out how many people are viewing different pages on your
website or different posts on your website really easily and that’s free so
definitely recommend clicking on this connect jetpack button signing up at to connect your website to that and it adds some security services
to your website for free and it also adds some information here for
optimizing your images and that’s free also and then there’s a premium version
which adds backups for your website all things to consider I definitely
recommend signing up for there’s definitely some good benefits to using
jetpack and then let’s look under plugins here to see what we have and
also with the premium version it offers spam comments protection so
basically it’ll look for spam comments that are already known and automatically
remove those and when I built my first website it didn’t really surprise
actually at how little time it took before I started getting spam comments
and it’s just really irritating to get you know these notices about spam
comments you got people talking about things in your website that you don’t
want them talking about so I definitely recommend going with the premium version
of jetpack to get that spam content protection it’s really important or you
can just sign for akismet on it’s own that comes bundled with
the know whether it’s a premium version or the basic version premium version I
should say or the personal version of it but I think it comes with a personal and
premium version definitely worth having that spam protection and so again a
reminder to sign up for jetpack definitely think it’s worth it go ahead
and do that this EIG-SSO plugin allows you to log
into your WordPress website from your iPage’s dashboard so that’s good to have
just go ahead and leave that there the Hello Dolly plug-in I recommend deleting
that it doesn’t really do anything useful and it’s just good to keep your
website as clean as possible Mojo marketplace this is something that
iPage has added I don’t personally use it so on my website I would just
deactivate it and delete it I’ve got my own recommendations for WordPress themes
that I really like so I would just skip this personally and what w3 total cache
is gonna help your site load faster so I would leave that on there if it’s
what iPage is recommending that you use definitely leave that on there it’s
gonna help your page run faster and there we go those are the basics of how
to get WordPress set up if you want help building your website if you want to
learn how to install a theme check out my tutorial that will link to at the top
of the screen and at the end of this website on how to install a theme with
WordPress and it’s gonna show you how to install a premium theme in a specific
example I’m gonna show you Divi because I really like Divi but you can use this
to install any premium theme that you want to it’s really easy and it’s a
great option yeah and if you found this video helpful go ahead and give me a
thumbs up if you have questions leave them in the comments below give any
recommendations on how I can make this video better please let me know also in
the comments below cuz I definitely want to help you guys out and help you get
started the right way and for more tips tricks on how to build your website
better be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and visit me at real
website thanks for watching

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