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September 18, 2019

Do you have an ID on you ? Thank you very much I got it Hey guys how are you doing my name is Callux Yes as you saw I picked up the iphone 7 today
New Fav color yeah ? Anyway, There’s always those drop tests that come out when new iphones come out So it’s like: Oh I wonder if it will break from there
Did it break ? Oh no it didn’t Oh what about here ? Hold on
Oh it didn’t! Look at that I still got my iphone Will today I am throwing the iphone out of one of these It’s getting dirty already
I messed it up already R.I.P Will we dropped it
W e don’t know where it landed We got thumbs up I think. They saw it drop
Let’s see what condition that phone is in right now It went in the next field.
It went in the next field ! Oh shit ! Ok hold on THEY FOUND THE PHONE!
THEY FOUND IT! Where do I go ?
Through here ? We have got the phone
Come here I love you No way No way !
Baby Oh shit ! it’s still recording
Guys ! It’s still … It’s alive We just dropped an iphone out of a helicopter
And I can still call my mom ! I cannot believe. I still got the video on here so you’ve seen that. It still works every thing works I’m just gonna go get the screen fixed
And I’ve got .. I’ve got a phone. I thought I was gonna lose this phone forever But this is not an advert as much as Apple would like it to be. “You can drop your phone out of a helicopter” Hope you guys enjoyed If you did share the video if you are feeling nice put it on your facebook or something “This guy you will never believe what he did. He dropped the iphone out of a helicopter” Anyway, Thank you
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  1. OMG. you have much money!! you crash your iphone if you are much rich ,then give/send me any iphone in free ???

  2. I dropped my iPhone 7 by accident from my house balcony which is 20 levels all the way to ground floor, it landed on grass but its completely dead.

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