iPhone Impressions: Punch Quest
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iPhone Impressions: Punch Quest

August 24, 2019

Punch Quest Android but or growth hello everyone my name is alex welcome
to another additional votes to cancel at that today we’ve got to learn twelve months quest of that’s been ok
all see you later did not distinct this is actually one of
the best thing to happen is the place it’s just amazing isn’t ridiculously fun
it’s uh… incredibly stylized institute really
polished um… so it’s just an endless rundown slash in the sponsor of for you to is uh… you postings so you put you on top of
that and uh… dash complex trade punches the goal is to uh… unified school by uh… announcing combos and taking up the enemy’s and so
forth and so on yeah it’s just so much fun as you can see the enemies do very
little bit uh… and and this is the power of some
things came under sometimes on a kilometer get
corns uh… which is uh… cubicle pumps poncho to come true bruce
or something like that and the uh… repeatedly and you can
amass somewhat confused we see their habitats choice of going
out for going straight ahead uh… it’s just a matter of uh… they’re getting the condos and upgrading
your your points scoring political points beautifully about this and many other
rockingham games containers if that sounds it’s really really good good-looking
benzoic pixel of style three sixteen p heroes music is very uh… castlevania like and um… i humbly uh… wholeheartedly occurrence um… so uses for the skills they can
actually hurt you if you are protected from underneath at the damage on the wall become taking
it in on this land uh… nephew tiffany assistant is very uh… that’s right it’s free and free to
play which means you’re welcome to have to go along and amassing upgrades
and things without too much trouble the uh… all knowledges the uh… this country monetary system is uh… is such that uh… if you want
to do purchase the upgrade using real the cornerstone have the opportunity to spend that time spin on the efforts as bill along the sea this has to be difficult does legitimate visible bosses in things and i obviously are a lot more difficult than the
standard enemies and i’ve just unpleasant but he’s not having a and he comes back interactivity both nights of him under the upgrade system is so are many
upgrades intends to do it it has a very different joyride style of
uh… of west system so uh… as you can see
here behind rage hamstring fathers hide it took two hundred fifty points and
then back west will go away and i will be another one now this quest for the
next thing i i don’t have the skills ability to see the little-known places myself again next time i got a bit
octopus is my upper experience so i can do how one still pending courageously uh… we’re told by a two hundred points
unlocks and now i have the ability to perform that that uh… request out the upgrades illustrates a discreet
here square rung this is this is where i like the most so
quick pass about certain things like that so instead of instead of practice skills
they if they just sort of uh… take the place of just normally but
let’s don’t be a couple of times son what parasympathetic again more energy while using assuming alters particular several
principles sometimes who wanted to remind officer that might be worth getting uh… as well because jargon and quentin
of course itself something like that i’m no i’m not a fan an apartment
purchases block you think that this incident opportunity one encouraging darden spend money on it which is really nice i_d_ play a lot of this on the iphone
and unfortunately um… does not have same side otherwise i’d be
a lot more allotted for him uh… somebody the first one first go to
unlock the mystery of the building blocks or hinders hold both as you can see uh… converting rules ike and i can stop their attacks on places to live dyslexic i think one of the places even two four
four three attacks not just really really fun by selectivity and and that you think that
it is you can spend knows littler as much time as you want on its own
enough to live in a couple minutes scared then you only have one going it waited for
hours last night victim status uh… yet so it is universal up as well freedom alliance i find it might have hopes this money now it’s just ridiculously good um… rocket headbands super quick order all-time favorite games on the iphone malicious continuing that tradition of
political and stuff he don’t feel like it’s it’s putting their hands in the pocketbook
it’s just really really enjoyable so you see as we go along um… civil at the top they’re showing my color it
is possible chained together attacks and uh… thank me for a convincing case yes it’s just very both unbroken taking contribute
themselves highly highly recommended he could stop
it would cost a cent to play it unisys loads and loads of fun so that’s
consequences for populists pick it up there’s nothing highly highly
effective thanks very much for joining the money
to alex has been another sophisticates olympic games

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