Iron Factory: IF EX-14 Ultimate Commander (not Optimus Prime) (English Subs) – Heroes For A Day

August 11, 2019

And there he is, boys and girls! Just arrived from abroad! To my extreme joy and pleasure, a small Optimus has come kinda “Optimus…” a small Optimus to fill the big void in my heart. We have Ultimate Commander by Iron Factory. It’s my first one by a 3rd party manufacturer. Let’s go ahead and take a look. Of course I’m forgetting something! I’m Argyris and you’re tuned in to a new Heroes For A Day video! Where was I? Ah yes! Let’s open the box, which is pretty nice. Inside everything is neatly put in plastic trays. Here’s the first tray. It’s Optimus and some parts. And this is the second tray with the rest of the parts. Really nice! Nicely placed. No need to look for anything. Exactly what a compulsive wants and the one doing the video is no exception. So, shall we convert him form robot to vehicle or vehicle to robot? I’ll do it traditionally and go for the vehicle to robot. This is the vehicle mode. The main cab and the trailer, as you can see. I think it’s stylized after Optimus’ form in the War Within comic saga or something like that. It’s a little more Cybertronian or futuristic. It fits in my palm; it’s so “big and bulky”! It matters not. We like all Transformers, big or small, as long as they’re of good quality. And here it is combined with the trailer. I think it looks better with the trailer. Just the cab is not something extraordinary, but with the trailer it looks so much better. Let’s transform it form truck to robot. Remove the cannons, remove the smokestacks, and we’re left with this. The zooming might be somewhat difficult due to the small size. Come to the sides and unpeg them both. Extend the legs as long as they can go; no need for extra pressure. Reveal the feet. Come to the front wheels, bring the shoulders forward, peg them and rotate them up just a bit. Raise this piece and rotate the crotch. Slide up the knees; careful because they might come off, But don’t be afraid, they go back in. Now pull the truck front section just a bit, flip it forward and close it again. Bring the back piece up, bring the windshield section on top of it. Rotate the elbows backwards, bring them down, line up the fists And come to the “nose”, pull it forward a bit, rotate the head forward, put it back to place and he is ready! NOT Optimus/Ultimate Commander is ready in his standard robot mode. A nice figure. I like the design being more Cybertronian, something out of the ordinary, more “Earthly” designs. Nice torso. A job well done. If he was a little taller, I’d like that, but I’m happy as it is as well. It has articulation. It has ball joints, but they’re a bit tight. I don’t know if it’s due to being a 3rd party or any other cause. Nice swivels on the elbows, rotating fists. In theory it could be posable enough. The leg movement is a bit hindered by the crotch piece. Good overall articulation, it’s just somewhat tight, so you need to be careful with the pressure. This is his standard firearm, molded after Optimus’ classic ion blaster. What I particularly like in this figure, besides the nice, futuristic design, is another mode that Optimus -rather Ultimate Commander, if you want to get technical- has. It is called Heavy Arms Mode and I’ll show it right now. First of all, remove the ion blaster, put on his smokestacks from the vehicle mode, put this pair of cannons on his back, and he comes with a new pair of blasters designed like this. They’re identical. And he looks like this! He looks really cool, armed with cannons. He had this form in the comics too; it was a nice saga, not many issues but nice nevertheless. It’s called “Stormbringer”; read it! It was a nice story, but it reminded me of the movie or the TF:Prime motif, where everything happens while Optimus makes plans and tactics, and he just shows up in the end and kicks major ass. In this context, he had this form. It was a nice addition that made me choose the figure. But, it’s not the only power-up, because we also have a trailer. What will we do with it? You’ll see right away! For his Ultimate Mode we’ll have to partially transform him. Flip the feet backward. No need to press too hard. Gently because it’s small and has sensitive parts. The head has to go back in; as far as it can go. It’s a bit difficult to line it up. And he stays like this. Leave it on the side and grab the trailer. I quite like the design. It certainly looks like parts of something else, it has grown on me. So just split it into pieces. First, remove these blue pieces. Take this piece, and rotate the panel forward. It pegs there. Do the same on this one too. Rotate and peg. And this round peg goes to this hole. Same on the other side. And just like that, it gains a little more height. On the rest of the trailer, unpeg the wings, and continue to unpeg all the other pieces one by one. Pull up this piece. There’s no peg. It just stays with friction. Flip this down. Remove these red pieces from the bottom. Remove the blue pieces and split them. So, let’s try to assemble them. This is a gauntlet; it opens on the back side and pegs on top of the forearm. And there’s the new hand; slightly lengthier. Open the second gauntlet. Peg it. Take this piece and just slide it on the crotch section. It doesn’t go all the way and just stays there due to the friction. Then, take these pieces and place them on the shoulders. There is a hole, where it pegs in. Same on the other one. You can see it slowly forms up. Take the jetpack, spread the wings, flip this piece down and turn the whole thing over. This hole pegs on his back. And raise the wings a bit if you like. Come to the torso again. As I told you, it raises a bit. Careful of the crotch. Finally, take this piece and reveal the new head. It’s on a ball joint. So just slide it inside. Does he remind you of anyone? God Ginrai of course! He is stylized after God Ginrai. Oops! I forgot to unfold the railguns. I really love this part, the combination of wings and railguns is awesome. I really like it. He is rolling actually, because he has wheels on his feet. I think it’s nicely done. There also a weapon which I didn’t show you. It’s this one. An axe-sword. Personally I love it. It’s really cool. It resembles a “Fall of Cybertron” or “War for Cybertron” style. And of course it can separate into a sword and an axe. Let’s put them on. I actually like it, but I like it even more as a whole piece. I like first to put the sword and then peg the lower part, so as not to look like he’s holding it from the bottom. To have a better grip. I LOVE him. He’s really beautiful. I just like him for his looks. Both the Ultimate and the Heavy Arms Modes. It’s not like he’s perfect. He has some issues. And of course I’m not referring to the size. I’m not whiny! The torso with the God Ginrai head, for instance, does not stay on. It’s loose and has the tendency to fall off, so be careful. Be careful when lining up the limbs and joints as well. Generally it needs to be treated with some caution. It’s not too easy but it’s not too difficult either. Some caution is recommended. It’s not one of the easiest Transformers. As a sculpt, as an overall form, it is very successful and I like it. From the first moment I saw some pictures online. So, another video review has come to an end. I really liked presenting something made by a 3rd party manufacturer. And it ended up pretty good! See you next time! I don’t know if we’ll have a break from Transformers to review anything else. Apparently, a break is needed. Until then, take care and… The Heroic Continues!

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