Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH
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Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH

August 11, 2019

with an innovative bipedal design the ironman marked 50 robot combines cutting-edge robotics and integrated app entertainment that provide a window into the exciting world of Ironman armor is locked and loaded design custom animation sequences using block based programming that can be downloaded and trigger to be a voice command the robots aren’t Lear features create an interactive Iron Man augmented reality experience like no other [Music] enough standing around let’s do this first for Marvel this walking talking Iron Man mark 50 robot by UB tech praise Tony Stark to light now it’s a party creates control code and battle against enemies inspired by iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe fillings in high-tech AR battles you can also upload your own face and record audio to reenact some of your favorite superhero moments stop right there what’s the password [Music] Iron Man mark 50 robot by ub tech available now

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  1. You can pre order now from Harvey Norman for $398

  2. Just a couple nitpicks
    Not the new mark85 but i can paint
    LCD scream is a little small
    Seems to be a little to basic Idk
    Still it looks great

  3. I'm sorry but this robot is not worth $289. it should do way more for that price. ill wait for the price to go down to about 100 or less

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