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IRON MAN Toy Glove

August 26, 2019

Yeah, we did it Hey, Dino, pals. This is ToyRex here. Let’s see what toy surprise we have today Wow, it’s the Iron Man repulsor glove check out Iron Man’s repulsor glove and here it is in real life It’s so powerful, and there’s his helmet too. This is so cool this Iron Man toy repulsive glove comes with all these missiles. It’s so cool guys Let’s check out the box wow it even lights up, and it’s got missile for each action You can load it up and then away This is so cool guys The Iron Man toy repulsor gloves, let’s use scissors to cut out the glove it’s snippety-snip time And let’s take out these missiles here, there’s one two three four five six six missiles Here’s the repulsor gloves guys it looks super cool This is where you put your hand in and here’s the blaster and you can load in the Rockets right here And when you pick it wow it makes sounds super cool. Let’s try it on guys Wow if it’s so good now, I’m wearing Iron Man’s repulsor Club, it’s so cool check it out And I can load the bullets in here cool And then I can push these buns, and they’ll fire, let’s try it out guys Wow it’s the evil Ultron he is here to cause trouble we have the repulsor glove Locked and loaded it’s time to fire time to go down Ultron Ultron Is really tough, let’s fire round two here we go I remember pulsing That was so cool guys, this glove looks super awesome It’s got a bunch of gold and red detail and the best part is that it lights up It’s time to blast Ultron Oh No Ultron is come back, and we have some bees with him time to use the repulsive look. Let’s do this repulsor glove fire Direct hit fire number two Number three fire again Wow Charge up the repulsor glove for the next round Time to load up the ammo Rockets load we need to reload the Rockets here. We go. There’s still three more zombies, and then the evil Ultron Let’s go the pulsar glove Awesome here And we got one more zombie here Direct hit now let’s take down the evil Ultron. Let’s load the repulsor glove Repulsive glob. Yeah, we did it our man is the best? Awesome we got so many super cool surprise toys Well this is awesome, it’s a Civil War mystery mini there’s Captain America Iron Man and even black panther. Let’s open up this toy Snippety-snip, yeah Well, we got Falken and he’s a bobble head how about a bottle so cool vulcan has these awesome wings that allows flight and go Really really fast he teams up with Captain America and his member of the Avengers She wears these powerful goggles that give him really really good eyesight. He’s super cool. Let’s blast off whoa Next let’s open up this Power Rangers look so cool. There’s the Red Ranger Awesome the Red Ranger is holding the powerful Ranger sword who are gonna get their friends? This is some fun Here we go Wow we got the Green Ranger, that’s the Green Ranger Tommy he’s super cool He’s wearing this golden armor, and he’s all green. Let’s go put on his helmet. Here’s his helmet It’s morphing time Totally cool, this is the Green Ranger his helmet is the green powerful mighty morphing dragon Wow? He has the dragon flute He can use it to summon his dragons or which is a power of the dragon robot and here’s his dragon sword it’s super powerful She shoots the three major is the most powerful Ranger he teamed up with two other Rangers to make the powerful Megazord Let’s go Ranger Awesome, which toy should we open up next there’s x-men and spider-man Let’s open up spider-man. Well. There’s spider Quinn. She’s super cool spider spider We got the bad guy Doctor Octopus, uh-huh Doctor Octopus Mersey black goggles and it’s kind of Yellow Sudan he’s caught dr. Octopus because here’s these four powerful tentacles coming off his back and uses them like octopus hair Doctor Octopus is a bad guy it’s always causing trouble for spider-man, and he’s also really really smart He uses my control his octopus tentacles, but don’t worry spider-man always sucks dr. Chris. Let’s go Now let’s open up this x-men toy, so awesome wow there’s Colossus and Wolverine Wow so cool, Colossus is all made of metal and when his metal he can’t get hurt bulletproof fireproof He’s really heavy And he’s a member of the x-men he was taught by Professor ice and goes to the school. Thanks, man. Let’s go, Colossus What’s this toy well, it’s a Marvel Mystery me, there’s a Hulk spider-man and Thor so awesome Wow we get this super cool flash flash is the world’s fastest your hero That’s why they call the play cuz you can’t see him, and he’s gone in a flash Flash is wearing red superhero uniform His logo is the lightning bolt cuz it’s really fast and even if lightning bolts on his ears that are Transmitters so he can receive messages, and he’s going super fast. There’s fire that counts behind him Thanks, cuz he’s awesome flashed in you’re so fast. He can travel in time Flash’s real name is Barry Allen. He’s a super smart detective and he’s a member of the Justice League with FEMEN She’s made it one away. Let’s go flash time to blast off And we got one more big mystery mini. Wow it’s the Batman Arkham series. There’s a Joker Well we got ramen so cool Robin has a black cape on he’s using this super cool staff He’s wearing a red suit And he’s got all this golden utility belt that has awesome gadgets that Batman gave him Robin is the student of Thurman he’s an awesome crime fighter He is really least part and also super super strong, and he works together with Emmett Batgirl. He was part of the Batman family Let’s go This is so fun, and we still have three superhero Avengers surprise eggs There’s a whole suprise egg Iron Man surprise egg and a Captain America. Let’s open the Iron Man surprise egg first Buster Well we got Captain America is so cool it looks like Captain America just blasted through these rocks and ready for action He’s carrying a super cool Captain America’s shield. That’s red white and blue the shield is indestructible steel and when he throws it He’ll come back to him captain where wears a blue suit Avengers he’s super strong and really smart. Let’s go Captain America and Then let’s open up the Hulk surprise egg Hulk is really strong time for a Hulk smash. Did you shake here we go? well, we got more so Thor has a really long red cape and he’s wearing this powerful armor It’s the armor of Asgard Thor lives in a skirt, and it’s this really powerful hammer. That’s got Blue Lightning TV Thor is the son of Odin and he’s also a member of the Avengers he’s super strong he can fly And he’s also the only person that can lift this powerful hammer, but Thor’s brother is Loki He’s a bad guy the dory Thor always gets him. Let’s go a store One more surprise that left it’s the awesome Captain America. Let’s go Well we got the awesome hog, hook is just putting his hands on the floor cuz he did a Hulk smash Totally awesome Hulk is all green and his purple pen Powerful member of the Avengers his real name is dr. Bruce Banner really really smart nice ain’t it, but when you get him angry then he’ll turn into the Green Hulk and do whole slam Thanks for watching dino pounds you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the dino club

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