Iron Man’s MARK 6 ARMOR Explained!
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Iron Man’s MARK 6 ARMOR Explained!

August 27, 2019

Pulling many functional elements from the
Mark 4, Tony Stark’s Mark 6 Ironman suit was his first all-purpose armor designed around
the use and utilization of the upgraded palladium arc reactor, granting the suits functions
with a massive power increase over previous models. The suit is the first of Tony’s armors that
was built with a pressurized, watertight system that allows the suit to function properly
while submerged. This closed-system technology would become
standard in successor suits, allowing future suits to also submerge, and even spend a short
amount of time in the vacuum of space. Along with being incredibly durable, the Mark
6 is armed with a 200-petwatt, high-powered laser, shoulder-mounted guns, mini missiles,
and a unibeam that outputs twice as much power than his previous models. Also, the unibeam is better with a lightening

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  1. Correction: The new arc reactor isn't made of palladium anymore. It's actually made up of a newly discovered element (or as Stark calls it, Badassium)

  2. But if the Mark 6 was water tight and so did the other subsequent armors, why does water flow into the Mark 42? Or was it because Mark 42 was still a prototype?

  3. Can iron man's hand repulsors kill because in iron man 2 it could metals but in iron man 3 it did not seem to kill a human plz answer.

  4. I love this suit more then the mark 7 honestly… I love how this suit has more gold on the upper thighs and upper arms like the actual classic iron man comic armor, and I love the triangle shaped unibeam. It's a shame they change those 2 things for the mark 7 tho..

  5. …just realised Tony hit Thor with a Uni-Beam complemented with 2 Repulsor Blasts under 400%+ output.
    And Thor shrugged it off. 😐

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