Is the flying carpet just a fantasy?
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Is the flying carpet just a fantasy?

February 27, 2020

Good evening and welcome to the mystery is
served. In ancient texts not only mention the vimana
of Hindu traditions or the chariot of fire that took the prophet Elijah or the cloud
that accompanied the people of Israel, there are also other historical references
that suggest that technological devices capable of flying existed in the past.
It would seem that these types of machines capable of navigating the sky were much more
common than we think. This time we will focus on the ancient oriental
traditions that describe the existence of magic carpets capable of flying and obviously,
have nothing to do with the common carpets that we trample or adorn the floors and walls. Magic carpets had some unknown and inconceivable
technological qualities in our day that we will try to reveal. References in the literature from the biblical
era until today, describe the existence of this type of flying devices. Maybe the stories or the movies made us believe
that they are just a fantasy, however everything indicates that the flying carpet is very likely
to have really existed. In the popular narrative of the “Thousand
and One Nights”, the story of how Prince Hussein is told, the eldest son of the sultan of all
Indians of all Indies, travel to Visnagar, in the Magar, India,
the richest city in the world, where he buys a magic carpet from a merchant able to fly
and able to transport anyone in the blink of an eye anywhere in the world, much better
than a modern plane. But long before this Eastern story, long before
it was added to the stories included in the Thousand and One Nights, we have an even more
detailed mention that goes back further in time, it is Solomon’s magic carpet
king of Israel and descendant of king David, considered the most powerful man of his time
thanks to his wealth, to his collection of sacred objects and to his hermetic knowledge. He is also the oldest historical figure associated
with the use of the magic carpet. Kebra Nagast, or the glory of the king, the
holy book of the Ethiopians, refers to and refers to Solomon’s flying carpet. Among the
many gifts that God granted him, there was an understanding of the language of birds.
He was able to communicate with them. In addition to all types of knowledge, King
Solomon was considered the lord of men, of genes and birds. He was flying through
the air on a magical green silk carpet, driven by the wind that was under the control
of the king’s will. His army was located on his right, the spirits
on the left and a large flock of birds flew over the carpet shading its occupants. According to legends, Solomon’s carpet was
used throughout his court and the army, it is worth it that it had the capacity to host
several tens of thousands of people. According to Kebra Nagast, Solomon went to
visit the Queen of Sheba and her son Menelik, on a flying-enabled device they called a flying
chariot, or celestial carriage. The king and all those who obeyed his words,
flew on the cart without pain and suffering and without sweat or fatigue, and traveled
in one day for a distance that takes three months to do it on foot.
Nicholas Rarich, the Russian explorer and writer, mention the summits of the mountains
he flew over, known as “Solomon’s throne” and adds that an old Muslim man told this:
“Everyone knows that, he flew across the earth and found the truth in all countries and that
he had also been to distant stars”. Other sources support the example of King
Solomon’s flying carpet, expanding the data and adding unusual details to the history
of the oriental magic carpet. Currently, the French archaeologist Enri Diebach,
has discovered some well-preserved scrolls, found in the underground rooms of the Alamut
castle. The manuscripts were written in the thirteenth
century by the Jewish study called Izaac Ben Isherirà. The rolls reveal a job of compiling several
documents for 50 years and it seems that its author hid them right at the moment, when
his life was in danger. The translation of the documents was made by Professor C.G.D.
Septimus, of the University of London, and all the scrolls of the Alamut manuscript were
published. Ben Sharira explains that Muslim leaders considered
the flying carpets to be the work of the devil and therefore the existing ones and the manufacturers
were eliminated furthermore, religious leaders believe that God would not have created man
to fly and we must keep our feet glued to the ground. Mention an episode that happened in 1213,
after Christ, when flying carpets were used by Prince Berossus,
of the state of Coreishan, of eastern Persia, to invade an enemy castle. He put on the archers’ rugs, like an air cavalry,
winning the battle. However, the Turkish hierarchs, seeing the
immense power that flying carpets conferred them, began an expensive fight against this
powerful artifact and punished Prince Berosso. Ben Sharira mentions two other texts that
refer to the use of flying carpets, one of them is a book of proverbs, written by Sam
Shayad, minister of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, and the other is a book of old dialogues written
by Flavius ??Joseph, it also adds details to King Solomon’s flying carpet, thus completing
the brief mention that is made in the Kebra Nagast, on these extraordinary flying devices.
In his chronicle he dedicates some passages describing their functioning. Unfortunately
most of the words used, are indecipherable, so we don’t know the propulsion method however,
the details in the manuscript say how the craftsmen made these special rugs. They wove
on a loom like a common carpet, but the difference lay in the dyeing process. Only these craftsmen
knew the manufacturing process, in addition, they used a type of special clay from the
sources of the mountains that could not be touched by any man, and when it heated to
the appropriate temperature, acquired anti-magnetic and anti-gravity properties. . What the craftsmen
did, was prepare the clay dye the wool with it and then weave it. When the carpet was
ready stretched out on the ground and, according to the clay concentration, the carpet was
able to levitate a few centimeters from the ground or several meters high. Ben Sharirà
explains how, over time, the artisans began to weave ever larger carpets, but, if so,
the number of people who transported at the same time, the height and speed decreased.
As for the move, this was accomplished by following the turn of the magnetic lines of
the earth, which function as invisible aerial rails, what science has now started to discover,
by calling them Lay Llines. The magnetism of the Earth is distributed in millions of
magnetic lines, that run across the earth’s surface, forming an energy network that was
used by flying carpets. This would be the proof that in the past, there was a means
of transport, powered by infinite free and non-polluting energy. By accident unfortunately,
Ben Sharira explains how the flying carpet was demonized by rich and powerful hierarchs.
These did not agree that this technology was available to anyone. Ben also describes how
in the great library of Alexandria, founded by Ptolemy I, there were flying carpets available
to the reader of the audience. Upon entering, they left their shoes and were
given a carpet to slide, between the shelves, which were full of papyrus manuscripts. The library had been built inside a ziggurat,
which contained 40 thousand scrolls and the roof was so high that readers preferred to
read while floating in the air. Although the library was damaged during the
civil war, under the emperor Aureliano and its final destruction is attributed to a Muslim
general, who burned the papyrus to heat the 600 baths of Alexandria and the carpets were
thrown into the nearby sea by the Arab Bedouins. However, the destruction of the flying carpets
occurred at the beginning of the XII century, when Genghis Kan wiped out the largest cities
in Central Asia. The Mongols eliminated the inhabitants and
plundered their treasures and inside the booty obtained, there are flying carpets and when
a prisoner told them that these artifices were more agile than the horses of the steppes,
this represented a great offense to the Mongols and it was ordered that all the flying carpets
of the vast empire, were confiscated and burned all but one.
Ben Sharira writes that Genghis Khan, on his deathbed,
ordered that the finest flying carpet be brought to his burial,
to accomplish with this his journey to another life. So iends the surprising story of an artifact
that could be valid for all humanity, but those who had power, decided to condemn him
to oblivion. We don’t know if they did it because they
felt threatened or if they perhaps had full knowledge of what they did.
Whatever the cause, it seems that they have managed to destroy an advanced flying device
of infinite energy that has come down to our days as a fantasy of some authors of fairy
tales and science fiction. With this, I end the video here and,
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