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ISTAT Americas – Don’t get caught without a plan for your aircraft

September 16, 2019

(upbeat whimsical music) (pouring coffee) (upbeat music) (doorbell rings) (upbeat music) – Ken Larson Avio Bank? (loud thud) (loud thud) Great, this is the place guys start bringing it in. (upbeat music) Nice place, hmmm lots of room, you’re gonna need it. (upbeat rock music) So your aircraft lease contracts are up, you know on the aircraft that you’ve been leasing to your clients. And now we’re returning
your aircraft to you. Along with your flight
logs, aircraft records, ownership documents, in triplicate. Battery, breaks, that I don’t know what that is, but it looked important
so we brought anyway. An auto pilot and propellors. – Are you in aircraft financing? Are the contracts up on aircraft you leased to your clients? Don’t get stuck dealing with the details on your day off when you should be relaxing in your bathrobe. – Too late. – Call C&L Aviation Group your one stop solution for aircraft services. We’re a full-service MRO
for regional aircraft specializing in sales,
leasing and remarketing. Plus aircraft management, importing and exporting aircraft and performing records orders. With parking and storage, even tear down service. Don’t get stuck with your aircraft. – Like you did. – Call C&L Aviation Group – So we just left your plane parked right out front. You have a good day now sir. It’s kinda in the street
cause it’s a plane. And it’s big. It’s sort of in your
neighbor’s driveway too. Really did a number on those bushes. (upbeat music) – Honey why is there a giant plane parked in my rose bushes? (upbeat music)

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