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iStunt 2 iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 28, 2019

Although Winter may be coming to an end, there’s
no reason to pack in your hopes for enjoying the snow slopes with a bit of snowboarding
action thanks to iStunt 2 by Miniclip. Although I should point out that anyone trying to perform
the stunts in this game in real life should probably be committed, but hey… what’s to
stop someone from accidentally inventing a gravity reversing machine in the process. While the early levels of the 42 currently
available set a fairly relaxed and maybe even sedate tone, the game pick up quickly and
what starts out as a simple task of jumping ravines and performing flips turns in to a
knock-up, drag-out session of defying gravity as you avoid spinning blades while trying
to work out where you’re meant to go. It’s far from easy and despite the levels being
relatively short you might find yourself restarting from checkpoints over and over while attempting
a particularly tricky section. Coming to grips with the controls is intuitive
enough as well, with tilting taking care of your snowboarder’s orientation, while swiping
controls jumping and ducking and tapping either side of the screen mid-air will perform a
stunt to add to your pool of bonus points. The ultimate aim of each level (besides simply
surviving) is to collect as many of the stars available to increase your final rating, though
players that have mastered these collections can move on to the greater challenge of snagging
a global high-score. iStunt 2 could have been something far simpler,
not simply in difficulty, but in its overall tone and presentation. Thankfully Miniclip
didn’t go down this route and the end result is an over-the-top title that feels polished
while being balanced on a fine-edge that rewards a player’s skill level. It may not be for
everyone, but if you enjoy a challenge this might be for you.

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  1. they should put games like this on ps3 arcade… seriosuly, i don't know about u but i fucking hate tilting my screen for a controller… takes away the control if u know what im saying

  2. reminds me of line rider, the sled guy in that game does alot of similar moves with no trick system. but he falls off his sled at the slightest bump. <_<

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