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  1. I read Italian history books
    because if i read the British history books…. every Page are full of Bullshit Nationalist
    the '' Real '' History are from the Italian Books '' The Italians Brave soldiers '' in Africa Defeated after 3 Years by English + Scottish + Americans and Colonial Empirer Allied…. , are the Proud to every Italian and the Proud to Italia

  2. We don't have a babysitter when it comes to the economy… we haven't asked for any help from the EU, IMF or the USA.
    The UK was the strongest nation on earth until 1947 and so didn't need help as we fought on the right side (unlike Italy who trusted Germany, twice, and failed, twice). We didn't have help in the Falklands or Sierra Leone and that ended pretty well!

  3. the euro is Failing…. yes probably
    but Italy and France are in the Euro because the German economy need Help
    really the Italians and French are not Happy to be Part of Euro-German Dictatorship…..
    But if is Necesary…..
    Italy out by Euro and back to the Lira …. and Fuck Germany and EURO

  4. is Probably a New Project
    '' The Euro-Med ''
    Union for the Mediterranean Countries , '' The United States of Mediterranean Seas ''
    Italy and France the Major Powers of ''Euro-Med''

  5. I must say, I do agree with you. Not many rich nations in the EU want to be dictated to from Germany and the rest of the EU. The only nations to actually get anything from the EU are the poorer nations which means that the UK, France and Italy don't get anything from it! The EU tries to dictate laws to the UK which we refuse to listen to. I'm sure that you've heard about this but the UK is getting closer and closer to getting out of the EU. The UK and Italy should start a new 'Union'.

  6. Germans are a stubborn people, surely we will declare war if we go by the European Union The Germans are sad if Italy ,France, UK out of the European Union
    dont forget the ww2 start is Because Germans are very angry about the New Laws after the ww1 …..

  7. I don't think that the German's would declare war again. We're allied to them now and I think that they have learnt their lesson.

  8. Quanto sono stupidi gli inglesi vivono a debito e pensano di essere più ricchi di noi?!? mentre il nostro risparmio/proprietà personale è il triplo della loro economia di pudding e banche….

  9. Yes, I am aware that this is a video about the Italian Navy. Perhaps if you read the comment that I responded to you would realise that I was not talking about this video specifically.

  10. Italy and Spain? It's not out fault that they're closer to these nations so they get the immigrants. The UK does not lick the US' arse. We are allies. Suez was a fuck up and it took the piss but we didn't need help with the Falklands. Technically our real friends are in the commonwealth… our friends could be Europe as long as the EU stays out of British politics!

  11. I would not have a problem with shutting the borders off- in fact I would love that to happen. We could do with common defence and some foreign politics being combines (foreign policy is already dealt with by the EU in some ways) and why would the UK need help from other EU nations- we're the most powerful nation in the EU but the UK and France are working together to form a task force.

  12. Be that as it may…. the UK is still more powerful than France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc etc etc. Also the UK is richer and contributes more than other EU nations like, oh I don't know, Poland… yet you don't seem to have a problem with the poor EU nations who take money fromt he ECB! If the UK left the EU then the EU would go down hill quickly.

  13. That's because the people of the UK did not vote to be part of the EU as it is now so why should we give you so much money?! We don't want the EU meddling with British laws or our future as an independent nation. Stalin was our ally so why would we attack him? What reason did we have. The British Empire and USA could have destroyed the USSR there an then but we stuck by our ally. OPPRESSION!!!! Germany stopped rationing before the UK- we treated you well considering what you did!

  14. You are the one whom brought the past into this argument. I have just seen part of your previous comment "politically and economically" you don't need the UK!!! The only reason that you don't want us politically because our government is the only government that is actually willing to stand up for the people of their respective nation! Economically?!!! Before the Euro (that thing that you guys think is amazing) the UK was the 2nd richest EU nation! I want the UK in the EU but we rule ourselves.

  15. You're right, we're allies now!
    My problem with the EU is…
    The UK pays (however much) into the EU. The EU dictates laws to the UK. The people of the UK do not get to chose because an unelected panel of EU judges say that we MUST give prisoners the vote (for example). We don't want to give prisoners the vote. I don't care if France, Spain, Germany, Liechtenstein, or Timbuktu want to give prisoners the vote, the UK does not and the EU should not force us to!

  16. "directly elected by the People of Europe". Every 5 years in the UK we have a little thing called a General Election where the people of the United Kingdom get to vote for the next Government. It is THIS Government, and this Government alone- elected by the people of the United Kingdom- that should have the power to change or create British laws. I do not recognise any other Government as the legitimate law-creators in the United Kingdom other than Her Majesty and Her Majesties Government.

  17. That shows how little other EU nations know or care about British politics! Our Parliament vote for and approve every law. It starts in the House of Commons- if it passes then it moves to the House of Lords- if it passes then it moves to Her Majesty the Queen… then and only then does, or can it, become Statute Law! We don't want out but we want to control our own country! NO- that's the problem, the people of the UK have not voted to be part of the EU- we voted for the Common Market in the 70s

  18. WE DIDN'T VOTE IN 2009!!! We didn't get the choice… the Labour Party in none of its glory or wisdom decided that the people of the UK should not get to decide who makes our laws!!! We didn't want to be ruled from Belgium and we still don't. We want a relationship, we want to stick together and we want to be allies, we want to stick together in the face of adversity and we want to be part of the EU but for the moment we wanto create our own laws 🙂

  19. I'm not talking about a vote to elect MEPs but a vote to give us the choice whether the UK should be able to create whatever laws our Government (our legally, soveriegn government) want to create. We don't want to have to listen to the ECHR because it puts US in danger and protects criminals! We DON'T want to give prisoners the vote- that it the United Kingdoms decison- not for the people of the European Union to decide!

  20. 1) WE DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THE EU!!!!! We want to make it work for US just like other nations want!!!
    2) We don't want to do that!! We just want to make our own laws, we want to decide who to deport- it's none of Europe's business.
    3) We won't and our Government- our real, democratically elected, soveriegn government voted earlier in the year about giving prisoners the vote and they voted pretty much entirely against the vote for prisoners!
    We want a good relationship, not to be ruled over 🙂

  21. VAXIAWVAL, you speak too much!!
    Get out of EU and serve your queen ok?
    We kick out our king 70 years ago and you still show everything as Royal, push!!
    We don't want lessons from a country which still thinks to be an empire.
    Get out of EU!!!!!!!

  22. it will get worse (more robbery than ever, for a ministry can easily remove a judge who is investigating him for crimes…)

  23. da sempre hanno un marcato complesso di inferiorità, però noi siamo succubi di pochi potenti, mentre loro da secoli sono riusciti a determinare alcune regole migliori, e responsabilità quando beccano in flagrante il politico

  24. il nous faut d' urgence l' europe federale avec la constitutuin de etats unis le president le congres la chambre des representants le senat la CIA et la Cour supreme la france aura sa place dans l' union europeenne comme la californie le nebraska ou l' oklohama dans l' union americaine

  25. Italy is corrupt as fuck, without Eu central bank it wud have collapsed in 2009/9, Italy's navy is laughed at by the world, in afghan senior US and Brioah officials considered withdrawing Italian armed forces on suspicion of paying the Taliban money not to attack them on patrols, utter disgrace se on ww2 sides with Germany cos Italy is a little weak bitch

  26. also Italian military expenditure is poor, relies heavily on American French and British technology for example harrier, (uk) missiles MBDA (uk and FRA) f35 (us and uk) fremm (FRA) compared with Germany uk and FRA Italy is way behind military wise on par with spain

  27. The Taliban has also claimed payments were made by the Canadians in order not to be attacked, Mapleleafweb " Canada denies bribing Taliban". The Germans were also accused as you will find in the article "NATO Forces Generally, not just Italians pay Taliban fighters for not attacking them". The Daily Mail of Nov 28, 2011 by Vanessa Allen states "Taliban Fighters get 100 POUNDS a month to stop shooting our troops". Such allegations are an old ploy by an enemy to create divsion among allies.

  28. Laughed at by the world, hardly and were considered being withdrawn by the US & UK officials? It is the U.S. ALONE that calls the "shots" in Afghanistan not with its ridiculous, tiny, pathetic, toy lap dog, the UK. Besides that action was never even considered as other nations' forces had also been named as bribing the Taliban. I will add that the Italians never received 1 EURO in bailout; it is the UK that would collapse were it not for it being able to print money & Italy cannot.

  29. Fool, the US alone calls the shots? Wrong. Afghan is under NATO control however US and UK politicians (fed fro intelligence CIA and mi6) that Italy was bribing the Taliban, u say the UK is weak but this country has never been invaded, defied nazi Germany won 2 world wars, held the largest land empire in history and is a nuclear weapons state weak is a silu comment

  30. And lap dog? Funny u say that te US buys most of its military equipment from BAE a British company, your forgetting mi6 royal marines Gurkhas astute sub type 45 2 65000 ton carriers continuous at sea nuclear deterrence the UK and France are the only countries able to keep Europe safe from nuclear blackmail you shud be grateful of the British tax payer keeping tou Italians safe as part of NATO have some respect

  31. Once again sheer idiocy, fool, what I said was that the UK (united kingdom) has never been invaded, at all ever! If it has please tell me when? Now when the Romans invaded the country was great Britain and not united kingdom so please learn your history before commenting to me in capital letters trying to emphasise certain words, clown

  32. ahahaha the fremme fregate is also italian with an italian name.. 2 ships for france and 2 ships for italy, italy has all the missiles that you have named, i don't know why foreign people comment our army, our history, our economy, our NATION!! if you don't know us you must inform before write bullshit. some pople wrote that we are poor ahahaha loool every fuckin person write bullshit about us..Your inferiority complex is absurd ..

  33. why you talk about ww2!??!!!?!?! do you really want to know why we went wrong?!?!?we did not give a fuck about that stupid war, we were not motivated, all because of Mussolini. in WW1 where we were motivated and ready to fight, we rejected the Austro Hungarian Empire and won the war. our army, economy, history, culture , our NATION is one of the best and important of the world and of history, with other 3 or 4. i agree with you with the corruption.

  34. people critics us only for that, i think you have an inferiority complex against us,all nations have their problems but all of you come to us and writes bullshit. ah, another thing, what you have written on our army is bullshit, for example, if you didn't know it, italian special forces trained the navy seals,and we have nothing to envy to other armies as training, equipment ecc ecc we also have some nukes but not in italy. so, now you can go home and please don't write bullshit

  35. Ah ah ah Italy is the second industrial manufacturing power in Europe behind Germany way ahead from GB..

  36. Siamo ancora tra i più grandi del mondo..non appena riusciremo a riconvertirci verso l'export ad alto valore aggiunto non ce ne sarà per nessuno

  37. You're probably just a poor petty and ignorant, but you deserves a reply, the Italian defense budget in 2012 was 39,946 billion dollars, the Spanish defense budget was 14 billion dollars. That's why for Globalfirepower ranking 2013: Italy is on the 9th and Spain on the 30th. Germany has a defense budget higher than the Italy of only $ 3.6 billion dollars (43,478 billion dollars). You well informed before you say stupid things and to confirm to the world that you're an idiot!

  38. I do not understand why some frustrated and angry Brits should come here to insult Italy, Rome civilized them, our Renaissance helped them to get out of the Middle Ages (think of Shakespeare), they come in mass to buy the homes in Tuscany, they should be more polite…too much beer?

  39. riusciremo a riconvertire le nostre capacità!!!!!!siamo una ferrari che va con il motore di una 500!!!!

  40. Erm… Even a banal list of exporting countries will show you that Italy exports more than the UK and is behind only to Germany and France , in Europe. Also, Italy is the second or third manufacturing country in Europe. What do you produce, apart from banks? LOL… Sorry, but before exposing yourself with these cliche' bias, maybe you may want to get a bit of info? Take care!

  41. Do not worry, Italy has not lost a war since 1991, the first Gulf War, Somalia in 1993, 1995/2000 Bosnia 1999/2013 Kosowo, 2001/2013 Afghanistan, 2003/2008 Iraq … Thanks for the nice words, I am a paratrooper lieutenant Italian, Italians control 1/6 of Afghanistan, the north-west and the Germans well as 1/6 the north-east,CIAO.

  42. che mostro inutile e costoso… 100mila euro per stare ferma in un porto al giorno, 200mila per muoversi (sempre al giorno) e ancora non ha gli aerei… e credo che non gli avrà visto che quei bidoni degli f 35 b sono pessimi aerei, praticamente inutili, che possono essere abbattuti da aerei vecchi quasi già superati. Inoltre in questa epoca moderna cosa ce ne facciamo delle armi? Ormai le guerre non si vincono più con le armi.

  43. Il primo f35 b è arrivato l'8 agosto,e a rate entreranno in servizio dal 2014,mai sentito parlare della Nato? è un po' come stare nella Comunita' Europea con gente come Berlusca,Monti e Prodi,paghi 67 miliardi di euro e non hai un cazzo in cambio,qui è uguale,hai accordi con gli altri paesi e il risultato è il medesimo perchè teniamo sempre la testa bassa…ps: Gli F35 hanno avuto un sacco di problemi si,ma dopo i test finali li hanno ordinati anche Israeliani e Giapponesi e quelli non scazzano

  44. io con i soldi degli f 35 pagherei parte dei debiti che ha lo stato con le imprese, abolirei l'imu (anche se non è la priorità e farei un piano per i giovani, forse avanzerebbe qualche cosa per la ricerca. Io capisco che questi aerei servano per il prestigio, ma non è un passo più lungo della gamba? E' questa la nostra priorità? Se eliminassimo anche la tav avremmo una discreta liquidità. Scegli tu comunque,
    lavoro o F 35? Scuola o F 35?

  45. Ritieni davvero che quell'accozzaglia di canaglie annidate a Roma se obbligati a rinunciare al programma F35 convertirebbero il risparmio in scuola e infrastrutture?? finirebbero in altre stronzate,e magari appunto a finanziare la TAV(quella si' che è una troiata apocalittica),a proposito,i 13 miliardi per gli aerei sono spalmati su oltre 20 anni,assemblaggio e parte della manutenzione di tutta la flotta Nato è assegnata all'Italia,quindi rientrano fondi e posti di lavoro.

  46. Inoltre,l'anno scorso quella merda di Mario Monti per aggravare il debito pubblico Italiano nei confronti della Germania ha ordinato dei sottomarini U-BOOT alla marina Tedesca(nonostante siamo capaci di farceli da soli),ha speso al volo circa 5 miliardi di euro…perche' per quelli NESSUNO protesta? forse perchè il popolino capra e' stato tenuto all'oscuro della cosa dai giornalisti??e chi produce link su facebook ha seguito il passaparola del silenzio???

  47. Concludo per non tediarti con un calcolo,l'IMU la puoi levare quando vuoi,basta non salvare banche(i 4 miliardi di euro che Monti ha dato al Pd per salvare Montepaschi e che guardacaso coincidono con la tassa sulla prima casa) e non aderire a porcate come il fiscal compact il MES e i vari fondi salvastati gestiti da Germania e BCE…sarebbe interessante farci i conti per vedere se la somma annuale corrisponde alla tassa invece sulle seconde case…

  48. siamo pieni di vere e proprie cazzate che hanno fatto i governi ed i partiti. Stando però ai discorsi dei politici sembra che di certe cose non possiamo farne a meno.Ma sai, L'Italia è il paese dei grandi statisti, dove tutto è calcolato, ma non funziona niente.Peccato perchè stiamo perdendo tempo e soprattutto possibilità che, secondo me non ritorneranno più.

  49. Vero! e specialmente ora che il terzo mondo non lo è piu' per niente,l'Italia non ha statisti da 25 anni e quelli che lo erano (Andreotti e Craxi) sono quelli che hanno innescato il declino,tutti gli altri sono marionette,e la sinistra ha solo capacita' verbali ma non decisionali,ecco perchè ci frustiamo la schiena e subiamo la propaganda pro islam,rom ecc ecc e contemporaneamente compriamo aerei scaviamo tunnel e altre cose che ci ordinano da fuori…

  50. io spero in Grillo, ha 1000 difetti, ma almeno gli fa guerra a questi grandi statisti che non ci capiscono un tubo, ma un tubo. Ma tanto credo che farà la fine di Masaniello. Peccato che le cose non cambino mai in questo paese, o che tutto cambi per non far cambiare niente, davvero peccato.

  51. io sapevo che le cifre di occupazione dell'ex ministro della difesa riguardo ai posti di lavoro erano sparate ed inattendibili, comunque i costi sembrano 13 miliardi spalmati in 20 anni, ma in realtà sono di più. Se vuoi far lavorare ingegneri e dare occupazione perchè non produciamo i canadair? Ora non so se L'Italia possiede la teconologia ne se gli ingegneri dell'aeronautica militare siano in grado di produrre canadair, però voglio solo farti notare che un solo f 35 costa quanto 8 canadair.

  52. poi volevo dirti, ma ci sono minacce belliche che non possiamo affrontare con gli eurofighter ma solo con gli f 35? Io non ne vedo, penso che possiamo benissimo rimanere senza f 35 e dormire tranquilli.

  53. Hehe,tanto per tagliare la testa al toro volevo dirti che ho votato 5 stelle pure io,anche se comincio a pensare che nonostante la bonta' della scelta non sia determinante,avevo gia' risposto a parecchi pacifinti su facebook che pur essendo appassionato di queste cose il mio voto era stato di buonsenso,invece grazie ai bankieri ora ce li teniamo,si' maieutica,la cosa migliore era appunto prenderne solo 20 appunto per le porterei nane che abbiamo e il resto a appunto spenderlo meglio,concordo!

  54. Tecnicamente(escludendo tangenti,infiltrazioni mafiose,incompetenti messi li' dai partiti…) sia in campo medico,che militare che ingegneristico saremmo in grado di fare quello che ci pare,anche un'aereo stovl,figuriamoci un Canadair,mancano appunto i fondi e la volonta' politica (che questi omuncoli non hanno),era gia' cosi' durante la seconda guerra mondiale soffrivamo di assoluta mancanza di materie prime e di risorse…

  55. ora vediamo come vanno le cose, penso che li compreranno e ci peseranno sul bilancio, grillo ci ha provato e ci sta provando, ma lo stanno prendendo per sfinimento (come Renzi).Questo governo ha rinviato imu,iva, non ha ancora fatto la legge elettorale e continua preservare interessi e spese. Poi continuano a tartassarci con questa stabilità politica che deve essere mantenuta, come se fosse la cosa più importante del momento, vabbè vedo comunque che stiamo divagando eh eh..

  56. Ah aH
    What a Joke
    UK buy Helicopters from the Italian Agustawestland
    UK buy Iveco Lince from the Italian Iveco fight vehicles
    UK buy Missile Systems From Finmeccanica
    Finmeccanica have in UK one of Biggest Factory in Europe
    and give Work for 22.000 British People…

  57. Quando leggo i commenti di tutti questi "pacifinti" che parlano di spese militari da abolire e/o tagliare a beneficio di quello o di quell'altro, non posso fare a meno di pensare che proprio questa razza di persone  "gridò" allo scandalo quando nel 1982 la nave da sbarco GRADO (vecchia carretta acquistata di seconda mano dagli Stati Uniti ed utilizzata da quest'ultimi nella guerra di Corea!!), nel corso del trasferimento dall'Italia al Libano, con a bordo militari e mezzi inviati in missione di pace, si fermò in mezzo al Mediterraneo per un 'avaria ai motori !! Gentaglia!!

  58. E' così bella che sembra  possa volare direttamente lei, ma non credo che siano stati soldi ben spesi.

  59. Italy does not need the largest aircraft carrier , because Italy itself is a huge aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean , including Sicily and Sardinia are …

  60. La Cavour riceverà gli F-35B, aerei per i quali è stara progettata. Per il momento, però, usa gli ottimi AV-8B Harrier II. SI tratta di una portaerei leggera, destinata a difendere la flotta e fare proiezione. Per l'Italia è adeguatissima. Semmai ne servirebbe una seconda.

  61. Era proprio tecnicamente necessario costruire lo "sky-jump" separato dal ponte piano?
    Mi ricordo come ieri quando vidi la Garibaldi appena entrata in servizio nel 1985 e mi dissi:"per fortuna non ha lo sky-jump separato, come le inglesi…"
    Dopo trent'anni me lo ritrovo.
    Utile? Necessario? Non so…
    Brutto? Sì!

  62. adesso la cavur si trova in arsenale da 10 mesi per ammordenamento lavori per ospitare gli f35b ma non sarà più la stessa sembra che gli venga tolto lo ski jump sarà una tutto ponte poi verrà sostituito il radar di scoperta non si vedra più la sfera con la Torre ma verrà mozzata per far spazio al nuovo radar fisso 4 facce come quelle delle nuove future PPA

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