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(It’s Still) Friday News Wrap-Up 9 September 2011 – AppSpy.com

August 14, 2019

Hold up, hold up… it has to be Friday still
SOMEWHERE in the world right? So technically I’m still good yeah? We’re cool right? Ah
well, better late than never and honestly I love these weekly wrap-ups, so here we are!
To be perfectly honest I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this week, which means I’ve also
had a lot of time to catch up on some ‘Me Time’ when it comes to gaming on the go. The
end result? I’ve kind of fallen in love again with a few old titles again while also playing
some new games to death. All-in-all a productive week of filling the gaps! Now, on to the news for Friday the 9th of
September, 2011. Last week we showed off a few screenshots
from Tiger Style’s upcoming title ‘Lost Mars’ along with the supposed tagline of “What do
you get when you mix one part METROID, one part 1970s-era sci-fi film, and one part…
gardening?!” This left us scratching our heads ever so slightly, but a gameplay trailer released
this week by the developers has gone a long way to clear things up and now I’m just a
tad excited to give this bizarre, yet intriguing looking title a whirl. Looking for a quick sonic-releated fix to
celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the “Blue Hedgehog That Could”? Sure Sonic has come
on hard times over his career, but the artificially-created speed-demon that is Sonic still manages to
bounce back and now you can take him for a spin in a black-and-white endless runner that
comes bundled with the free 20th Anniversary Companion App. Aside from information about
Sonic’s history, you also get the free endless runner an a ‘lite’ version of Sonic 4 in case
you still haven’t picked up the game. Definitely worth grabbing if you have a chance. File this one under ‘interesting, but not
quite interesting enough’ – In what I’d like to think is a continuing trend for companies
like BrandyGames (publishers of fine game guides for those who are less hardcore than
others), an official companion App is now available for Dead Island. Provided within
are maps that help navigation; secret item locations; and the ability to track your items…
if you’re willing to keep note of everything manually. It’s a step in the right direction,
but much like the initial release of Dead Island it feels a bit unfinished and some
real connectivity would have made this App a true winner. I’m always reticent to announce sales on the
Wrap-Up because there’s every chance they’ll be gone once the video is up, but as of creating
this video the sales for PopCap are still live, so if you’ve not picked up titles like
Bookworm, Peggle or Plants vs. Zombies and needed a reason to do so, this is the time.
Check out the company’s page on iTunes for more great deals. And yes, I couldn’t pass up on this one even
if Richard already mentioned it on our site. If ever there was a game I regret not finishing
as a youngster, it’s Another World. How I could have possibly missed out on the game
when I owned an Amiga is one of life’s little mysteries, but that only makes the announcement
of a HD remake of Eric Chahi’s (shy-eee) seminal title all the more exciting. Having recently
finished Chahi’s XBLA title From Dust, I now feel like I’m prepared to tackle the classic
puzzle-platformer that mesmerized gamers in the 90s. Oh and if you’re worried about the
whole ‘HD’ thing, you can swipe ala Monkey Island to restore the classic graphics (but
only if you really want to). This week’s mini-review checks out Gun Fu
by Dobsoft Studios because there’s always room on your iPhone for a time-filler that
expects nothing more than quick reactions to keep you alert and interested. While one
could be mistaken for thinking there’s a link to John Woo here, you’d be chasing the wrong
thread as the game seeks to recreate some of the fantastic visual scenes from Equilibrium
– a movie that would have been disappointing if it wasn’t for this unique ‘martial art’.
Players are awarded scores for quickly dispatching enemies, with an instant game over occurring
if you let one stay on screen for longer than 1.5s. It’s a harsh penalty, but one that also
rewards fancy fingerwork such as double-taps for dual kills. The art is minimalistic, but
in keeping with the visual aesthetic of Equilibrium’s ‘dark room’ scene, adding some challenge to
the proceedings as enemies almost overlap each other making it harder to know who has
or hasn’t been dispatched. Ultimately the game is overly simplistic and you’re likely
to get bored after mastering the main game (if you even get that far), but as distractions
go it provides some excitement and visual flair before fading away. No prizes go to those who guess that Kairosoft’s
latest game Grand Prix Story manages to trump the week’s releases to grab game of the week.
Just once I’d like to think another game could grab my attention over ‘yet another management
game’, but just as soon as I thought things had become repetitive they throw me a curve-ball
with this Game Dev Story-alike title that has you starting again and again in order
to conquer the world-wide Grand Prix circuit. While it has some short-comings in terms of
depth and repetitiveness, there’s no denying that if you liked Kairosoft’s previous titles
you’ll be sucked in to this one too. And that’s another wrap-up in the bag. Feel
free to like and subscribe or check out our Twitter and Facebook feed for the latest news
and reviews from our site.

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  1. @disisSketch he didnt say that he fakes his voice he said that he types in the subtitles so that google doesnt mess it up

  2. i missed half the video and skipped to the bit where he was playing dead island and i thought it was an ios game :s i wish it was

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