Jack tells story about Amazing Aeroplane
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Jack tells story about Amazing Aeroplane

September 13, 2019

hello my name is Chít Bon and my English name is Jack. Today I’m five years old. I got to tell you a little story Do you know an aeroplane fly to the air. OK? Lets read. This is Amazing Aeroplanes The aeroplane is amazing for its travel through the sky, above from the cloud, for miles and miles, so very fast and high An airport is the place you go to take a trip by air. You check in at terminal to show you’ve paid your fare The ground crew weigh your baggage and load it in the hold. And then you take the walkway to the plane when you are told. The filght deck is where the captain and co-pilot do their job. They both know how to fly the plane with all the dials and knobs. The radio control tower check the runway clear. They can’t take off unless it is with other planes so near. The captain in the plane says “Hello!”. You have to do your seat belt up, before the plane can do Hello! This is your captain speaking! The plane zooms along the runway and soars into the sky. The cabin crews look after you and see if you alright. They bring you drinks and magazines, and trays of food to eat and sometimes there are flim to watch while sitting in your seat. When the journey’s over, the captain land the plane The wheels are making contact and the plane is on the ground At last the doors are opening and out you come with smile. I’m finish.

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