Jacksonville public library to host a Comic-Con
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Jacksonville public library to host a Comic-Con

August 29, 2019

all right so there is a fun event this weekend for children of all ages who loved superheroes the library is hosting a Comic Con welcome candy keen as entire P from Wonder Woman we have Fred Reed he’s Batman and we also have Heather King she is dr. poison and then of course we’re here with Chris boban and he is with the Jacksonville Public Library so this is a very special event because it falls on a very special day that’s right so yeah this is great we love doing this event every year and it falls on Free Comic Book Day which is my fifth so at comic book stores across the country you can get a free comic book and at our Comic Con event in Highlands library you’ll be able to get a free comic book from Coliseum of comics and there’s two comic book stores right near the other location so you’ll be able to go and get a free comic and have a great day and this is very unique because it’s being held this weekend at three different local libraries yeah three locations so we’ve been doing it at the beaches this is I think the sixth year that we’ve been doing at the beaches which is fantastic we always get about 2,000 people and all of these characters will be at the beaches and then we’re also doing the first time we’re doing in both South Mandarin okay and Highland’s Islands library is off of Dunn Avenue South Mandarin is down on San Jose so pretty much all around the all around the county you’ll be able to go to one of the different Comic Cons and they’re all happening from 11:00 to 3:00 and then 11:00 to 2:00 at Highlands but the other two go til 3:00 awesome you know we can’t miss that we’re followed here by 301 billon so candy I want to talk to you as a mom you have a sign yeah tell me a little bit about what comic-con is and how this kind of caters to families kids in adults alike it’s an event where everybody can dress up and have fun and celebrate their love for comics and cosplay and costumes and all things comic related and the kids you know they love all the costumes they get to see their their favorite superheroes their live dressed up and so it’s it’s a lot of fun and there’s there’s gaming there’s panels and there’s a big costume contest so it I can see you guys are in the running for that I’ll be I’ll be judging so I’ll be one of the judges there but it’s a lot of fun for everybody for the whole family and I see her costumes are so intricate this is Fred and you said you you made this costume this is incredible so when you guys are looking into these costumes and you were looking for the pieces maybe you don’t buy it all together are you kind of really getting it into the actual comic book looking at the character trying to get the pieces correct oh yeah we all obsess over the details and blow up the pictures and you know or freeze-frame the movie and look for the costume still so there’s a lot of attention to detail that goes into all of the cosplay outfits obviously this has become huge you know we just have the Avengers come out a huge DC Comics Marvel all those movies are becoming so popular so do you think that’s kind of why you’re holding this event at three different libraries yeah it definitely helps – I – we want to meet the needs of the people so everybody who really enjoys these type of events and the library is all about learning education having fun having a good time and exploring different things and we at creativity I mean you know Fred and his wife designed these costumes and all of they designed these costumes and we have a great makerspace in one of our libraries where you can come and make these costumes so it’s it’s definitely you know part pop-culture part creativity part geek and and it’s it’s just an awful lot of fun and we love the opportunity to be able to share in this culture well thank you guys so much for joining us I’m gonna hang out with my friends here but Comic Con is this Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. there’s one at the beaches branch on Third Street in Neptune Beach there’s one in the South Mandarin branch that’s on San Jose Boulevard the other one there’s also going to be a comic book page contest you can find the page and to print on the library’s website but also they’re giving away free comic books giving away free comic books and a third yeah third location Highlands off Dunn Avenue all right so we hope to see you guys there

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