December 7, 2019

Hello, the ministry of Culture informs you that if you like this video, you can click on the like button and subscribe to the Amixem’s channel. Clap ! Hello ! Today we find ourselves in a new very special video As you know I’m in California I have been invited for a Call of Duty® thing that has nothing to do with what we are doing today And now we will go finding whales So we’re on a boat, we left Ventura which is located near from City of Los Angeles The captain is still investigating with his little eyes and his crew and his binoculars where is that there can be whales around us We will go seeking whales in this video Let’s go ! So it’s about half an hour since we left the port of Ventura And then, there’s been just dolphins who are following us It is super stylish, I do not know if you see Yeah, you see Only half an hour we left, we had a nice dolphin show They came in front and behind the boat, I made a lot of plans So I’m happy. Now we will go seeking whales. Let’s go ! Ok, now it’s been an hour since we left The boat is slowing, and a priori there’s a whale somewhere there … We’ll go see it right away, let’s go Ok, the captain spotted a humpback whale so everyone is stoping looking for their camera and looking for the whale Clclclclclc Well I just spoke with the captain and he actually told me that the whale takes about 5 breathings before diving for about 5 minutes So it’s just up to the surface and we will see it dive in a bit You just saw she dived so we won’t see it before 5 minutes So we have to wait, yeah … A whale needs to be earned dude Well, I speak whilefilming because I am a handsome guy but it’s a very timely whale , because it’s been exactly 5 minutes it’s started his dive She came back just after 5 minutes Wow! Look at this, it will dive So stylish! BIIIIIIP! So, now I’m inside, after seeing dolphins and a few whales we will head towards a huge school of fish, where there are plenty of marine mammals that are hunting So it should be very interesting And I brought with me something very interesting too It is this: (Mr Drone) Yeah I brought my drone on the boat, sneaky way And in fact I asked the captain if he wouldn’t mind if I took it off from the boat And he said yes, and he said yes even better because it allowed me to get on the boat roof Where the people can’t go to make by drone take off And thus capture video of the whales from the drone, it should be crazy So we will take off immediately the drone, you climb on the roof, it’s gone * Give me the camera * * Here, Ahhhh * Hello internet! We’re on the roof of the boat, then And we’ll just take off the drone here is a perfect landing strip Seriously, hundreds of dolphins and hundreds, even thousands of fish and seals No it’s seals! Wow, I don’t know how to recognize a seal from a dolphin, it’s excellent! But waaah, it’s so fucking beautiful It’s nut’s, an incredible mess We will try to find the whale It’s a crazy thing * Right there 3 o’clock * Ok, it’s good I found a whale, look at that! Ohhhhh, Olala, it’s amazing Wow, people are applauding because they find it crazy, it’s terrible, it’s terrible * Zzzz * zzzzzzzzip * Boom! Boom! Boom! * Well, I just down from the roof of the boat, I crashed the drone of the boat’s roof Moral: do not take off a drone from a boat roof, because in fact the drone takes off weeeeeeeelllll on a leaning manner, as the boat moves it and suddenly when it takes off, it remains tilted and that’s why it crashed, because it was constantly leaning But it’s OK, I’m glad I caught enough plans Now we will be filming the camera from the boat And we approaching to humpback whales, which are just near Moreover, we just saw a geyser just over there weeeelll We will try to capture from the ship with regular cameras I think we’ll have some fun, let’s go * Oh fuck * Little instant culture, I am with Sam, who is a naturalist at Island Packers Island Packers is the name of the company on which we currently are And so it will show us the animals we saw Clarification : When I flew drone and we saw sea lions full full it’s called the Sea Lions in 30 years, they had never saw so much sea lions That is that the captain, in 3O years of job, had never saw so much individuals at the same place So we’re just very lucky Then Sam is going to explain us what we saw today, because personnaly I don’t know anything about it and it is naturalist, so he will help us a lot That is the humpback whale, which is for you to have a small vein only the third or fourth on the scale of all whales weeeellll * So the biggest whale * The largest is the blue whale And we, we saw the humpback whale that is here * Almost 25 meters * Almost 25 meters for the blue whale While that’s 15 or 16 meters for the humpback whale And we agree that saw what we saw, we saw the jump, they are gigantic while they are, like, two times smaller than the blue whale Oh, it’s a science lessons dudes And herewe have the size between the biggest animals who have lived on this planet That’s a Brontosorus, that’s an elephant when you see the size of the whale, you have a little bit scared Small tour of all the animals we saw today: * The Californian Sea Lion * So the California’s lion sea We saw the common dolphin Short-beaked and we saw the same thing with a long nose Today we only saw humpback whales I’m not sponsorised by Island Packers which is the company that is with us today but seriously they are super nice they allowed me to put the drone up, they’re super interested and interesting So really, if you have the opportunity to come to California you type Island Packers, I’ll put the link in the description anyway, they’re really super cool people * Thank you very much Sam * * * You’re welcome This is the end of this video overview of drone whale, I hope you enjoyed it See you soon for a next video, it was Amixem OVER! It will take off the drone, right here is a perfect runway. No !

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