Jaipur Extended Gameplay

August 24, 2019

okay everybody welcome back to Jaipur let’s keep trading so it was my turn I’ve got two cards in my hand and I see what do I want to do I have to admit I I don’t let me out all these doubles I hear I don’t want to leave them around for gin so I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab four cards I’m gonna grab both of these carpets and both of these spices that means I’ve taken four so I have to give four up I’ll give up through it my my entire herd of camels and then I have to give up one of these other ones I’m definitely giving out that gold cuz I just saw Jen take a gold so I don’t want to give her another one so I’ll give up that silver that I’ve been holding on to forever and hopefully I won’t regret that but now I could have I could have a few sales in a row I have a double sale and that would give me eight points over here but I’d really like to get a couple more so I can get at least three of a kind of for work I know okay it’s now it’s Jens turn and jen is so bummed she so wanted those two greens cuz he was gonna have the big five but I snaked him right out from under but I left her a present Jen’s gonna grab this single silver I just put in and now Jen could sell silver all right and so that means a single card can’t gets at it and it’s a purple and now it’s my turn and you know what I’m very happy about that purple I’ll go ahead and take that and now I’ve got three of a kind of purple and then another card comes out oh my gosh Jen oh she just about had a heart attack she’s gonna grab that purple oh yeah she won’t grab anything else yeah she doesn’t need that leather so another thing comes out oh and then I have a heart attack I’m gonna grab that gold oh sweet gold and then oh my god another silver this is getting insane one two three four five six seven but Jen’s got a problem this is a big problem Jen I her hand size is full she can’t just take this cuz she’d be going over her hand size of seven goodness gracious so then what Jen needs to do is well she can’t just leave that silver there because she knows if she leaves it I’ll probably grab all the way how many cards do I have in my hand one two three four five six seven Jen knows I can’t take that silver okay so um you see Jen has to get cards out of her hand you know what actually so Jen knows I can’t take that silver because she can see just know what I’ve got all she knows I got some gold he knows I got7 so I can’t take any more I don’t have heard etcetra etcetra so Jen is gonna go on ahead and sell her three spices which got her eight nine ten eleven points and it got her another three of a kind what was it alright she’s very happy about that it was a three it was the best thing it could be all right and so now her hand is full is free again so she can grab that silver and now it’s my turn again and I’ve got one two three four five six seven I could should I take that silver I don’t want her to have that silver I know she wants that silver that’s interesting I just saw her give up green so I know her hand is empty of greens so putting these greens back in the market those will be very attractive for her and I could keep that silver from her or I could just go ahead and sell them instead and get four points let’s see I’ve got if I take just this one silver I might reveal something that’s really great for hurry you had that or I could just grab a bunch of camels you know what these are but Ovid adds now is not a good time I mean because Jen’s got a bunch of camels and she’s got an empty space in her hand so if I take three camels that would be perfect timing for her cuz a bunch of new stuff will come out that might help her out so I don’t want to grab those camels I mean I do want to grab those camels I Oh and somebody’s at the door all right folks I’m gonna have to be right back sorry I don’t know why Jen couldn’t just open the door with her key but I don’t know why Jen refuses to carry house keys with her when she leaves house all right so now I have totally forgotten what was happening whose turn was it folks can somebody tell me I’m right oh it was me I was trying to side am I gonna grab that silver or not you know I think I am I’m just gonna drop a single green because who cares about a single green and hopefully I can pick it back up later and I’ll grab that silver just to keep it away from Jin and it’s like silver all right so she would grab that silver but she can’t now I think well who knows of another silver will come out she’ll just going ahead and sell this triple silver instead of the quad like she was hoping and so that just got her 15 points and another three a kind bonus okay and what was it it was one point so that was not very good okay and so now there’s only two silver left all right and so and now it’s my turn again one two three four five six seven all righty well I think I’m gonna get rid of these Purple’s so I can get let’s see that’s only five points but to know they were three of a kind bonus and it’s a three hooray and so now I’ve got enough I’ll be able to pick that green up again in the future and hopefully Jen doesn’t try to go after it because she saw me get rid of it so she figured I probably have no use for it and so now it’s her turn again she’s got one gold in her hand and nothing else what does she want to do hmm I think now she’s gonna go ahead and grab these camels so she has a bigger herd and reveal three cards a green cold sea this is the danger it’s nice to have a lot of camels they give you a lot of flexibility but taking the camels can really open up something of your opponent also I should say at the end of the round when the round is over whoever has the biggest herd gets the camel bonus of five bonus points so that’s something you have to keep in the back your mind to having the most camels right so I definitely want that gold so I can sell three of a kind gold oh my god that’s amazing well I’m definitely taking this and I’d like to get these greens as well so I can have a better green but I got nothing to give up so it’s crazy I’m gonna give up this silver to take a green I’m giving up silver to take spices that’s insane all right so I took a gold oh wait hold on a second right I took a gold and I took I have to give something else up I can’t right I cannot cuz I I have to give up all right no that’s right I took a gold and gave up one of my greens right and so there’s two greens there now I’ve lost track what I was doing Jen completely flummoxed me all right you know I don’t know what I’m doing so I’m just gonna stop right there I’ll just leave it all right which is probably not a good idea because Jen says hey you know what wait that means all I did was I just took one oh gosh darn it I have totally lost track Louis now oh shoot what did I do there was a gold and another green came out if this is what I had oh yeah that’s all I did is I took a gold you know I’m just gonna take a single and we’ll just reveal another I think I apologize if I’ve messed everything up now folks I just I’m such a scatterbrain so it’s Jens turn what is she gonna do she sees you know what she’s gonna grab two greens and two leathers and that’s four cards which means she has to give up one two three four camels alright so I was pretty nice alright and now it’s back to me and I’m gonna sell this triple gold fifteen points and a three of a kind that was two and now this round is almost over as soon as somebody sells a single purple or two silver or four Brown and actually I was that kind of dangerous for Jen to go for the long term because this game might end pretty soon and so Jen was planning on trying to save up now and now here’s the thing the game’s gonna end soon Jen currently has a herd of one I’ve got a herd of nothing there’s five points on the line so as Jen going ahead and grab all these camels to lock in that fiver before the round is over or does she sell these greens to lock in well no she’ll definitely but if she sells all this stuff she’s giving me a lot of things so this is dangerous but she’ll do it anyway and so that means four things came out some rubies into the camel some spice alright and so now it’s my turn hey a silver I think I’d like to grab that silver and I’ve got nothing to give up for it well actually so I will just take a single silver and put that over there and now next turn I can sell these two silver and end this and get 10 more points so what is Jen gonna do and she’s got a figure so the end is coming quick she can’t sell a single gold to leather is only worth two points two greens are worth four points right so does she take a chance if she could get another green she could sell three and get another bonus but she fears I mean because as soon as somebody Suz these are as soon as anything is gone this or this is gone it’s over you don’t finish the round so Jen doesn’t want to take a chance she’s just gonna go on ahead and sell two and get four points and that’s kind of pathetic but she was right to do it cuz it’s my turn I’m gonna sell these two silver I just got ten points and the round is over although with that caveat of maybe it was all messed up because I got myself so confused there but anyway so the round is over now Jen has a mighty herd of five camels I’ve got none so Jen gets the camel bonus as well she gets five more bonus points and now we tally see who won alrighty so I’ve got five ten 12 17 22 27 29 30 32 34 35 41 47 48 53 56 59 61 68 68 76 81 wow that was one heck of a haul let’s see if Jen can beat that that’s gonna be tough to beat um honey can you remember 81 because I’m not gonna remember right so Jen’s got nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen twenty five thirty thirty three thirty six forty one forty four 49 54 59 60 60 to 64 69 69 to 81 yep that was a trouncing I totally blew the doors off of Jen and what that means is I have just won the first but this is a best-of-three game there are still two potentially one or two more rounds if Jen wins the second round will go to sudden death and the third round will decide the winner of the game but that was it folks that was one quick round I am the first of three winners and that’s jaipur now if you’d like to hear some final thoughts you can hit the button it’s on screen or follow the shownotes you know a little I up in the top right corner I mean in five four three two one

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