Jairus of All’s Iron Man Rocket Launcher with REAL ROCKETS!!!
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Jairus of All’s Iron Man Rocket Launcher with REAL ROCKETS!!!

August 12, 2019

you I’m the hack Smith and on this episode of make it real hey I’m the real hack Smith and in this episode make it real we’re testing this awesome Iron Man rocket launcher made by my friend Jairus this is the latest project for my YouTube channel and I wanted the hack Smith to be the first to shoot it so tell me a bit more about the rocket launcher well I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now it’s almost entirely out of Kydex except for some aluminum parts inside it has a servo actuated launcher system and it shoots actual solid fuel rockets from it unlike most other ones that you see that just shoot fireworks awesome and if we wanted to see how you made it we can check out your youtube channel I documented the entire build process there so you can go find out how I made all the different parts of it and how I tried to figure out how to make it work when it didn’t work awesome there’ll be a link in the description below to check that out let’s give it a shot alright we get this thing on you alright [Music] in order to build the rockets that are ammunition for this you take your solid fuel rocket motor you take your cast nose cone glue it on top and then you take this piece and you cut out a bunch of fins from plastic soda bottle material to glue to the sides as fins fork so that they can squish down and fit inside the launcher the process of cutting the fins is extremely time-consuming I don’t know what he’s talking about these are pretty quick to cut out oh come on and that’s how you make goods for these things really we’re going to test the Ironman rocket launcher for the first time and he gets to do it I’m a little bit worried about that that’s red hot so what should I do if that happens again stand there pray all right so the last Rockets got a little jammed inside launching mechanism but we think was actually a problem with rock itself so we’ve double-checked this next one and we’re going to go on with testing I said I chewed it but he said he wants to do it again we haven’t had a whole lot of luck with him shooting it so I’m going to try once and hopefully I’ll actually get it to go somewhere instead of just into the ground wish me luck it went somewhere alright so that was pretty awesome the mechanism works great it opens and closes beautifully and the ignition system works pretty much perfectly but the only problem is the Rockets are extremely inconsistent and how they fly and my part too I tried to make them fly right in test and they worked really well then but obviously something changed between then and now future so maybe using some pre-made rockets could help make sure they fly a bit more true but all in all I’d say I was a pretty successful project and it was friggin awesome being able to throw my arm up and shoot rockets just like Ironman to see how he built the Ironman rocket launcher and a couple other cool projects click the links below and don’t forget to subscribe to him that is Amy and also if you head over to my channel you get to see an interview with me and him talking about the ins and outs of trying to fly like Ironman and before I go I have one more thing that I want to show you yeah let’s do it Howard this ah shipping more than safety shoes

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  1. If you want to see the build videos and watch me use it to !BLOW UP A TANK! head over to my channel and sub! You won't be disappointed! www.youtube.com/jairust

  2. Sir can i built these type of cool stuff in electronic and communication engineering ? Pls reply I am going to do graduation

  3. How much it cost I mean how much money do you want to sell it and can you make whole iron man suit I want to buy it too personally pleaseeeeeeeeee and want to meet you and become your student

  4. Imagine the rocket that he shot in the air hit somebody on the head and the had to go to the hospital

  5. This dude should make toys for marvel and dc for real 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🔥🔥🔥🔴🔴🔴✅✅✅😃😃😃🤩🤩🤩

  6. everything this thing need is a barrel to shoot directly like blowing dart 😉 its very nice👌🏻

  7. Are we just gonna ignore the fact these people are making weapons that maybe not even the military could stand a chance against?

  8. Jairus: I’m about to bust your bumper with the ex wife
    Hacksmith: hammer tech?
    Jairus: yeahh :,(

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