Jet Engine Homemade 2.0 | 2. Testrun
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Jet Engine Homemade 2.0 | 2. Testrun

August 14, 2019

So, here is a new Test run Video to the Jet Engine. But before you can watch it something different: This here is a Turbine blade how we used it in the past as you will know from our other videos. And this is a new one, which we got got sent from America. It´s a really nice manufactured turbine. There are also cooling holes inside the blades. Because it is designed for axial air flow we removed the rear stator, so that the air hits jet turbine blade axial. If you also want to buy parts like these or others check out the video description. There is written down the email address of the man, who made this for us. So now just enjoy the video. So now just enjoy the video. experiment or change a bit some parts. Maybe also try some new shapes. We think there we will begin with the Turbine wheel, Stator and Diffusor.

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  1. Not a jet engine. This will not keep running without the external power source attached. It eventually loses rpm and dies. Ha! one set of rotor blades does not make a compressor. It will just fan the flame for your imagination.

  2. I hate the existence of this one track I hate you hear it everywhere even on minecraft vid who ever made this song……I'll find you ……..AND ILL KILL YOU

  3. Lasst den Stator drinnen! Er vereleiht der Strömung die nötige drehbewegung. Die Turbine wandelt die drehbewegung er Luft in Arbeit um. Deshalb stabilisiert sich das triebwerk nicht. Die Turbine erhält zu wenig energie

  4. hello you should make a website so we can buy some of your products becuas, i love the stuff that you have and i wanna make a rocket with solar panels and all those things

  5. you maybe have to lower the volume of the background music who the fuck care with that music its annoying. you can barely hear the sound of the engine. and for that you have a dislike

  6. Looks like you had a skateboard bearing in there about to melt 6 seconds in what kind of science project blowtorch is this

  7. Are you aware that for some of us the sound of a turbine is beautifull? You ruined your video with that gay music, kiddo, come on, turbines are for HEAR them working at top speed and beyond.

  8. ya know what? next time you plan on making a ''jet engine'' i recommend you go to pornhub. they have great videos on jet propulsion. and some are even homemade. btw yours is a gas burner

  9. Hey, you can use a cone shaped inner nozzle to increase back pressure and claim sustainability. Also you need a well shaped NGV disc before turbine

  10. As a Mechanical Engineer watching this video, you are not generating any thrust as there is no compression but I still find this interesting to watch. Also I am sure you put music on to mask the uncharacteristic sound of this idea which does not sound like a jet engine since it is not build like an engine should in principle.

  11. Hi,
    I am Mayank gaur from India. I am a mechanical engineering student. I want to make my own jet engine but I don't have constructional idea. So a humble request to you that please guide me

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble but its never going to run in that configuration because you have no stators to direct the hot gasses from the combustion chamber to the power turbine but are instead "Windmilling" hot gasses over a power turbine which will not provide the efficient power needed to sustain power.

  13. These videos are almost always really cool. But the problem I have with them is that very few of them truly show the strength of the machine. It makes it so much harder to appreciate their work.

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