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August 29, 2019

all right so we’re working hard on the Ironman flight project and as you know since I’m visiting Colin Furze in September we decided to make a little gadget for a little fun test with his 360 swing we’re making a jet belt and we’re gonna hopefully ride the swing and go all the way around take a look all right so we’ve completed the I know what we want to call it the turbine bill jet belt and IANS gonna put on we’re gonna do some current measurements to see how much these ETFs are drawing these particular ones are supposed to draw about six kilowatts each so we’ll be able to see what one’s doing all right so our first test with the rocket belt I’m going to be using a bike and see how fast right buddy grass it tell your invention on Oh yep we run a YouTube channel a bigger project we’re gonna fly like a jetpack yeah so I just got an email from Colin turns out he’s taking the swing down already because apparently his neighbors complained I was really looking forward to trying it using the jet belt but we can still have some fun with this thing take a look big shout out to hobbyking for supplying all the components we needed to build this project hobbyking is a leading supplier of the best RC parts and components at some of the lowest prices you should check them out there’s a link in the description 90 marks get set go I like that crash could have been a lot worse lithium polymer batteries like to explode and if anything punctured them or causes them to rupture it would have been bad take a look at this clip to see what could have happened anyways the moral of the story is if you’ve never long word before you probably shouldn’t strap 12 kilowatts of electric ducted fans to yourself and expect a good result that being said we didn’t damage the motors so we’re going to be doing a lot more fun tests in the future as we continue to evolve this project into the Ironman flight project thanks for watching

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  1. HackSmith, I Really Love Your Work But You Never Show Us How To Make It For Our Own Personal Uses. Is It Alright To Make Tutorial Videos On How To Make Your Projects? Thankz

  2. you should combine the jet belt with the Attack on Titan stuff to build the gas rig and hide the batteries and electronics in the gas cylinders

  3. I have some true respect for people that can do this sort of stuff with this amount of stationed in that amount of effort in that amount of expertise

  4. Good moral. I hope there is a less combustible battery to use… well, too bad I don't know of a good one, explosions it is!

  5. Please do a collab with Braille skateboarding. They are trying to build a rocket powered skateboard and are looking for a channel to work with!!!

  6. If you make a compamy that sells copies of your invention,I would buy the zarya particle gun and the jet belt.

  7. if you guys still have the belt fan see if Braille skateboarding will link up they love trying new and unusual things

  8. Nice video man glad your safe all pin tail long boards go into freak out mode past 20 mph unless u change out the bushing can't wait to see another video
    keep up the good work an no more lipo belts you guy's are crazy..

  9. I realize it's 2018 but when you do get to building the actual iron man flight system, I'd install some cutaway handles in case something goes wrong a la skydiving gear

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