Jetman Yves Rossy flies with a tourist
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Jetman Yves Rossy flies with a tourist

August 27, 2019

I wont throw up, because I didn’t eat anything
last night. OK, whatever So if we have engine problem we will eject. Up to 1500 meters.
If that’s the case I’ll say “Eject!” Damn, it’s pretty fast.
Yeah not bad eh. And we’re flying Let’s go towards Dixence dam. Doing 700kph
Here we’ll feel a couple of G forces. Feel that heaviness? That’s 1.5 G force.
Damn, that’s already pretty strong. I’ll give it some more juice. And we’re gonna descend tactically over the lake. We’re doing 900kph Here you don’t want miss your target.
I guess you know what you’re doing. Why don’t you take on the commands? Left and Right. Wow! Really reactive! Pretty smooth right?
I’m gonna take them back now. Were going down into this valley on the left. Here with a normal plane, you can’t make it. But with this jet, doing 900kph with the thrust of the jet, we’ll glide over the peak on our back. What? We’re going over that mountain upside down.
What? To get over the peak you get on your back.
Wow! Super! See it’s really smooth. I don’t know which way is up?
It’s a question of being used to it. I don’t know which way is up?
It’s a question of being used to it. You OK? Yeah I’m great.
Let’s have a look at the Bernese Alps. And I’ll show you a loop. You alright?
It’s a little shaky . So here we go, were doing 1000kph.
Here we go. We’re at 1900 meters.
Look to the side, we’re going up vertically. Always accelerating and glued to the seat.
Going back down you can feel some Gs. But it’s really smooth. We were up at 5500 meters!
Hmmmmmrggg You alright?
I’m at my limits. OK, I’ll go slow.
I’m not feeling my best. You not feeling your best?
OK, I’ll go easy. If I’d eaten, I’d do inventory now.
Ha! OK… You alright?
You want a barf bag? Blllllrrrrrghhhh
Take off the mask and grab the bag. Permission to Taxi. Permission granted.
Thanks and Bon Apetit!

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  1. Brought out an old favorite from my vault. Marco Grognuz goes for a ride with the Jetman, Yves "JETMAN" Rossy.

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