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Jetpac Refuelled

August 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of
retro gaming with Ricardo this week’s episode is jet pack but jet pack
refueled the 2007 released remake of the original 1983 game jet pack which
appeared on the ZX spectrum and vic-20 back in the day jet pack refueled is a
shooter video game developed by rare and published by Microsoft Studios it was
first released worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade service on the 28th of March 2007
on the original Xbox 360 the game is the fourth and final installment of the jet
man series and a remake of ultimate play the games 1983 ZX Spectrum game jet pack
the game follows jet man as he attempts to build his rocket in order to explore
different planets while simultaneously defending himself from hostile aliens
details of this game were first leaked in February 2007 shortly before rare
officially announced development later that month during the development
process rare attempted to ensure that the game did not feel too similar to the
original jet pack whilst keeping the core mechanics of the game available to
players the game received mostly favorable reviews upon release critics
praised the updated graphics and gameplay however they did criticize the
overall repetitiveness of the game nights multiplayer mode it
was later included in rears 2015 release on the Xbox one rare replay which is a
retrospective compilation of the majority of their back catalogue as I’ve previously mentioned the game is
a remake of the original jet pack with overhauled high-definition graphics and
128 levels it also features competitive gameplay over Xbox Live leaderboards and
achievements similar to the first installment the player assumes control
of jet man and is presented in a horizontal wraparound which consists of
six platforms on which jet man can maneuver onto the original jet man only
had three platforms jet man is first tasked to assemble his rocket which
spawns in three separate paths first scattered around the map and then fills
it with six fuel canisters before taking off to the next planet after that then
the entire procedure is repeated in addition jet man has to defend himself
for each of those planets hostile aliens and collect the valuable resources such
as gold platinum nuclear materials and smart bombs which a phase occasionally
do fall from the atmosphere for bonus points now Jat man is not defenseless Jackman’s
only usable weapon is his laser what difference between the original game and
this game is that the weapon does have upgrades the weapon upgrades also spawn
around the map which once picked up will give Jetman various upgrades upgrades
include a wider spread of fire horizontal and vertical fire and original horizontal fire which inflicts
more damage the player starts the game with three nuclear devices or smart
bombs which once used will eliminate all the enemies on the screen jet man also
has the ability to boost which will temporarily make him move much faster
than he normally does although boosts will require you to recharge once they
are depleted jetpack refueled features a multiplayer mode that can be played
either offline using a split screen or online via xbox live in this mode the
players that compete one-on-one in a race to build and refuel their craft
before their opponent does fuel and rocket pickups can be stolen from
opponents by shooting them or by using an EMP or smart bomb blast at close
range lives are unlimited in multiplayer and the winner is determined by the
highest score a version of the 1983 jetpack is also included with rear
replays jetpack refueled and a welcome addition to the game in a retrospective
interview rare designers of the time took interest in the then upcoming Xbox
Live Arcade an offer to develop a new game for the service rather than release
one of Ray’s xbox 360 launch titles such as Perfect Dark zero and Kamino rather
than simply porting the original ZX Spectrum title to the Xbox 360 the
development team decided to expand jetpack and experiment with new elements
the team insured to keep the original core mechanics of jetpack while signing
new features of the game the designers also stated that the development process
for an Xbox Live Arcade game differed from a retail title owing to the process
and power limitations that have to be constantly synced over Xbox Live these
differences with development on the Xbox Live surface was the only way
optimization shifted from graphics and game logic sitting that this was more
difficult than it would have been for an Xbox 360 title such as Kamino in future
interviews especially with next-gen the designers stated that the initial
development of jetpack refueled the senior management kept entirely away
from the project where Ray’s management allow themselves to view the game they
offer develops a fresh eye and a more frank criticism for the development took
place before the management was shown the game again and it was nicknamed a
cleanroom test jetpack refueled along with every title in the jet man series
appears in the retrospective August 2015 compilation on the Xbox one rare replay
which contains 30 of ultimate play the game and rears titles stemming from
their back catalogue upon release there was favorable reviews as I
mentioned reviewers praised the updated graphics and addictive gameplay for have
they criticized the repetitiveness of the game and the mediocre multiplayer
mode it received an aggregated scores 22% from game rankings based on 16
reviews and an average score of 73 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 17 reviews
people from Eurogamer praised the visual makeover of the new game calling and
Delta bleah the best addition to the series Greg Stewart of GamesRadar
labelled the updated graphics as trippy preferring them over the primitive
original IGN similary thought the graphics were
the strongest aspect of the game praising the vibrant and colorful
effects whilst called as a next spectrum version nostalgically bad which i
believe is quite harsh considering one was made in 1983 and this one was made
in 2007 as mentioned in the previous review when we looked at the original
version of jetpack jetpack refueled is the fourth in the series jetpacks
popularity spawned two other sequels lunar Jetman and solar Jetman hence for
the golden warship which was released in 1990 luma Jetman was chronically heard
having you used the joystick or the keyboard but not exclusively you had to
use the joystick and the keyboard to put down decking plates to pick up the bomb
to drop the bomb all these sort of things and very few people I think could
actually play it with as much vigor as some of the other games of the era so the Chapman head for the golden
warship in 1990 however was not released with a expect renew to it’s
disappointing sales in the original nares version although a version for the
Commodore was finished but never released since its release jetpack has
been included in other games developed by rare the game is playable in Donkey
Kong 64 where it could be unlocked to play in cranky Kong’s laboratory after
obtaining 15 banana medals beating cranky Kong high-score rewards for the
player with a rare rare coin which is si to beat the game the game was retained
in the April 2015 console release of Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii U despite it
being technically owned by Microsoft when the first iteration of this game
was originally released in 1983 the games sold a total of three thousand
three hundred thousand units for the ZX Spectrum and generated 1 million in
revenue for ultimate play the game the development who developed the game at
the time this enabled the brothers Stamper to gain a foothold in the early
video game market after that games released jet pack was parodied in a
long-running crash comic strip named Luna jet Man which ran from 1984 to 1991 the original game later won game of the
year at the prestigious title at the golden joysticks Awards in 1983 so this
was jetpack on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one available via Xbox Live Arcade and
on the rare replay retrospective back catalog release that came out in 2015
the Xbox one I think a fantastic game and very playable I play it now on a
regular basis although I don’t play the retro version as much as perhaps what I
should give me amount of time I spent playing it as a child on the ZX spectrum
I’ve been Rick and this has been retro gaming the game jetpack refuel thank you
very much for watching please look out for more videos in the series and
comment if you’ve liked what you’ve seen see you soon you

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